When a Diagnosis Doesn’t Help: Things They Can’t Say

things they can't say

About Teresa: We don’t always have it easy, but who does?  We’re a family and there’s plenty of love here. Living life on the spectrum with my son, Squeaker, and my three year old, Big Guy, presents all sorts of challenges, but it also presents us with all sorts of opportunities for growth and learning. I’ve [...]

I’m Not SuperMom: Things They Can’t Say

things they can't say

I’m Diana. Mom to Jellybean and Jujube. Wife to Joey. I use to blog at A Little Bit of Life and now here I am as Glamour…Not, because if we’re being honest – there is nothing glamorous about parenting. But with a dash of sarcasm and lots of keeping it real I talk about it [...]

At Peace with Letting Go: Things They Can’t Say

things they can't say

Laura Crawford is a freelance writer, hunter of food trucks, hashtag abuser, and coffee addict who believes that a proper Bloody Mary makes the perfect stand-alone brunch. She loves burying her toes in the warm sand, and nose in a book, though as a momma of 3 that tends to be a special treat.  You [...]

Shades of Gray (But Not 50): Things They Can’t Say

things they can't say

About Marianne: My blog ADVENTURES IN THE BALLPARK is not a blog about baseball. Although in my life, there is an outfield, a dugout, and a concession stand (stocked with Skinny Cow treats.) My last name is Ball, and my life often feels like a game, so I write about the wins and losses, strikes and [...]

Getting Older Ain’t All Bad

birthday cake

Today is my birthday. My 37th birthday. Sometimes I can’t believe that I’m nearing 40 because wasn’t college graduation just last year? Or didn’t I just get married? Or didn’t I just have my first baby(or even my third)? Then again, I’m perfectly content with this age. Things change, absolutely, but something that change can [...]

Why We Judge: Things They Can’t Say

things they can't say

Danielle is the crazy momma of 4 behind Busy Mom’s Helper, where she shares all her adventures. Married to her best friend & fellow nerd. Totally addicted to Dr. Pepper and chocolate. Staying home with the kiddos keeps her busy, but she loves squeezing in time to create through the ups & downs of life [...]

In the Homestretch of Breastfeeding

things they can't say

Alexis is a stay-at-home mom living in Boston, MA, with her husband, feisty baby girl, and three disgruntled cats. The internet is littered with blogs she has started and abandoned over the past ten years, but you can find her current writing about motherhood, and her weekly letters to and portraits of her daughter, at [...]

The Best Years of Our Lives

things they can't say

Joey is a freelance writer and small business consultant. She lives North of Pittsburgh with her husband, daughter, and their two small dogs.  When not attempting to dominate the world of social media, Joey enjoys reading, cooking, gardening, volunteering at church, and spending time with her little family. She posts recipes and life observations regularly [...]

The Very Best I Can Do: Things They Can’t Say

things they can't say

Stephanie Lormand lives in Raleigh with her husband and two children. Her oldest son, Zach, joined the family in November 2006, and his younger brother, Elliot, arrived in time for the party in November 2008.   As a biostatistically-influenced sociologist, she is a breed of geek rarely found in the wilds of suburbia. Finding herself [...]

It’s Gonna Be a Long Summer: Things They Can’t Say

things they can't say

Amber is a military wife and stay-at-home-mom to a son who is 12 with Aspergers and a daughter who is 7 and loud. She loves to write (she wrote a book out called The Swimmer’s Assistant) and read when she can–sometimes her kids hide her books, thinking it’s funny. (It’s not.) She blogs about nearly [...]