Finding a Balance with Mixify


We still have plenty of Halloween candy left. Maybe not as much chocolate in those trick-or-treat bags as the other types of candy, but still, there’s quite a bit left. I have no problem letting my kids have candy or soda every once in a while. When I was growing up, we weren’t allowed to […]

Daily Confidence: Managing LBL


This post is sponsored by Poise, helping women feel more confident with their light bladder leakage.  I spend a lot of my time in yoga pants and with my hair in some sort of a messy bun or braid. It’s what’s comfortable while I work from home or run my boys to whatever practices and […]

Show You Care this Cold and Flu Season

cold and flu season

I did some acts of kindness with Kleenex® Brand products as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #KleenexCare Last week, when I was helping in my middle son’s classroom, there were so many kids sniffling that the teacher was walking around the classroom with a tissue box tucked under her arm, ready to pass […]

Love is a Gift


Sharing how #LoveIsAGift as part of a sponsored campaign with MassMutual. I hope you’ll read how to join in! Now this is love to me: Together with my three boys and my husband, on the water. The four most important people in my life, in one of my favorite spots. They have my heart. I’m […]

Sports Safety Tips and The Ultimate College Football Experience

soccer injuries

The sound of the soccer ball slamming into the goalie’s chest was so loud that it quieted all the fans on the sidelines. The ref hadn’t blown his whistle yet and the ball bounced free, in front of the net, yet none of the players made a move towards the ball.

Stay Hydrated with DripDrop

dripdrop hydration powder

This post is part of s sponsored campaign with SheSpeaks and DripDrop.  I’m terrible at drinking enough water. I’ll get wrapped up in work and forget about it, not wanting to keep water right next to my laptop(one ruined computer due to a spill was more than enough for me, thank you very much). And […]

No Time to Slow Down #FastAdvil


I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by fast acting Advil® Film-Coated and I received a free sample of Advil® Film-Coated. This is a sponsored post for SocialStars by Crowdtap. All opinions expressed are my own. #FastAdvil I looked at my calendar this week and cringed. Four soccer practices, two cross country practices, two […]

#KeepKidsHealthy During the Cold and Flu Season


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of PediaCare®. Fall in North Carolina means cute scarves and boots for me and hoodie season for my boys. But it can also mean cold and flu season. Kids under 6 can average 6-8 colds per year and 15-42% of preschool and school age kids […]

#CapriSunMoms Soccer Season

Capri Sun Kids vs Pros MLS Showdown

Our Fall schedule is packed with soccer and other after school activities, along with the dreaded homework. Mealtimes tend to be whenever we manage to squeeze them in and whatever is convenient on the go. We eat plenty of fruit because it’s easy and refreshing to take with us on our many trips back and […]