What I Let Go

Just when my kids stopped singing that catchy Frozen song, they got the latest Kidz Bop and of course Let It Go is on there, so it’s back non-stop again. But rather than let it drive me bonkers, I let it inspire me to share the things that I’ve let go of lately.

I’m okay with having clutter in my house, even if company is coming over. We LIVE here and our house looks like we do. You’re not in danger of having things fall on you and you don’t have to jump over anything to get to the next room, and it’s not dirty, but paperwork piles up, I have my own system of organization with my work that involves piles, and the toys aren’t ever all put away.

And when it comes to my oldest’s room: this is how it will look for a while. Oh, well. I’ve seen all sorts of LEGO organization systems, but he’s in the middle of creating and this is how he works. As long as there’s a clear path from his bed to the door, this is what you’ll see if you open his door. And I’m okay with that. It also means he puts away his clothes because I do not walk through a LEGO maze.

lego rooms

I can leave the house without makeup on. If it’s a date night or special event, I do prefer to have it on. But if I’m not leaving the house all day except to go to a sports practice around dinner time, I really don’t need to try to impress the other moms.

My toenails don’t have to be polished just because I have on flip flops. I do prefer for them not to get too long so I haven’t let go of grooming, but no polish or if there’s a chip or two, eh, whatever. 

No darns to be given if my clothes are so last season. Or last year. Or several years ago. Not that I’ve ever really cared about this one, but now? Comfort and how I feel in something is far more important to me.

Trying so hard with people who really don’t care: let that go. This one is a hard one, but there’s only so long that I can feel like I’m getting absolutely nowhere before I just have to stop.

Goodbye to tv shows that I’m too far behind on. If I get several weeks behind on a show, it probably means I don’t really like it all that much anyway, so why waste the time binge watching 6 shows? Delete!

Feeling bad about not making fancy dinners: see ya! There’s really nothing wrong with a simple dinner now and then. The type that don’t even require a recipe- not because you have it committed to memory but because it’s really that simple.

What have you let go of lately?


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    I’ve also let go of a lot of these things as well! It makes life so much more enjoyable this way! Thanks for posting, I know I’m not alone now! lol 

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    I’ve had to let go of a lot of house cleaning (just keeping things perfect.) And I can’t hide my kid’s toys. He PLAYS in the living room, so the toys are going to be around.

    Fancy dinners….I haven’t been to a fancy dinner in quite some time. :)
    Jaime recently posted..Recipe: Basil HummusMy Profile

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    I have let go of a few things, but the one thing I won’t do is walk out of my house without getting dressed LOL.  I see so many moms at the school drop off in their PJ pants and I don’t understand why they can’t take the 17 seconds to throw on a pair of jeans.
    Robin (Masshole Mommy) recently posted..17 Amazing Nutella RecipesMy Profile

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    As someone who has never given much thought to what to wear, and has never left the house wearing makeup, I can say that comfy is sexy.

    The concept of “DVR Guit” cracks me up – but it’s a very real thing.  I do find that, if I allow episode after episode to line up, I’m just not that into a show.
    John (Daddy Runs a Lot) recently posted..Where random wins the dayMy Profile

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    I’ve let go of a lot of the same things the daily make up unless we are doing something special, my toenails are in need of painting but I haven’ t made time and the mess god I’ve let go of the mess. 
    Julia recently posted..Days of Summer Week 8My Profile

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    i let go of making my bed every morning,. I often jump out of bed get dressed and start my day without ever stepping foot in my bedroom again. it’s great when it’s made but I’m ok when i have to skip it
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    Sometimes you really do have to just let it goooo. Let it gooooo. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Seriously, though. Letting things get to you only makes you miserable. It doesn’t change anything. Great post.
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    Oh man, letting things go. That is definitely not my strong suit (shocking, I know). I have definitely left the messes go in their rooms because there are only so many times you can beat your ahead against that wall! I need to work on letting a lot more things go.. including those tv shows!
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    I am learning to let go of what people think of me and just work on being a better me for myself (make sense?).  I’m also learning to let go of old clothes.  They don’t fit and they’ll likely be out of style if they fit again in the future.  It has freed up so much space in my closet!
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    Love this! What a great list. I think I am basically the same. I’m a yoga pants mom, and I don’t really care. haha. I brush my hair and my teeth and out the door I go, I am not much into caring really.

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    Cleaning my house!  I used to need it to look like a model home at all times, but I’m just too busy juggling my blog, new spot on the local news and my day job.  Hubby has been helping, bless him, but I’m thinking of hiring a house keeper for once a week.  I’m embarrassed to have people over and we don’t evenh
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    I’ve let go trying to keep my kids’ rooms in order.  What I need to do to help me with this is stay off of Pinterest and all the blogs about organizing that I love so much.  I see their posts, their ideas, and their kids’ rooms all neat and organized, and it makes me feel BAD instead of inspired.  I’m a busy mom with ten children and I’ve let go of “keeping up” with everything.  I simply cannot keep up with everything!  So, the bedrooms are what I’m choosing to “let go” — I will show the kids how to keep their things neat and tidy, and I will provide the containers and drawers to do so, but it’s up to them to keep it that way.  If they want to live in a mess, so be it.  I can only keep up with so much.
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    I’m with you on every single one of these.  My DIL (whom I am very happy to have in this family) runs to get a pedicure before she’ll even consider donning sandals or flip flops. Makes me laugh. Her french pedi for her toes is pretty cute… but as for me, eh…clean is in around here, everything else is just icing on the cake if it happens. :)
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