What It’s Like to Lose a Friend

things they can't say

Lea Grover is a writer and toddler-wrangler living on Chicago’s South Side. When she isn’t cultivating an impressive dust bunny collection she waxes philosophic about raising interfaith children, marriage after a terminal cancer diagnosis, and vegetarian cooking. Her blog, Becoming SuperMommy, won second runner up in Blogger Idol. Sometimes it’s hard to be friends with somebody you’ve known [...]

I Feel Guilty: Things They Can’t Say

things they can't say

John is a semi-sane wannabe musician making ends meet as a web developer. Always, always tired. Find him at The Adventures of Daddy Runs a Lot or on twitter @daddyrunsalot.  Dear family, I have committed a cardinal sin. Not long ago, I didn’t have rehearsal. I said I did, it was on the family schedule, [...]

In the Homestretch of Breastfeeding

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Alexis is a stay-at-home mom living in Boston, MA, with her husband, feisty baby girl, and three disgruntled cats. The internet is littered with blogs she has started and abandoned over the past ten years, but you can find her current writing about motherhood, and her weekly letters to and portraits of her daughter, at [...]

The Best Years of Our Lives

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Joey is a freelance writer and small business consultant. She lives North of Pittsburgh with her husband, daughter, and their two small dogs.  When not attempting to dominate the world of social media, Joey enjoys reading, cooking, gardening, volunteering at church, and spending time with her little family. She posts recipes and life observations regularly [...]

Prepared and Not Prepared: Things They Can’t Say

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Allison is a blogger and SAHM to a six year old daughter and four year old boy/girl twins. She’s a bookworm and loves to cook as long as she doesn’t have to do the dishes afterwards. On her blog Twingle Mommy, she writes about her parenting adventures, marriage, and recipes that her kids will actually [...]

Secondary Infertility Is Tricky Like That

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Kara Anderson is a writer and homeschooling mom, driven by an unknown force to write everything down. She takes too many pictures and never leaves home without a notebook. Find her at Quill and Camera or on Facebook or Twitter. Most days, it’s OK. What am I talking about? It’s always OK. But mostly, it [...]

How a Mom of 12 Gets All that Laundry Done

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Sandy is biological mom to 12 children ages 3 to 29 (no multiple births) and yes, all with her high school sweetie. They have been happily married for 30 years. They live in Utah where she chases kids around, plays a little basketball, and writes daily on her blog, Twelve Makes A Dozen. She has [...]

That is Beautiful: Things They Can’t Say

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Laura is a military wife & Mama who loves Jesus, her boys (and soon to be girl!), Kentucky basketball, costume jewelry, traveling, flowers & good food. You can find her little corner of the web at Storybook Reality where she blogs about all of the above! Today in the car on the way to meet [...]

Mess or Memory? You Decide.


Becky Kopitzke and Heidi Maranell met when Becky stopped into Heidi’s garage sale and bought a Hello Kitty bingo game. It was the best dollar she ever spent. What began as daily chats about family life, faith, and coupons grew into Haven Help Us, their new joint blog home for fellow “frazzled, flawed and fabulous” [...]

What He Needed Most: Things They Can’t Say

things they can't say

What happens when our children get older and their stories become more theirs than ours and we can’t blog as freely about them as we used to? Well, it’s nice to still have a place to spill those stories. So, at the request of this week’s guest, this post will remain anonymous. I hope that [...]