10 Christmas Memories

1. The first year the Christmas Elf came to visit us on Christmas Eve.

2. Being up front at church during Children’s service on Christmas Eve, singing Happy Birthday to Jesus and my older brother yelling back to my mom “Hey Mom, can  I have some of this junk food cake?” This is what happens when you are not allowed to have any sugar.

3. Getting my Cabbage Patch dolls for Christmas and instantly realizing that my suspicions about Santa were right, but being too happy that I got the coveted dolls that I didn’t much care.

My Cabbage Patch doll, Tansy Nola

My Cabbage Patch doll, Tansy Nola

4. Being an angel in our church’s Christmas Play Arch the Angel of the 91st Airborne Division. I think this was in 4th grade. The long hours practicing, how our angel costumes glowed under the black light, how we ran into the church to start the program, and even part of the lyrics. Does anyone else remember doing this musical?

5. Being Mrs. Claus in our 6th grade play. I had to change from my Mrs. Claus costume to a Santa suit toward the end of the play(Santa was sick and I was taking over) and one of the boys who was backstage leaned against the door of the room where I was changing, trapping me in there.

6. Christmas shopping with my best friend on Christmas Eve, two years after we graduated from college.

7. Hubs and my first “Married Christmas” where he went out to get our tree and came back with one so gigantic that it didn’t fit into the room we’d planned to put it in, but only our main living room with the vaulted ceiling. We laughed and laughed over that one.

He's on top of a stepladder here. That tree was so ridiculously tall.

He’s on top of a stepladder here. That tree was so ridiculously tall.

8. Having a 2 week old on Christmas morning.

Christmas, 2004

Christmas, 2004

9. The first year we had three kids opening gifts on Christmas morning. So much pure joy and excitement.

Christmas, 2008

Christmas, 2008

10. My youngest niece being born last Christmas Day.


What are some of your most memorable Christmas moments?

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    Visiting from Listicles.  I have three kids myself, all older now.  But those years when they were all little, the pure excitement and joy of Christmas in their eyes and on their faces……NOTHING like that :).

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    Oh I enjoyed seeing these. I too wanted a Cabbage Patch doll!
    I have so many great memories of Christmas, but I guess one favourite is when Julia knew Lauren liked one of her toys, so on her own she wrapped in a towel, put it under the tree, then gave it to her Christmas morning. I had no idea she was going to do this!
    Carolyn Y recently posted..Two Simple Ornaments for KidsMy Profile

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    I cannot believe I left off the Christmas Eve that MY niece was born! Dagnabbit. Hope my sister doesn’t read my post…hahaha!!!

    Love the pictures of your three boys in their Christmas jammies! And I love watching kiddos on Christmas morning! You’re right, pure innocent joy.

    Stopping by from Monday Listicles
    Heather recently posted..Top 10 Christmas MemoriesMy Profile

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    Such great memories (minus being locked in the closet)! I fondly remember the year of the coveted Cabbage Patch doll. It was all I wanted, just like thousands of other girls, and my parents were very lucky that my uncle had connections with the manufacturer. I still have my Marlene Glory in a childhood trunk. 
    Cheryl recently posted..Paw prints on my heartMy Profile

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    Love that picture with you and your niece.  You are so beautiful and look so in peace at that moment. 

      We always chopped down a tree growing up and it took us years to figure out the right size of a tree.  We got the height first but then would always come home with a tree so fat it almost took up the whole room!  
    Emmy recently posted..One Week CountdownMy Profile