Best Board Games for Adults

best board games for adults

Getting a babysitter is expensive. So more often than not, when we have a couples’ night, it involves bringing everyone’s kids to one house where the kids can play upstairs, then the adults snacking, drinking, and playing board games downstairs(well, when we aren’t watching some sort of sporting event). It makes for a fun and […]

Meditation for the Rest of Us

meditation tips

The notes for this post have been in my phone for over two years because I wanted to share these tips, though this is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sara Lee®. Exercise. Healthier eating. Drinking more water. Getting more sleep. These are all things that we know we need to do to […]

That Kind of Girl

rain boots

There was a group of girls huddled by the fireplace, warming themselves up since it was cold and rainy outside. I use girls in the Southern sense of the word, meaning not necessarily young girls(I love that I can still say “girl” and not “woman” even though I’m nearing 40). These girls wore various tops […]

Introvert Survival Tips


Since apparently it would be rude to pass out copies of What I Need the Extroverts in My Life to Understand when we have company for a few days or when we go to a party(hrumph), I’ve had to come up with coping strategies because I’m most definitely an introvert. Even though I enjoyed our company […]

The Torture of Small Talk

small talk

It’s usually public speaking that freaks people out. Having to give a presentation, get up in front of a large group of people. But that sounds easy to me. That’s always been easy for me. There’s a purpose to it, there’s a point. There’s a beginning and an end. That, I can do. And over […]

It’s My Life… No, Not Really

my boys

“It’s MY life, it’s my decision.” I can remember angrily tossing out those words in my late teens and early twenties to anyone who questioned a decision I was making. I think the Bon Jovi song of the same name was every young adult’s anthem at the time. YES, see, it’s not YOUR business what […]

Why I Wear Pajamas to School Drop-Off

is it okay to wear pajamas to school drop off?

It doesn’t take that long to get dressed, so seriously, how lazy am I? In previous years, I made sure to throw on real clothes before I headed out to school drop off. It’s not like it takes all that long. Especially if I lay out my clothes the night before, just like I do […]

What I Let Go

Just when my kids stopped singing that catchy Frozen song, they got the latest Kidz Bop and of course Let It Go is on there, so it’s back non-stop again. But rather than let it drive me bonkers, I let it inspire me to share the things that I’ve let go of lately. I’m okay […]

10 Things To Smile About

christmas gifts for your best friend

July flew right past! It’s already time to join in with EmmyMom and share 10 Things to Smile About from July. 1. Fireworks with friends. Watched from a parking lot near the fireworks so we didn’t actually have to deal with the crowds. It’s become a tradition. 2. Hubs started a new job that he’s […]

Girls’ Night Out vs. Quick Dinner for the Kids

moms night out

Drinks With the Girls: A cocktail made with cherry vodka, ginger ale, and pomegranate juice. For the Kids: Water. Because it’s good for them. And they drank all the milk with breakfast. Appetizers With the Girls: Goat cheese and pistachio soufflé, accompanied by Asian pears, with a pomegranate jus For the Kids: Uh, they need an appetizer? […]