Call for Guest Posts

It’s been almost four years since I started the Friday guest feature here on Things I Can’t Say. Wow! Thanks to everyone who has guested for me over the years. I hope to continue this for a long time to come, but I’m asking for your help to get me organized! Things They Can’t Say […]

Life Begins on Your 40th Birthday: Things They Can’t Say

things they can't say

Mj is a recovering bookseller. A wife. A SAHMama. A reader, a pretend runner, a wanna-be gourmet chef, famous writer, and stand up comedian. She’s Catwoman in disguise. Be sure to read her blog 154 Hidden Court. Yesterday was my 40th birthday. I really thought I’d have stuff figured out by now. When I was […]

Mess or Memory? You Decide.


Becky Kopitzke and Heidi Maranell met when Becky stopped into Heidi’s garage sale and bought a Hello Kitty bingo game. It was the best dollar she ever spent. What began as daily chats about family life, faith, and coupons grew into Haven Help Us, their new joint blog home for fellow “frazzled, flawed and fabulous” […]

When You Know What You’re Doing

things they can't say

Nicole, author of Sisters from Another Mister is a transplanted Brit cross South African, technically a lily white African American with an accent. Retired marketing expert with the gift of the gab, capable of huge $ fundraising & penchant for decorating homes across the globe. Offers unlimited advice in infertility, adoption, travel, parenting, and wine. World traveling, […]

The Evolution of Mom Friends

things they can't say

Sarah had a mind once. Now she has children. When she’s not wrangling her 3 sports-loving boyz (ages 12, 9 and 8), Sarah works full-time as a corporate paralegal at the Staples, Inc. headquarters. Sarah is a habitual nail-biter, Coke Zero drinker and wine-lover whose Trenches are located outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Her personal blog, […]

What He Needed Most: Things They Can’t Say

things they can't say

What happens when our children get older and their stories become more theirs than ours and we can’t blog as freely about them as we used to? Well, it’s nice to still have a place to spill those stories. So, at the request of this week’s guest, this post will remain anonymous. I hope that […]

The Motherhood Pass

things they can't say

About Adrienne: Somewhere along the way I picked up homeschooling two boys and blogging. When I’m not scrubbing toilets or answering endless questions, I’m busy over sharing it all at the blog. My writing is always honest, sometimes sarcastic, and never perfect. Find me on Facebook and Twitter as @TheMommyMess   Sometimes I catch myself […]

Sibling Love

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NJ is a truth seeker, coffee worshiper, and a classic rock lover. She, her husband Mike, and son Malone welcomed baby Lola into their lives this August. She writes at where she hopes everyone walks away either laughing or encouraged.  I am only child. As a kid, it was fine. I had a lot of […]

Trudging Forward and Fiercely Advocating: Things They Can’t Say

things they can't say

I’m Kristin, a 20-something mom and wife of a residence hall director.  My rocky road to motherhood was filled with shock and adjustment. Now I’m a stay-at-home mom to an active tube-fed toddler (C) and a baby girl (Baby Jo), blogging at Little Mama Jama. “Your special needs child.” Reading those words was like getting slapped in […]

Dear Motor Mouths at the Playground

things they can't say

Mine is a story about two over-achievers who got married, had a kid and decide to move halfway around the world. We took on too much, too soon, too often. And we pulled it all off, sorta. The Nomad Mom Diary pulls back the curtains and exposes the realities of our over-achiever life. For me, […]