Getting Back into a Workout Routine


Fall is when I regain my motivation to work out. Even though it will soon be sweater weather and those tend to hide a variety of flaws, it’s much easier for me to work out when my boys are back in school, rather than during the summer where they’re home from school all day. At […]

Satisfying My Sweet Tooth with Fiber One


I have a terrible sweet tooth. It calls to me between meals and practically screams at me late in the evening. And what I’ve learned is that if I totally ignore it and try to do something dramatic like eliminate all brownies, cheesecake, cookies, and similar yummy treats, I will eventually give in and then […]

Fuel Your Active Teens


My boys have a ridiculous amount of energy. Sometimes I get tired by just watching all they do. So, the idea of eating for energy never really crossed my mind until we started getting closer and closer to the teen years. While my oldest isn’t quite there yet, he’s definitely a tween now, with the […]

The Easy Way to Create Photo Stories

I snap away with the camera on my phone. When we’re doing something fun, when there’s a special event or milestone, or even the everyday, I want to have a record of it all. But then, what do I actually do with those photos? Maybe post the best one to Instagram or share a few […]

Taking Care of Ourselves


The kids get dropped off at school, all ready for their day. Bellies full, dressed in a style that lets you know they play sports, but still dressed well enough that I’d be okay if pictures were snapped for the yearbook. Their backpacks and lunches are packed, their teeth have been brushed, their hair combed. […]

Making It Easy for Moms on the Go

A little snack before karate

Not a single member of my family is a morning person. Probably the only thing worse than dealing with any of us grumps in the morning is dealing with any of us when we didn’t manage to get breakfast. That’s truly scary. So we need breakfasts we can grab on the go. Even better if […]

Finding the Best Cat Litter

photo 1 (1)

Our cat joined our family shortly before Christmas, allowing him to get used to the chaos that is three kids in the house. Because that was the normal he got adjusted to, he’s very much a people-cat. Dobby wants to be in the middle of everyone. He’ll follow you around, sit on any lap available, […]

Mompreneurs and #MyLifeSparkles Giveaway

My boys, 6 years ago

This is part of a sponsored campaign with Touchstone Crystal. ¬†However, all opinions expressed are my own. I always knew I wanted to stay at home with my kids when they were babies. We had three boys within a span of less than three and a half years and had you asked me about plans […]

Wubble Ball Review

wubble ball review

“It looks like a bubble, plays like a ball!” one of my boys yelled when we opened the box and found a Wubble Ball. Apparently, my kids really do pay attention to commercials. While they were aware of the Wubble Ball from tv, I had seen one(and even SAT on one) at SweetSuite this summer. […]

Yell Less, Love More Book Review and Giveaway

Review of The Orange Rhino's book on not yelling at your kids.

I was sent a copy of Yell Less, Love More for review. But I’d planned on buying it anyway. All opinions are my own. One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year was to stop yelling at my kids. I had many, many moments before that where I said that I needed to stop yelling […]