10 Things To Smile About

July flew right past! It’s already time to join in with EmmyMom and share 10 Things to Smile About from July.

1. Fireworks with friends. Watched from a parking lot near the fireworks so we didn’t actually have to deal with the crowds. It’s become a tradition.


2. Hubs started a new job that he’s very excited about and will be better for our family. So very proud of him!

3. Getting a little pampering in the form of my first visit to The Dry Bar, during my first trip to NYC in 23 years! Even better that I did this trip with Kristen, one of my very favorite people ever.

4. Birthday cheers! Julia‘s birthday is July 16th, mine is the 18th, we did a birthday cheers with very tasty vodka drinks on the 17th, during an Angry Birds Party at Blogger Bash.

purple drinks with julia

5. Getting a birthday card from my boys that said “Coolest Mom Ever,” which I think is because I texted them this picture from Sweet Suite at Blogger Bash:


6. Spending IRL time with some of my favorite bloggers.

With Ellen from Love that Max and Jill from Scarymommy

With Ellen from Love that Max and Jill from Scarymommy

With Jyl from Mom It Forward

With Jyl from Mom It Forward

7. Being told “You can’t have bar food on your birthday!” and being treated to the most amazing meal ever with Kristen. And bonus smile: this picture, where I think we were actually turned into fairies, since WHERE ARE OUR LEGS?


8. A big box of toys sent to our house from Sweet Suite. I know it definitely made my boys smile, too.

sweet suite

9. Play on a giant slip ‘n’ slide with the neighbors. Watching the adults take their turns was hilarious. Hubs took his turn:

I think the grown ups are having more fun with this than the kids. #summer

10. The Soccer Moms launches tomorrow! It’s my new site that I’ve been working on for quite a while. I’m thrilled to finally get to show it to you. I think you’ll love the site and all the writers who will be sharing our tips on how to juggle parenting on and off the field(whatever field your child plays on, even if it’s not soccer).

soccer moms profile pic


What made you smile this month?


    • Shell says

      There isn’t one close to me, which is probably for the best. I could see it becoming an addiction. 

    • Shell says

      It does get crazy. And thanks- I’m so happy to have finally launched The Soccer Moms. I bought the domain over 2 years ago and kept putting it off. 

  1. says

    You had a busy month!  So fun that you got to spend time with so many bloggers, especially to help celebrate your birthday.  That slide looks like so much fun! Always more fun when the adults actually play too.  
      Excited to see your new site
    Emmy recently posted..Ten Things to Smile About This MonthMy Profile

    • Shell says

      Our neighbors came over to get the kids to go on the slide b/c they said it wasn’t fun without kids. Though it was the adults who ended up taking it over! And thanks- I’m so happy to have launched finally! 

    • Shell says

      It had been 23 years since I’d been to NYC, so it was a little intimidating. But it ended up being fun! Seriously- I have no idea what happened to our legs! That pic cracks me up. 

    • Shell says

      The tailgating is definitely a bonus! Blogger Bash was a ton of fun. Don’t you just love instagram? It’s my favorite to just scroll through. 

    • Shell says

      I try to make it a point to join in every month- it’s definitely easier to just complain! My boys thought it was awesome that I got to play the new Skylanders game, though they were a little bummed I wasn’t allowed to take it home. 

    • Shell says

      It is scary. It helps that I have some great writers for it, too, so it’s not just me! 

  2. Pam says

    You certainly do have a lot to smile about. We always watch fireworks from a parking lot too.

    • Shell says

      I felt like such a southern hick when I was there. “This doesn’t happen in NC…” LOL

  3. says

    I cannot believe July is almost over, as well!  Time just seems to be going faster and faster each year.  It looks like you had a wonderful July!  Congratulations to your husband on his new job!
    Carly Anderson recently posted..Bath TimeMy Profile

    • Shell says

      It was a lot of fun at that conference! And yes, I love Jill. I met her years ago but this was the first time I’d seen her in a while. 

  4. Maria Oller says

    Wow happy late birthday and  all the picture look amazing you guys had such an amazing July!

    • Shell says

      It was a lot of fun! I couldn’t make BlogHer this year, so it was nice that Blogger Bash was east coast. 

    • Shell says

      That’s a Skylander. My boys love that game, so they thought it was cool that I got my pic taken with one! 

  5. says

    That slide looks fun! My daughter got to watch the fireworks on the beach this year at Myrtle Beach with a friend!

    • Shell says

      Yes! I get hung on the things to complain about. I like doing this each month to remind myself that it’s not all doom and gloom! 

  6. says

    All great things to smile about! Happy to read posts like this, because we both know life can be TOUGH, but taking time to find our happy moments makes all the rough times worth it! >3
    Brandy recently posted..Andrea’s Beau WinnerMy Profile