Outlander: My New Must-Watch Show


Do you ever read a book and then watch a movie or television adaptation of it and think that’s not how I pictured it? It happens to me all the time. But sometimes, I’m pleasantly surprised by what is portrayed on the screen. That’s the case for me with Outlander. Thanks for sharing!

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What I Let Go

Just when my kids stopped singing that catchy Frozen song, they got the latest Kidz Bop and of course Let It Go is on there, so it’s back non-stop again. But rather than let it drive me bonkers, I let it inspire me to share the things that I’ve let go of lately. I’m okay [...]

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We Don’t Have a Right to Know


Robin Williams’ name has been all over social media since his death on Monday. He was such a beloved actor: everyone seems to have their favorite Robin Williams movie. To find out that he committed suicide is tragic and heartbreaking. Many friends are sharing stories of loved ones they’ve lost or about their own struggles, [...]

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#SweetSuite14: Best Toys for Boys


I attended The Big Toy Book #SweetSuite14 event at Blogger Bash in New York last month where I got to play with, learn about, and in some cases, get some of the toys I saw. But I’m so excited about finding so much cool stuff for boys that I’m sharing just out of pure excitement. All opinions are [...]

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