The Changes with Time


It’s been three years, my son’s teacher let me know. Three years since that initial evaluation, even though we had another reevaluation done a little more recently than that. He’s made tremendous progress since that initial testing. Tremendous is not even a strong enough word for it. Back then, he had a very difficult time […]

Kindergarten Redshirting: Did We Do the Right Thing?


The term “kindergarten redshirting” sort of makes me cringe. It sounds too much like a choice we made due to sports*, when that wasn’t the case. We prefer to simply say that we waited to send our youngest to kindergarten. But, when the subject comes up, redshirting is what others say, so I’ll just deal […]

A Parenting Moment that Feels Just Right

ice skating

It’s not often when I have a parenting moment that feels just right. When I’m not second guessing myself or wishing this or that had gone a little differently. On Saturday, I took my youngest ice skating for the first time. It was a bit of an adventure, just him and me, driving an hour […]

To Speak Up or Shut Up?

While I don't have a pic of him in his car seat, I know that's the jacket my middle wore in his car seat until my friend spoke up.

It was all over my facebook feed a while back. A mom saying that her baby’s life could have been spared had someone commented even once on all the pictures she’d posted of her under 2 child sitting face forward in a car seat. Why didn’t anyone say anything? The heartwrenching post described how her […]

It’s Okay for Kids to Be Kids: Pour Your Heart Out

Sometimes they move so quickly, they're slightly blurred in every picture I try to take.

Your house must be loud.  You must be busy all the time.  I hear variations of those two comments often when someone hears that I have three boys 10 and under or if they see me out and about with them. And yes, my house is often loud. Especially with three. Because even if one […]

Pour Your Heart Out

pour your heart out

2014 is winding down. One week from today, it will be Christmas Eve! This will be the last Pour Your Heart Out post until January 7th because I know you’ll be busy celebrating the holidays! If you write something during that time that  you’d like to link up, feel free to link it in the […]

Ten: Pour Your Heart Out


Ten is not a little kid any more. Seen from an adult perspective, 10 is still a child of course. Some of the twenty-somethings I know seem like children sometimes. Yet, at the same time, 10 definitely isn’t a baby any more. A 10 year old doesn’t need his mom to do everything for him […]

Does He Really Still Believe? Pour Your Heart Out

www-icaughtsanta-com-full-338 (1)

Two years ago, as the Christmas season was starting, I felt a little sad thinking it might be the last year of magic for my oldest. I mourned at the idea that one of my boys would soon stop believing in Santa and how he knows whether kids have been naughty or nice and the […]

Pour Your Heart Out: The Thankful Edition

I didn’t join in with the 30 days of thankfulness on facebook this year. I knew it would become just another thing that I felt like I had to do every day. And that I’d end up being flip and saying things like “I’m thankful I finally found chocolate-covered Lays at Target!” Which, I really […]

That’s Me: Pour Your Heart Out

image via since most of my books are currently on my kindle

I get super cranky if I’m hungry. After I’ve hit my limit of talking to people, I shut down. I pin really cute outfits on pinterest but know that if it’s not super comfortable, it would only get worn once, which is why my wardrobe is mostly various types of yoga pants. I overlook a […]