Letting Him Go It Alone: Pour Your Heart Out

Thomas Edison

There are some homework assignments that come home that make me roll my eyes because they aren’t homework for the kids, they are homework for the parents. I’m not complaining about having to help my kids with their homework- I feel like that’s part of a parent’s job. But I do think that kids should […]

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Feeding a TV Junkie’s Addiction with Beamly


Red has to be Liz’s father even though he says he’s not: you think this too, right? And I can’t be the only one who sort of wants to punch Fitz. Or watches a show as much for the music as the drama. (“The Blacklist,” “Scandal,” and “Nashville” in case you didn’t know) I’ll admit […]

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Taking Yoga Pants to Yoga


My five year old can do downward facing dog so much better than I can. I’ve accepted it. And haven’t let it stop me from going to yoga. Strange as it may seem, all my yoga pants have actually been to yoga. Actually, I started going to yoga before I even owned a pair of […]

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I’m Just a Stay-At-Home Mom

things they can't say

Stacey is a SAHM to 7 children from the ages of 14 down to 2. She is a long-time blogger at Stacey’s Mothering Moments, crazy runner, musician and published writer.  She has decided to laugh her way through Motherhood in order to save her sanity.  “What do you do, ma’am?” She asks while I peruse […]

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Boys Will Be Boys… No.

boys will be boys

“Boys will be boys,” the sweet teacher laughed when my son had zero desire to sit in the circle at his Mommy and Me class and clap his hands along with a song. Oh, no. Instead, he wanted to climb and jump off of all of the gym equipment. It continued as he got older and […]

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