10 Things to Smile About

first day of school

It’s time to share my monthly list of smiles, along with Emmy Mom. Something especially important to remember when there’s rough stuff going on.  1. The first day of school. For the first time, all three of my boys are in the same school together. They just have this year and next and then it [...]

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#CapriSunMoms Soccer Season

Capri Sun Kids vs Pros MLS Showdown

Our Fall schedule is packed with soccer and other after school activities, along with the dreaded homework. Mealtimes tend to be whenever we manage to squeeze them in and whatever is convenient on the go. We eat plenty of fruit because it’s easy and refreshing to take with us on our many trips back and [...]

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It’s My Life… No, Not Really

my boys

“It’s MY life, it’s my decision.” I can remember angrily tossing out those words in my late teens and early twenties to anyone who questioned a decision I was making. I think the Bon Jovi song of the same name was every young adult’s anthem at the time. YES, see, it’s not YOUR business what [...]

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Animal Jam Review and Giveaway

Animal Jam review

This post is sponsored by Animal Jam in association with National Geographic. My boys’ obsession with Animal Jam has been going on for about a year, and they were ridiculously excited to be given memberships after playing the free version for so long. A few days of the week, my oldest asks if he can [...]

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