If It Were Me…

don't judge

It’s easy to sit on the outside of someone else’s pain and judge. And oh, we don’t think we’re judging, we’re just saying how we would deal with their situation, baffled by how they are choosing to handle it. If it were me, I’d post hourly updates on facebook to keep everyone informed, that’s the […]

Lead Poisoning Is Not the Punchline to a Joke

My beautiful son, who suffers from lead poisoning

During my morning mom-taxi duties of dropping off my oldest two at their elementary school and then driving into town to preschool and then back home, I listen to a local radio show. Mostly because I like the music they play, notsomuch for the morning radio show hosts. Every morning, they have a segment called […]

A Goodbye


I wasn’t even in town when the decision was made to add to our family. I admit, I was slightly annoyed that a big decision was made without me. But then I got back home and saw just how in love my boys were with this new addition: a kitten named Mac- named after the […]

Pour Your Heart Out: What Matters

disney family

At this time last week, I was struggling. I won’t go so far as to say depression, but I was having a deep case of the blues. A heavy blanket of sadness seemed to weigh me down, making me feel like everything I was doing was in slow motion. There was the temptation to lie […]

This I Know

snowy beach

“Mom, can you read this for me?” my oldest asked me yesterday morning. Glancing down at what he held in his hands, I saw a piece from his Ninjago Lego set. “Oh, honey, I’m sorry, but I can’t read that.” “What? You don’t know how to read Chinese?” No, I don’t. There are a lot […]

A Rough Morning and Some Perspective

9 11 memories

Yesterday morning, I was convinced I was being punked. Or Punk’d. Or on that show Prank My Mom. Because despite all our efforts towards being better organized this school year, nothing seemed to go right. My oldest had a homework assignment we didn’t discover until breakfast time. My middle son was sleeping late thanks to […]

Pour Your Heart Out: When It’s Always Your Child’s Fault

mom life

My kindergartener, Bear, came home from school on Friday with a black eye. I have no doubt that it was an accident. His TA called Friday afternoon to let me know what had happened: that he and another child were both leaning down to pick something up off the floor in the computer lab and […]

Pour Your Heart Out: My Child Would Never Do That

soccer field

The little boy looks to be about 5. Cute. Flushed pink cheeks from running around at soccer practice. He almost looks like one of the Campbell’s Soup kids. But then you hear him speak to his mom. “I hate you.” You cringe and think I’d never let my child say that. But the mom doesn’t […]

Pour Your Heart Out: Crying Over Burnt Eggs

broken eggs

I cried this morning because I burned the scrambled eggs I was making for my husband’s breakfast. I burned them because I was trying to do too much all at once. Get three kids dressed, find their shoes, their backpacks, their lunchboxes. Search the van for a missing backpack. The van that is a mess, […]