Lost in the Shuffle: Pour Your Heart Out

lost in the shuffle

When you have a child with special needs or one who struggles academically for whatever reason, you know you have to advocate for your child. You’ll have multiple meetings a year and frequent progress updates. The teacher is aware and tends to stay on top of things. Or maybe you have a child who is [...]

My Middle: Pour Your Heart Out

baby bear

Maybe there’s some truth to the middle child being the most challenging, the most spirited(spoken like a middle child, right?) While I’ve learned so much from my kids, it’s my middle son whose journey has been the most like a crazy roller coaster (my mother would say this is karmic retribution). He came into our [...]

The How I Met Your Mother Finale Got So Much Wrong


I started watching HIMYM the very first season and have watched the whole way through. I didn’t expect to write about the finale, but I couldn’t get it out of my head. For the most part, it was a giant letdown, though How I Met Your Mother did get some things right. The Mother Dying [...]

10 Things to Smile About


For the month of March: 1. Celebrating 11 years of marriage with this guy: 2. Finding the perfect pair of jeans for spring (Lucky Brand Boyfriend Cut- a sale at the outlets, so it’s like two smiles in one). 3. Getting to facetime with my cutie niece. She babbles and babbles away and I’m convinced [...]

Pour Your Heart Out: When Kids Are Sick


Whenever one of my boys is sick, I have this running internal commentary. Oh, he’ll be just fine, just wait it out. Let him rest, plenty of fluids, monitor his symptoms, but it will pass. But what if it’s something really serious? Well, it doesn’t seem serious. But how can you tell? There are so [...]

I Have to Quit You

candy crush

You started out fun. New and exciting. Nothing difficult about you, you were an interesting diversion. And then you got to be more. I sang your praises and ignored others because I wanted to spend more time with you. Because you gave me such joy. But then one day, things just got so much harder. You weren’t so [...]

Pour Your Heart Out: It Gets Easier

My three big boys

“You think this is hard?” she asked in a smug tone of voice. I stared at the woman, wondering why some stranger felt the need to talk to me. I hadn’t been complaining. I guess it was just that I was pushing a two year old and a three year old in a double stroller [...]

The Delivery Man Trailer: That’s a LOT of Kids!

the delivery man trailer

When I was pregnant with my third, walking around with my baby bump, a 3 year old, and a 1.5 year old, I lost track of the number of people who said “You know what keeps causing that, right?” As if having three kids in three years was crazy or something. And maybe it was [...]

You Know You Have Blogger Kids When…

wavy hair

It’s true that you can tell a child has a blogger for a mom when their lives are typed out in (sometimes embarrassing) detail. But there are other tell-tale signs that you can pick up, even if you don’t actually know that mom has a blog. Like when the kids do not understand why both [...]

Old School Blogging

Remember those blog tags where you had to answer questions and then tag other bloggers? There are some bloggers who are bringing back that old school blogging style. And since I was tagged by Frelle, I thought I’d play along! What were you doing 10 years ago? I was a newlywed. I taught elementary school. [...]