Embrace the Messes with Swiffer Sweep & Trap

My three little boys have a special talent: they are the messiest kids on the face of the earth. Dropping crumbs and scattering debris everywhere they go. It doesn’t matter if they are sitting at the kitchen table, supposedly eating over their plates or if they are standing in front of the fridge, grabbing a snack. A mess is inevitable.

And y’all? I have way too much else to do to worry about those messes. Besides, I’d made that whole New Year’s Resolution not to yell, so it’s better that I just embrace the mess.

Well, embrace it to a point: because eventually, those messes have to be cleaned up.

I tried a little hand-held broom and dust pan, but my boys’ messes are too much for that. Usually, I ended up dragging out the vacuum cleaner and running that over the floor. But that was reserved for right before I’d do the weekly mopping (or if we were going to have company since apparently goldfish cracker and cereal bits all over the floor aren’t considered fancy décor) because it’s too much of a pain to bring that out every day.

Then my doorbell rang and the Swiffer Sweep & Trap arrived at my door… sort of like on the commercials, minus the filming crew.

swiffer sweep and trap

The Swiffer Sweep & Trap uses rotating blades to pick up large particles and flicks them into a dirt bin while the attached Swiffer Sweeper dry cloth traps dirt, dust, and hair that brooms can leave behind. You can see what the area underneath my boys’ side of the table looks like after an afternoon and what it looks like after using the Swiffer Sweep & Trap.
20140219-200637.jpg The Swiffer Sweep & Trap uses the same dry cloths as the Swiffer Sweeper(so I’ve bought them in bulk after seeing how easy this is to use).  It’s lightweight, compact with an ergonomic handle. The rotating blades and dirt bin are easily removed for cleaning and just as easy to reattach. You can see how much they picked up from my messy boys and it really is easy to empty the mess from the dirt bin.


No batteries or power is required so it’s just as quick to use as a broom, but it’ll give you a much better clean. We’ve been using it daily since it arrived on our doorstep. The best part is that I can put my boys to work cleaning their own messes!


We don’t have hardwood floors, but if you do, know that the rotating blades are soft so they won’t scratch your floors.

Swiffer Coupon

The Swiffer Sweep & Trap is new at Target. Get $2 off of a Swiffer Sweep & Trap starter kit at Target.com by going to http://clvr.li/1dPxU3G and entering coupon code TGTBBAGU. Offer is only valid through 2/28/14 at Target.com

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. So, this sounds pretty flippin’ awesome.  I use the regular Swiffer and the Wet Jet regularly, but this is something I NEED to pick up!
    Robin (Masshole Mommy) recently posted..Pancake HumorMy Profile

  2. I love Swiffer stuff! We have a Wet Jet that I use daily. I know I’d like this.
    Amber recently posted..Things That Annoy Me Thursday: When My Husband Acts Like He’s StarvingMy Profile

  3. We have hardwood floors throughout our house and we seriously need one of these!  My kids can make messes faster than anyone I know!
    Lisa Thompson recently posted..My Goals for the Week: 2/19/14My Profile

  4. This.Is.Amazing. I am totally getting one for our kitchen, because it is GROSS!-Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted..My Husband Got A Standing Ovation At StarbucksMy Profile

    • I’m thinking this is one of those super practical baby shower gifts. Forget the cute outfits, get a Swiffer and stain spray.

  5. You helped me today! I am going to an event today for this product!

  6. Hey that’s brilliant! Very helpful. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  7. um, i’m sorry ,but I think you are confused. because I have the messiest three kids on earth. plus a dog and two cats. LOL!! kids are messy!

  8. We’ve tried the sweep trap, too. I loved that my littles could help because it’s so lightweight and easy to push.
    Janel recently posted..Bouy Chair by Turnstone – Review and GiveawayMy Profile

    • My boys currently think it’s fun to use this. We’ll see how long that lasts, but I’ll take the help for now!

  9. I just tried to order this (because it looks AWESOME), but the coupon code wouldn’t go through!  It said my cart wasn’t eligible??
    caitlin recently posted..WorkMy Profile

    • I’m not sure why. I just tried and it took the $2 off. Did you maybe copy the . at the end along with the code?

  10. teresa mccluskey says:

    O my goodness I need one of these! I have a 1 & 3 yr old so you can imagine what my floors look like after we eat ;)

  11. That’s a pretty sweet pickup! I’m forever scooping up “dead” cheerios off the floor. 

    • The cheerios. Those things started getting dropped on my floor when my oldest was 6 months and they still drop them on the floor now.

  12. Swiffer is my go-to cleaning product. I find it so much easier for those smaller messes than getting out a mop or vacuum. 

  13. Ok I need to get my hands on this model! With boys I can’t keep the bits and pieces of this and that off of my floors. 
    Candy @ Candypolooza recently posted..Staying #AlwaysConfident during Lingerie FW & GiveawayMy Profile

  14. No batteries? I love that! And, your floor in the before pictures? I know it all too well!
    Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? recently posted..Getting back on track #BlogForwardMy Profile

  15. Jacqueline says:

    I have a Swiffer Wet Jet and use it literally everyday! I love everything they make! My dogs leave treat crunchies all over my floor and mak the tile look like carpet lol. This looks like another useful Swiffer product!

  16. WOW it looks like it really works!  I am getting a coupon and trying it out!  Thanks!

  17. My son and his wife swear by the Swiffer. I bet they’d love this, and I wouldn’t mind picking one up for us also.
    Rosey recently posted..ToyTainer Game Center Fold N’Go (review)My Profile

  18. My 3 year old has the dining room floor looking similar to your before picture after a single meal! It’s nice that this doesn’t take batteries – makes it an even better investment.
    Kecia recently posted..15 St. Patrick’s Day CraftsMy Profile

    • It’s ridiculous how much mess is on my floor after every meal. This Swiffer makes it s much easier to keep it clean.

  19. Ok you have me sold on this! I am going to have to peek at local stores to see if they have it around here. I love it.
    Brandy recently posted..Campbell’s Slow Cooker Sauces & Crock Pot Giveaway WinnerMy Profile

  20. I love my regular swiffer- had it forever. But this one looks awesome!!!
    Mandy@ TheHouseholdHero.com recently posted..FAQ on how I cut my grocery bill by $100 a week or moreMy Profile

  21. You don’t even want to see my hardwood floor, especially after the twins eat. our dog picks up a good amount ha, but it’s still a mess!
    Melissa recently posted..Thrift Store Finds: Living Room Lamp #ThriftStoreThursdayMy Profile

  22. I am not a huge fan of cleaning products, but I must admit that I love Swiffer products. I love how well they clean and the convenience of them. I’ll have to try the Sweep and Trap.
    Susanna Barbee (Zealous Mom) recently posted..Toopy and Binoo ™ (You have to meet these two!)My Profile

  23. We need this for so many reasons.  We love Swiffer products and we have 2 mess makers in our house!
    Felicia recently posted..Life at the Speed of Light with Boys #sprayitforwardMy Profile

  24. I want one NOW- I need one NOW!!! i love swiffer- I use one on my floors all the time, but don’t have this swiffer sweeper!! Brilliant idea actually. LOVE.
    Chris Carter recently posted..Your Mother’s ChildMy Profile

  25. We have hardwood floors and the floor in my kitchen/dining room is tongue and groove. Food and junk gets down in between the grooves and drives me bonkers!! I do have a brand new stick vac which I love but there are times I need to sweep while it’s charging. This would be perfect!
    Jenni E. recently posted..Use the New Price Alerts Feature at mySupermarket to Save Even MoreMy Profile

  26. In this house, we need all the help possible. My kids are crazy messy!
    Christina S recently posted..WipesWraps by CleverRelishMy Profile

  27. I have used the regular Swiffer in the past, but this one looks like just what I need for my wood floors!!
    Amy Desrosiers recently posted..Skip the Nasty Chemicals and Germs with BabyGanics Hand Sanitizer #Review #ADMy Profile

  28. Under our table always looks like that!! It would be much easier than sweeping it up all the time and the girls wouldn’t have to worry about the dustpan. Great idea!! We may get one when we move.
    Jennifer Bullock {MommyBKnowsBest} recently posted..10 Things I HeartMy Profile

  29. HOORAY Swiffer! We just got one of these. My son, he’s 2, loves to push it around.
    Krystal recently posted..Frocks & Feathers: Mardi Gras Party InspirationMy Profile

  30. First thing I noticed – we have the same kitchen floor.  I almost thought the photo with the crumbs WAS my kitchen! Lol.  I only have 1 little boy – I can’t imaging the mess with 3!
    Amanda Her recently posted..Recovering GratitudeMy Profile

  31. I have all hardwood floors, so this would definitely come in handy. We love the Swiffer brand, so I will be sure to check these out at the store soon!
    Theresa recently posted..Toopy and Binoo Now Available On YouTube! #ToopyandBinooMy Profile

  32. Eliz Frank says:

    Looks like a great event… I see the ads and wonder… It is good! ;-)

  33. I’m laughing because your boys are messy! That compartment was CRAMMED with bits of this and that. LOL
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell recently posted..When Oranges Attack! + Minute Maid Pure Squeezed GiveawayMy Profile

  34. That’s pretty neat how it’s basically a 2 in 1. Does the “vacuuming” and the wiping of the floors :)
    Chelsea recently posted..black on black on blackMy Profile

  35. We have a swiffer for our kitchen floor but not this one. It sure would be nice to not have to sweep the kitchen floor first before I mopped it!
    Paige recently posted..Night Shift ProblemsMy Profile

  36. I need one of those Swiffer Sweep and Traps. I have laminate floors and feel like I am always sweeping, but not getting all the dirt. This would make my life much easier.
    Chrishelle @ Cheer MamaDrama recently posted..CHEER UP GOES ON THE ROAD: MONEY SAVING TIPSMy Profile