What I’ve Realized As My Boys Have Gotten Older


Not every single parenting decision is worth stressing over. I’ve said before that parenting my boys who are now 7, 9, and 10 is so much easier than when they were babies and toddlers, assuming a big part of that is simply that they can do some things on their own and I no longer […]

8 Lessons Learned by 38


I turned 38 this past weekend and here are 8 important lessons I’ve learned along the way. Be okay with who you are. It might not always be the most glamorous description, but if it’s who I really am, then I’m okay with it. I’m a small town girl who prefers wearing clothes that can […]

Pour Your Heart Out: Friends

pour your heart out

As I get ready to head out of town for a few blog conferences, I just wanted to write a little note to my friends. Those who I’ve met through blogging are now the very first people I want to tell when something goes right (or whose shoulders I cry one when it goes wrong). […]

How Someone Else Parents

pour your heart out

When my boys were bitty little things, I was very active in mom groups. They were my saving grace when it came to getting out of the house with an 17 month old and a newborn and then later when I had another newborn while my older two were 3 and 2. We let the […]

A Season I Want to Skip


Now that I’m of a certain age, there’s a new life event that’s common with so many people I know. We’re past the getting married and having babies stages and now moving on to a season of divorce. Though I don’t speak it out loud to any of my friends going through it, inwardly I […]

Your Kid Isn’t a Hero, He Just Isn’t a Jerk

pour your heart out

“This restores my faith in humanity,” the Facebook status reads, attached to a link. I click over because I’m a sucker for that type of description and everyone can use a little good news. But then I read the story. And it’s sweet. But… I’ve heard this storyline before. Child is kind to another child […]

A Few Hours for Me: Pour Your Heart Out


I looked over my to-do list and realized there was nothing that I absolutely had to do in the next few hours. My to-do lists often have little to do with actual deadlines. I self-impose deadlines that keep me days, weeks, or sometimes even months ahead. So there could be an item on my to-do […]

It Is What It Is

pour your heart out

It is what it is. I simultaneously despise that phrase and live by it. Sometimes I do have a good cry just to get all that emotion out, but then I try to move on. If I can do something to change an outcome or change the path I’m on… I will fight like hell […]

It Wasn’t Personal… or Was It?


It feels personal, I whined. Yes, whined. My husband is practical enough to roll his eyes and tell me that what a friend had said, it wasn’t personal.  Whenever I hear someone say that, I immediately think of this movie scene: I picture adorable little Meg Ryan in her raincoat belted over her pajamas, talking […]



I stood, waiting in line at the bakery for my youngest’s birthday cake. Beside me, a new mom was showing her brand new baby to her coworkers. It took me a few minutes to realize I was doing the baby sway, rocking gently from side to side as I did when my boys were babies. […]