It’s Not a Judgment on Your Parenting


When I take a strong stance on something I believe is right for my kids, I’m not making the statement that it’s what’s right for all kids. I’ve lost track of the number of times that what one of my kids needs is the exact opposite of what another of them needs. And that’s with […]

Listen to the Why: Pour Your Heart Out


Isn’t it weird, the things you remember? Maybe I remember this because I really hated being wrong. Way back when I was in second grade, sometimes the way my mind worked would cause me to get things WRONG according to my teacher. It was something so silly, completing a worksheet on Fact or Fiction. The […]

Feelings Are What They Are

Working hard in second grade.

I saw the panic flicker in her eyes as she frantically searched the paperwork in front of her, searching for something she’d clearly missed. My son’s second grade teacher is the type of teacher you want your kids to have. She’s awesome at what she does, she’s great with the kids, and she genuinely gets […]

Tone, Timing, and Motive: Ditching the What You Shouldn’t Say List


You’ve seen the lists. You’ve probably laughed along with them or nodded your head in agreement. X Number of Things Not to Say to a Mom…. with a child with special needs, with autism, with twins, with all boys, with all girls, with pick any defining characteristic and you’ll probably find a list. But because […]

Pour Your Heart Out: Toward the Cliff


I tend to embrace new opportunities. I say yes and enthusiastically throw myself into them. Like a racer when that starting gun goes off, I take off like a shot, running full force. But as I’m running, I start realizing that there isn’t a finish line at the end, but a cliff. And I’m running […]

Before It’s Just a Memory


As I was sitting in the rocking chair on my front porch, one of my boys approached. I patted my leg, an invitation for him to sit, though not one I thought he’d accept. But he climbed into my lap, with his legs dangling almost as far down as mine. Instead of his head resting […]

5 Years of Pour Your Heart Out

pour your heart out

Five years ago this week, I decided to start a Pour Your Heart Out link up for bloggers who wanted to share personal stories. Things that were important to them, close to their hearts, what made them cry or made them scream with joy. An opportunity for a soapbox moment if you needed it, and […]

A Boring Old Married Couple: Pour Your Heart Out


We can have really bizarre thoughts and just look at each other and know the other is thinking the exact same thing. Our date nights usually involve pajamas or at least really comfortable clothes because they are at-home more often than not. While we can talk big about some relaxing vacation for two on an […]

A Mistake Should Be Allowed to Be Just That

pour your heart out

There’s a date in February from almost 20 years ago, that my college roommate and I would only whisper about with “never again” always said along with it. Because we did something really stupid that night. No one got hurt and aside from way too much possibly some underage drinking, no laws were broken. But […]

Why Would It Bother Me?

pour your heart out

I have a tendency to get worked up over things that I shouldn’t. Things that don’t even affect me. Yet, I think about¬†what if… For example, back when we enrolled our oldest two in a preschool down here in North Carolina that was not affiliated with any church, I was blown away when it was […]