This Is Our Autism: Pour Your Heart Out

the middle boy

Our autism is a huge collection of Angry Birds stuffed animals, carried around and slept with, even though they’re too numerous to be carried in one trip. It’s eyes that flicker to mine, but don’t linger. It’s lots and lots of peanut butter sandwiches. Sometimes it’s stares and questioning glances. Our autism is two brothers [...]

Saying No: Pour Your Heart Out

say no quote

I have a hard time saying no. I want to be able to help someone out, I really do. I like to help. But there comes a point when I should be saying no. When I really don’t have time to do what is being asked. When I’m being taken advantage of. When the person [...]

Better Than a New College Grad: Pour Your Heart Out

College Senior Pic and This Year

Five years ago… no, wait, 10 years… no, somehow it’s been 15 years since I graduated from college. And the day after graduation, I wrote this in my journal: 5/19/1999 If  had college to do all over again: I’d be less afraid. I’d be more involved. I’d study less. I wouldn’t procrastinate. I’d realize that [...]

Meds Aren’t Given Out Like Candy


Maybe your second cousin’s neighbor’s grandson went to the doctor and was given medication for ADHD after a five minute office visit. And you scoff that medication is given out like candy. That there’s no thought put into it and ADHD is overdiagnosed when really, that kid just needs to learn to calm down. And [...]

What I Need the Extroverts in My Life to Understand

My personal heaven: a quiet afternoon on the beach, no need to talk to anyone.

I know I can seem rude. And like I don’t like you. And like I want you to leave me alone. I really don’t mean to be rude. I do like you. But I do need you to leave me alone. Sometimes. Because we’ve been going and going all day long, talking and doing things [...]

Dads Aren’t Puppy Dogs: Pour Your Heart Out


Who’s a good boy? Who’s such a good boy? *head pat, head pat* Oh isn’t he cute? Watch the tricks he can do. He can… Take care of his kids.  Imagine that. A dad, who takes care of his kids. We better give him a treat for this because this is amazing. He’s such a [...]

The Change in My Summer Attitude


School is almost out here and I’m counting down the days even more than my kids are. I know, I know, I’m supposed to groan about the kids being home from school all summer and how they will drive me crazy or else my relatable-mom-card gets yanked, right? But, hear me out. When my kids [...]

Why I Won’t Say Depression: Pour Your Heart Out

Sometimes I feel like this.

Sometimes I’m hit with a crushing sadness for no real reason. It’s not pms(I checked the calendar) and there’s nothing really specific going on and it’s only occasionally so I don’t say it’s depression. It’s just a need to curl up and cry for a little while until it passes. I confessed last week on [...]

One Test to Rule Them All: Pour Your Heart Out


Before we can get to the glorious sleeping-in, not as scheduled, homework-free days of summer, we have to get through these next few weeks. That includes the end-of-grade(EOG) standardized tests that my oldest will be taking for the first time as a third grader. Lucky him, this is the year that our state has adopted [...]

The Horror of Having Boys: Pour Your Heart Out

boy mom

I stood in amazement, listening to two moms discuss the horror of having boys. One who had all girls(the one who had prayed not to have a boy). One who had one boy and two girls. How much one did not want a boy at all and how she wouldn’t have been able to handle [...]