Needing Wide Open Spaces


Life has its own soundtrack. Songs that can take you back to a certain point in time, sometimes even a specific moment. They bring back memories, some otherwise forgotten. Who doesn’t know what I’m talking about Who’s never left home, who’s never struck out To find a dream and a life of their own A […]

Letting Go of On the Go


Shouldn’t we be doing something? There are only X number of weekends until your kids are grown up, where X = a number way smaller than we care to believe… they’re getting so big, so fast. So shouldn’t we pack so much fun and family time into every moment, making them all memorable? We have […]

Depression, Anxiety, and ADHD


Depression isn’t something you can just shake off. Someone telling you to smile, to cheer up, to just change your perspective: it’s not that easy. To say that more exercise, more sunshine, getting more sleep will help is oversimplifying the problem. The same goes for anxiety. It’s very real. You can’t just say “don’t worry, […]

Sometimes You Shouldn’t Say No


There are plenty of reasons to say no. Whether it’s because you don’t want to do something, it goes against what you believe, you truly don’t have the time, you know it will take away from other opportunities you’d rather have, and occasionally because you just don’t feel like it. I’ve gotten so much better […]

Minions and Dreams


My 5th grader was typing away at the keys of his school laptop, completing the final draft of his story. When asked what it was about, he told me he had to explain what he would do if he had an unlimited number of minions for the week. Ahhhh, I thought, looking around my living […]

Getting a Happily Most-of-the-Time Ever After


I’m not really sure why I thought it would be easy. Maybe it was all those fairy tales with their final line of “and they lived happily ever after” that made me think that everything is easy after the wedding. Maybe I thought those powerful in love feelings would be enough to carry us through […]

On Overmedication for ADHD


I have a button that’s really easy to push. Go ahead and say that kids are overmedicated these days and if parents would only (insert quick fix here), their kids would be just fine. Are there kids who don’t need to be medicated who are? Sure, I’ll buy it. Though I guess I assume those […]

Do Overs, Butterflies, and Rabbit Holes


I’m a firm believer in the butterfly effect. That one choice made years ago can be the reason we have the life we have now, that sent us down the path we currently walk. That it doesn’t even have to be some big, monumental moment we can point to and say THAT, that’s it, that’s […]

Lost and Found


I used to roll my eyes at those people, years ago. The ones who said their pet was a member of their family and who would get all weepy over the thought of something happening to their pet. I wasn’t heartless… I liked dogs and cats and all manner of pets (except maybe snakes or […]

Be Careful

pour your heart out

I’d left my house in plenty of time to get to my appointment. Though I hadn’t counted on driving behind someone going 15 miles under the speed limit down the back road I take to avoid the traffic in town. I tapped my nails on my steering wheel and looked around that car, trying to […]