Letting Go of the Idea of Having a Daughter: Pour Your Heart Out


Six years ago, I sat waiting for an ultrasound. This was pregnancy number three for me and most likely my last. We’d talked about how many kids we wanted and it was either three close together in age or four, with two close together in age, then a gap of a few years, then two […]

Don’t Dismiss the Boys: Pour Your Heart Out

mom of boys

Last week, I told you about my complicated relationship with my scale. How I need to be cautious not to let it dictate how I feel about myself, how it’s just one indicator of health. What I worry about the most is this: And I’m trying to keep my unhealthy relationship from affecting my kids, […]

A Complicated Relationship: Pour Your Heart Out


It’s a complicated relationship we have. Those numbers reflect how I’m feeling anyway, but they also provide me with proof that I can’t reason away (my pants shrunk, the cut of this shirt is unforgiving, etc.)- it’s right there in big, bold numbers. The scale is hidden away in a cupboard so that I don’t […]

Transitioning from Teacher to Mom: Pour Your Heart Out

new moms

You know kids. You teach 25 of them all day long. You know long days. You give your all to your students. So maybe that ever-growing baby bump doesn’t have you all that concerned. You’ve taught for a few years, you’ve got this. And you know what? You do. You really do. You’re an amazing […]

About That “No More Yelling” Resolution: Pour Your Heart Out

My boys, 4 years ago

When I shared my New Year’s Resolutions with you, probably the most commented about was my resolution to stop yelling at my kids. Because so many of us do it. And really, it’s not like any of us likes yelling at our kids or feels great about it. But damn, it’s a hard habit to […]

They Are Mocking Me: Pour Your Heart Out

christmas to do list

They are mocking me. Sitting right beside me, staring up at me. I try to ignore them, but I can’t any more. My to-do lists scream out urgently at this point. Only a week left until Christmas(and just a few days until Winter Break starts, which is the real deadline, isn’t it?). But it seems […]

He’s 9: Pour Your Heart Out


My dear sweet boy. My firstborn, turning 9. I know it’s cheesy and cliche to say, but I feel like you were just a tiny little newborn. One who hated sleep and would only nap all snugged up with your mama. And suddenly, you’re a big kid. You love basketball, soccer, running, Minecraft, LEGO, and […]

Dream-Crushing with a Flippant Comment: Pour Your Heart Out


I am not a runner. But my oldest is. He’s not the fastest as he races across the playground or the soccer field, but damn, that boy has endurance. Endurance that has him coasting past almost all of the competition when it comes to longer runs. It started two years ago in first grade, at […]

There’s No Room for an Elf on My Shelf

elf on the shelf

It’s not that I’m too lazy to move the Elf on the Shelf around my house each night. Or that I don’t want to come up with creative ideas for the Elf on the Shelf each day. A daily alert on my phone and a quick Pinterest search can solve those problems. So, that’s not […]

How Important is Being on the Honor Roll? Pour Your Heart Out

honor roll

Report cards were a big deal this year with my oldest since he’s in third grade. In K-2, students get a mark of A, O or B(Above Grade Level, On Grade Level, or Below Grade level), with an A only being possible at the end of the school year. It makes a lot of sense […]