Does He Really Still Believe? Pour Your Heart Out

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Two years ago, as the Christmas season was starting, I felt a little sad thinking it might be the last year of magic for my oldest. I mourned at the idea that one of my boys would soon stop believing in Santa and how he knows whether kids have been naughty or nice and the […]

Pour Your Heart Out: The Thankful Edition

I didn’t join in with the 30 days of thankfulness on facebook this year. I knew it would become just another thing that I felt like I had to do every day. And that I’d end up being flip and saying things like “I’m thankful I finally found chocolate-covered Lays at Target!” Which, I really […]

That’s Me: Pour Your Heart Out

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I get super cranky if I’m hungry. After I’ve hit my limit of talking to people, I shut down. I pin really cute outfits on pinterest but know that if it’s not super comfortable, it would only get worn once, which is why my wardrobe is mostly various types of yoga pants. I overlook a […]

Kindness Will Last: Pour Your Heart Out


Be kind. To each other, to everyone you come into contact with. It’s important to me to teach this to my kids. I want to raise kind children who grow up into kind adults. It might sound a little crazy, but being kind is more important to me than what grades they get in school […]

Where I Prefer to Be: Pour Your Heart Out


I sit slightly away from the others, reading my book. I’m perfectly happy there. I love to read. And I enjoy the time when there isn’t a list of things I have to do in that moment and the kids are otherwise occupied with their practice, so there’s no one asking anything of me right […]

I Fit in: Pour Your Heart Out

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“I wouldn’t want to go to school there,” my oldest said, of the school where their karate lessons take place, as we were driving home. “It’s okay for karate, but it’s not nice, like our school. I definitely wouldn’t want to go there,” he informed me, as if there were any question about my boys […]

At Night: Pour Your Heart Out


I sleep better when my husband is beside me. The comfort of the idea of someone who would protect me eases my mind even if in practice he sleeps so soundly he wouldn’t hear any of those scary things that go bump in the night. But when he’s not here and I’m sleeping alone, I […]

Moms, Stop Saying This about Math

math homework

There are times when I look at my fourth grader’s math homework these days and just shake my head. My biggest problem with the recent changes in math is that what I assume was intended to teach kids to think about problems in different ways is now forcing them to think in one specific way […]

Two Tales of the Same Day: Pour Your Heart Out

What we see of someone’s day, whether it’s from running into them at school drop-off or by seeing what they post on social media, often doesn’t tell the whole story. Let’s take one day last week as an example. Just going by who would have seen me or what you could tell from twitter and […]

When to Be Mama Bear and When to Chill

Close up of young European Brown Bear

There are some battles that my boys need to learn to fight for themselves. I can’t be there for every moment of their lives and they need to know how to stand up for themselves. But there are some times when Mama Bear needs to come out. I will stick up for my kids and […]