What I Let Go

Just when my kids stopped singing that catchy Frozen song, they got the latest Kidz Bop and of course Let It Go is on there, so it’s back non-stop again. But rather than let it drive me bonkers, I let it inspire me to share the things that I’ve let go of lately. I’m okay [...]

10 Things To Smile About


July flew right past! It’s already time to join in with EmmyMom and share 10 Things to Smile About from July. 1. Fireworks with friends. Watched from a parking lot near the fireworks so we didn’t actually have to deal with the crowds. It’s become a tradition. 2. Hubs started a new job that he’s [...]

Girls’ Night Out vs. Quick Dinner for the Kids

moms night out

Drinks With the Girls: A cocktail made with cherry vodka, ginger ale, and pomegranate juice. For the Kids: Water. Because it’s good for them. And they drank all the milk with breakfast. Appetizers With the Girls: Goat cheese and pistachio soufflé, accompanied by Asian pears, with a pomegranate jus For the Kids: Uh, they need an appetizer? [...]

Hey, It’s Okay: Summer Edition

cow appreciation day

Hey, It’s Okay… It’s okay to be the one who brings watermelon as a side dish to a cookout, even if you’re usually the one who bakes and comes up with creative things to take as your contribution. It’s okay if you can’t remember the last time your kids took a proper bath since the [...]

Saying No: Pour Your Heart Out

say no quote

I have a hard time saying no. I want to be able to help someone out, I really do. I like to help. But there comes a point when I should be saying no. When I really don’t have time to do what is being asked. When I’m being taken advantage of. When the person [...]

10 Things to Smile About


Anyone else feel like you blinked and June was over? It’s time again to look back on the month and find the happy(because normally, it’s the difficult that makes for blog fodder) and link up with EmmyMom for 10 Things to Smile About. 1. The last day of school. My three boys all had a [...]

5 Weird Things That Happen in Your 30′s


For the most part, I actually enjoy being in my 30′s more than being in my 20′s. I feel more confident in myself and my place in life than I did in my 20′s. And there’s something to be said for growing older and not being called a kid any more. There are definitely differences [...]

The 8 People You See at Every Concert

My stereotype? The one sitting in the back of the lawn say "ohmygosh, there are so many people here, why are there so many people?"

I love going to concerts. It’s our favorite date night. While the music is the feature, you can’t deny that a concert is a prime people-watching opportunity. No matter who we are there to see, there are certain people we run into every time. The shirtless guy. Maybe he looks good without his shirt on [...]

10 Things To Smile About in May


1. Strawberry picking. My favorite preschool field trip of the year because we get to eat the strawberries right off the vine. 2. My oldest making honor roll for the first time. The first and second grading periods, he had one 84 on his report card; honor roll is 85 and above. He worked hard [...]

Things I Can’t Say


There are some thoughts that flitter through my head that I realize I can’t say. Maybe I’m just being crabby in that moment and don’t really mean them or maybe I do really mean others but know there’s nothing to be gained from saying them. Or maybe if I said them, it would just confirm [...]