LeapPad3: Learning Tablet for Kids

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My boys love tablets. They like playing games and watching videos, especially. My oldest has started using them to read, as well.

But what I don’t like about their tablet use is the videos they manage to find that end up being so not appropriate.

So, that’s why my favorite feature of the LeapPad3 Learning Tablet is that LeapSearch allows my kids to browse for videos by category and the only videos that will show up are safe for kids.


The LeapPad3™ is billed as “The best first tablet for kids.” It’s kid-smart, kid-safe, and kid-tough, designed for ages 3-9.

It comes with 10 apps(one of them being one you get to choose when you set up your tablet). There are plenty of apps to choose from, if you want to add additional apps. You can also buy game cartridges. Check out the LeapFrog site to view apps by ages and to see available app bundles. If you click on “Explore” in LeapSearch, you’ll see games there, too, as well as stories.

This kid tablet has two cameras and video recorders and a microphone. There are fun ways to edit photos(my 6 year old took a picture of his 8 year old brother and blended it so his brother’s face was on a bear).

leap pad 3

There’s a parent mode, with a lock code, where you can set up and control wi-fi, as well as manage the content.

Another feature that I like about the LeapPad3 is that I can set up different users. Each of my three boys has their own. It personalizes their learning, adjusting to each child. Though what really helps is that I don’t hear any complaints about how the child using the tablet is messing something up in another’s game. There’s also a “guest” as a user so if we hand it off to a friend, still no complaints about how someone is in “their” games and photos.

tablets for kids

The LeapPad3 would be a great first tablet for kids, especially with their kid-proof warranty and the safety features they have built in. It’s $99.99 and ships free when you purchase it from LeapFrog.

What features do you look for in a tablet for kids?


  1. Ann Bacciaglia says

    Leap Pad is just a great product for kids. My kids had some when they were younger and I was so happy with the quality.

    • Shell says

      Not on the LeapPad3! All the videos on there are kid-safe! When my boys are on my tablet, they can find anything, but with the LeapPad3, they can only access ones that have been approved. 

  2. Brett says

    My friend’s little girl would love this. She’s always carrying her Leappad around with her.