The Horror of Having Boys: Pour Your Heart Out

boy mom

I stood in amazement, listening to two moms discuss the horror of having boys. One who had all girls(the one who had prayed not to have a boy). One who had one boy and two girls. How much one did not want a boy at all and how she wouldn’t have been able to handle […]

My Middle: Pour Your Heart Out

baby bear

Maybe there’s some truth to the middle child being the most challenging, the most spirited(spoken like a middle child, right?) While I’ve learned so much from my kids, it’s my middle son whose journey has been the most like a crazy roller coaster (my mother would say this is karmic retribution). He came into our […]

Expectations and Confidence: Pour Your Heart Out

first day

My five year old operates under the assumption that everyone adores him. That everyone wants to be his friend and everyone wants to be around him all the time. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend of one of his older brothers’, someone who is a few years older than he is. Or the son […]

Pour Your Heart Out

pour your heart out

I have a confession to make. If you read my post the other day about If It Were Me… about how we all deal with hardships in different ways and how we need to realize that and not judge because we aren’t actually the ones in the situation… you might have thought that either I […]

Letting Him Go It Alone: Pour Your Heart Out

Thomas Edison

There are some homework assignments that come home that make me roll my eyes because they aren’t homework for the kids, they are homework for the parents. I’m not complaining about having to help my kids with their homework- I feel like that’s part of a parent’s job. But I do think that kids should […]

Boys Will Be Boys… No.

boys will be boys

“Boys will be boys,” the sweet teacher laughed when my son had zero desire to sit in the circle at his Mommy and Me class and clap his hands along with a song. Oh, no. Instead, he wanted to climb and jump off of all of the gym equipment. It continued as he got older and […]

Lighting a Candle in Remembrance

candle2 (2)

It’s happened to us twice. Once when my middle son was just shy of two. We found him twenty feet from a river. The second time was when he was six. I had my first ever full-blown panic attack. He was safe the whole time, but while I looked for him, I had no idea. […]

I Stopped Yelling at My Kids and Now They Are Better Listeners


It was one of my resolutions this year to stop yelling at my kids. It helped to put it out there and to set a high goal. Let’s just make sure we’re on the same page here- which I think we are, but the comments on Today Moms went off on such a tangent, I […]

Worrying When He’s Just Like Me: Pour Your Heart Out


After getting my children to seven soccer games, one basketball awards ceremony, and one birthday party all in one day, I came home on Saturday night completely done. Not just tired but done. It had been a good day, but I needed quiet. I needed to not have to talk, to not be around people. […]

Stargazing: 4 Years of Pour Your Heart Out


I’ve always been a stargazer. A literal look-out-the-window-up-at-the-sky or go-outside-and-stare-upwards kind of a girl. From when I was very young and had to make that quick dash from my window back to my bed if I heard one of my parents coming to when I was in college and would wander campus in the middle […]