My Daily #HealthyEssentials

This post is part of the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® 2014 program by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. and The Motherhood, who sent me a box of products and compensated me for my time. Opinions, experiences and photos shared here are all my own, and I hope you enjoy them.

I don’t spend much time getting ready to leave my house in the mornings. I’m a little too busy helping three little boys get everything ready for school.

I’ve never felt the need to be that super put-together, fashionable girl. That wasn’t me before kids and it still isn’t.

But at the same time, I want to look put together enough that I don’t look like a total slob, either(unless it’s one of those days when I know I’m not getting out of minivan and I’m going straight home after drop-off… even though those usually end up being the days when I unexpectedly need to go inside the school or stop at the store).

To help make getting ready as easy as possible, I have a few staples that I rely on. Finding quality and cute yoga pants is one trick(yes, I consider jeans dressing up most of the time). Cute shoes I can easily slip on is another. I can do a fishtail braid fake-out in less than two minutes, same with a not-so-messy messy bun.

If I leave the house without any make up, I hear the “you look tired” comments. To keep things quick and easy, I use a tinted moisturizer(since I’d be putting on a moisturizer anyway, that really doesn’t any time to my routine), as well as a mascara and lip stick(why does it feel like my lips are disappearing as I get older?).  I’ve been using NEUTROGENA® Healthy Volume mascara and MoistureSmooth Color Stick lately.

Though, on my most rushed mornings, when I don’t do a thing with my hair and I walk out the door in my pajamas, the one thing I do not skip is brushing my teeth.

I’ve been using REMBRANDT® DEEPLY WHITE®+ Peroxide Fresh Mint Toothpaste(and used their whitening strips last month). It removes surface stains and deeply penetrates to visibly whiten teeth inside and out, all while restoring enamel. It uses the same enamel safe whitening ingredient that dentists use. That’s something to smile about!

Whether you’re just trying to make yourself look presentable in the school drop-off line or if you are getting ready for a special night out(like Valentine’s Day), HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® is offering amazing printable coupons, tips, and tools and so much more for all the products you and your family love. You can get significant savings by visiting the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS website in February and signing up for extra-sweet HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® coupons and offers. As you prepare for Valentine’s Day, these HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® products and tips can help you be healthy and happy for the ones you love.

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What products are your daily go-to’s?


  1. says

    I can’t live without my jeans and Danskos. My long cape/shawl/wrap thingy goes over everything!!!  My go-to beauty products:  BB cream, lipstick, and Mascara in black.  I’ve just started doing coconut oil pulling on my teeth in the morning.  It makes my teeth feel great, but the process isn’t second nature yet.

  2. says

    I always, always brush my teeth first thing in the morning. (I just can’t use whitening toothpastes because my teeth are too sensitive.) And I generally don’t leave without mascara. I’ve been experimenting with brands, and I think a Bare Minerals mascara is one of my favorites right now.
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  3. says

    I have not tried this brand but I was always a fan of Crest we just switched over to colgate because it was on sale and it felt so wrong lol

  4. says

    The Rembrandt toothpaste is absolutely amazing- I love that your mouth actually tastes fresh when you’re using it! 

    I always love the “you look tired” comments. Or, I should say, the polite way to tell people they look like crap comments. 
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  5. Ashley M says

    I basically live on soda and I’m constantly fighting the stains it leaves on my teeth. This kit would probably help that.