Old School Blogging


Joining in with two of my favorite girls, Elaine and Julia, for some old school blogging. This month’s edition is random facts. Good, I can do random. The linky is open for two weeks, so join in the random! If you could be on a reality show which one would you choose? I’d love to […]

Things I Shouldn’t Say

tics button

Because I know the response I’d get and I don’t want the argument or already realize the flip side to what I’m thinking. So I won’t go there. At least, not anywhere but here:  It’s so cold. We have a winter storm advisory going on with “record low temperatures” being tossed about. But while it’s […]

10 Things To Smile About


It’s time to remember that good things do happen, even if we end up venting about the negative more, there are plenty of reasons to smile. Here was my January: 1. A new trampoline park opening near us. One we don’t have to drive too far to get to that gives my boys plenty of […]

The Beauty of Strangers


If you’ve ever expressed a strong opinion online, you’ve probably experienced it: someone you don’t know taking it wrong. Not understanding your intent because they don’t know you and if they did, they’d realize what you really meant. Or you think they’d be kinder because people you know don’t want to hurt you. If you’re […]

10 Things to Smile About

first day of school

It’s time to share my monthly list of smiles, along with Emmy Mom. Something especially important to remember when there’s rough stuff going on.  1. The first day of school. For the first time, all three of my boys are in the same school together. They just have this year and next and then it […]

Old School Blogging: Fall Edition


Sometimes it’s fun to go back to a little old school blogging. Join in on these fall questions with The Miss-Elanie-ous Life and Simply Stavish. 1. What Fall traditions do you have? Going to the pumpkin patch has been a staple for the past few years, though it’s always been as part of a preschool field trip. […]

Friends Who Blog and Non-Blogging Friends

blogging friends

I’ve noticed some differences lately between my Friends Who Blog (FWB) and my Non-Blogging Friends (NBF). Do you notice the same things? NBF are surprised when someone they don’t know repins one of their pins on Pinterest. FWB want as many people as possible to repin their pins, especially when it’s something that is linked […]

Review Extravaganza: Week Four

My three boys on Christmas morning.

For Week 4 of the Review Extravaganza, we are looking back on October, November, and December. You have from today thru Friday, January 3rd to link up. If you missed week 1 or week 2, or week 3 no worries- just review your whole year in a post and link that up-I know a lot of you do this anyway, so […]

Review Extravaganza Week 3

In August, we attended the Family Forward retreat at Universal Studios. This was the highlight of my family's YEAR. My boys are still talking about everything we did.

For Week 3 of the Review Extravaganza, we are looking back on July, August, and September. You have from today thru Wednesday, December 25th to link up. If you missed week 1 or week 2, no worries- just review January-September in your first post and link it up! Or if you do your full year in one […]

10 Christmas Memories

My Cabbage Patch doll, Tansy Nola

1. The first year the Christmas Elf came to visit us on Christmas Eve. 2. Being up front at church during Children’s service on Christmas Eve, singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and my older brother yelling back to my mom “Hey Mom, can  I have some of this junk food cake?” This is what happens […]