Ten: Pour Your Heart Out


Ten is not a little kid any more. Seen from an adult perspective, 10 is still a child of course. Some of the twenty-somethings I know seem like children sometimes. Yet, at the same time, 10 definitely isn’t a baby any more. A 10 year old doesn’t need his mom to do everything for him […]

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That Kind of Girl

rain boots

There was a group of girls huddled by the fireplace, warming themselves up since it was cold and rainy outside. I use girls in the Southern sense of the word, meaning not necessarily young girls(I love that I can still say “girl” and not “woman” even though I’m nearing 40). These girls wore various tops […]

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A Mom’s 12 Days of Christmas

moms 12 days of christmas

It’s not really about what my true love gave to me this Christmas season but rather what my children, their school, their busy schedules, and the rest of my family gave to me. With winter break rapidly approaching, this mom has: 12 dozen cookies to bake 11 things I’m probably forgetting 10 school days til […]

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Things They Can’t Say: 5 Favorites

things they can't say

Is your holiday to-do list frightening? Mine is. It gets to the point where some days I think if I have to do even one more thing, I will lose it. So, I couldn’t then turn around and ask friends to write a blog post for Things They Can’t Say during this busy time. That […]

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10 Things to Smile About


It’s that time again! To list the happy moments of the month and share- because there’s always something to smile about(yes, I need this reminder sometimes). Joining in with EmmyMom. 1. Running our first messy color run. It poured down rain until just before the race started, but I’m glad we ran it! If you’re […]

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