10 Things To Smile About


Time for my monthly dose of cheer, where I focus on what made me smile recently. A great reminder that no matter what else is going on, there’s always good in there somewhere! 1. A missing-tooth smile. It’s so adorable when they start losing their teeth! 2. Honor Roll and other awesome school accomplishments. Oldest […]

Mommy Guilt and Depression

things they can't say

This was the very first guest post here at Things I Can’t Say, way back when it was called Blog Friend Feature, five years ago. It’s still one of my favorites and I thought I’d share it again, since a lot has changed around here in the past five years. It was written by Tammy […]

Most Popular Recipes

buffalo chicken pasta

I don’t do fancy recipes. I don’t even do fancy pictures of simple food. But I do have to feed my family of five and I need the recipes to be simple, quick, and kid-friendly. And of course they need to taste good! The recipes below are my five most pinned recipes. Pin them and […]

Merry Christmas!


Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I think it will take a few days to dig out from the mess we made around here! Add in the school break…. and I’ll see you after the holidays!

Things They Can’t Say: 5 Boy Mom Faves

things they can't say

Last week, I shared some great mom blogs. This week, I want to highlight some fabulous boy mom blogs(though there were some in last week’s list, too- what can I say? Sometimes boy moms have to stick together). My regular guest feature will continue after the holidays. If you’d like to write a post for […]

A Mom’s 12 Days of Christmas

moms 12 days of christmas

It’s not really about what my true love gave to me this Christmas season but rather what my children, their school, their busy schedules, and the rest of my family gave to me. With winter break rapidly approaching, this mom has: 12 dozen cookies to bake 11 things I’m probably forgetting 10 school days til […]

Why I Needed Even More Online Safety Tips for My Kids


This post is a part of a sponsored campaign with AVG Technologies the Mom It Forward Blogger Network.  Just when I think I’ve done a good job talking to my kids about online safety, something else comes up. Social media is complicated and when you’re dealing with kids, it’s even more complicated.

10 Things to Smile About


It’s that time again! To list the happy moments of the month and share- because there’s always something to smile about(yes, I need this reminder sometimes). Joining in with EmmyMom. 1. Running our first messy color run. It poured down rain until just before the race started, but I’m glad we ran it! If you’re […]

Holiday Dinner Pet Peeves

thanksgiving dinner

Going back to this blog’s intention of “Things I Can’t Say,” I would never actually say these things to someone. I really actually like hosting holiday meals: I like being in charge of the cooking and planning. And I much prefer to be in my own home than to go to someone else’s(it’s just easier […]

When You Have to Talk to the Principal

tips for talking to the principal

I’ve never been a parent who ran to the principal for anything. Probably because I was a teacher before my kids were born, I’ve believed that you need to work things out with the teacher, not go over his/her head to the principal, unless things didn’t get resolved. In the past, there either weren’t issues […]