There Should Be a Monthly Subscription for THAT

It seems like there are monthly subscription services for just about everything these days. From beauty products to food to yoga clothes (that one actually sucked me in). A quick search showed monthly boxes for just about everything you can imagine.

But what I couldn’t find that there really should be a monthly subscription for is for that time of the month. A monthly survival kit.

It should arrive right before PMS kicks in. Maybe in a box with a big pink dot on the outside. That way, I could set the box on the counter as a sort of warning to Hubs and teach my boys that when they see that package, they need to be extra nice to mommy.

period box

It would also serve as a reminder to me, so I wouldn’t worry about my sanity when I sob my way through So You Think You Can Dance(as moving as Amy and Robert’s dance was last week).

Contents of this monthly box should be customizable. There’s the staples- whatever your feminine protection product of choice is and your pain reliever of choice (Pamprin multi-symptom for me).

The snacks: I’d want peanut butter M&M’s and salt and vinegar Pringles.

Then there’s a comfort item: bubble bath or herbal tea or a trashy romance novel or a rom-com DVD.

All the necessities delivered to my doorstep so I don’t have to head out to the store when I’m dying from cramps.

Maybe there’s even a luxury item option: a bottle of wine or fab pair of yoga pants or a cute hoodie that covers that period bloat.

There could even be an email sent out to Hubs before shipping to ask if he’d like to include anything extra. Good way to deflect some of that PMS rage.

I’d definitely sign up for that service!

What is your must-have item for that time of the month?

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  1. OMG do you know there actually are a few options ha !
    Michelle recently posted..Sunday SocialMy Profile

  2. Salt and Vinegar chips, Law & Order on DVD, fluffy pillows and a babysitter to take care of my children while I watch Pride and Prejudice and get weepy. ;) 

    I would TOTALLY sign up for this kind of thing. 
    Kir recently posted..Someone Like You Makes it All Worth WhileMy Profile

  3. I heard on the radio there was one of these. Maybe they were joking? I’ll see if I can find it.

  4. I want to sign up right now! Pretzel m&m’s and a bottle of red wine for me!
    Victoria KP recently posted..Thrifty Tasty Tuesday: Individual Zucchini QuichesMy Profile

  5. A hot bath, glass of wine and a good trashy romance, historical preferred. And a couple uninterrupted hours. Sounds good for any time of the month, but especially that time.
    VandyJ recently posted..Definitely Needed ThatMy Profile

  6. Oh gosh, great idea! 
    Alison recently posted..LivingMy Profile

  7. This sounds like a great idea to me! 
    Natalie recently posted..The Beach DaysMy Profile

  8. I heard about this in a magazine it does exist! It’s like nature box or birchbox, but I think its called period box. Which clearly needs a better name. You can have the essentials plus chocolate plus aspirin delivered :-) 
    Marta recently posted..The Move.My Profile

  9. Can I have a babysitter appear in mine? I get so cranky, and it’s hard to explain to my son why mommy yells more often one week a month. I’d rather just hand him off to someone else for like three days – when it’s the worst.

    And M&M’s. Gotta have the M&M’s.
    Roxanne recently posted..PrismaticMy Profile

  10. I recently saw a YouTube video of a service called Aunt Flo, I think. So funny!
    just JENNIFER recently posted..The Best of Summer 2013My Profile

  11. This looks like a wonderful gift idea!
    JDaniel4′s Mom recently posted..{Kids Lunch} I Love You SandwichMy Profile

  12. What an awesome idea! I’d definitely sign up. Must include chocolate!

  13. I would sign up in a heart beat. Candy, any kind but pretzel M&M’s and Jordan Almonds would be best and salt and vinegar chips do it for me, too. Advil for the migraine I always get and a hot bath. This was a great post.
    AnnMarie recently posted..Exciting News! I’m Ready to Tell the Rest!My Profile

  14. Now that is such a great idea!!  As seriously who wants to run out during that time.  Last week mine came when we were on our weekend getaway, I was prepared but not prepared for the migraine that came with it which came on so fast and I had nothing to take so it made me sick, so not fun when you aren’t home. 
    Emmy recently posted..Book Review and Giveaway: A Nothing Named SilasMy Profile

  15. I love this idea! Maybe you should start it? I’d need chocolate and chips. I’m not sure I’d need to warn my husband though – he often warns me “it’s coming – I can tell!”
    Leah Davidson recently posted..Lighthouses and Quote of the WeekMy Profile

  16. I always (ALWAYS) get a headache right before and during my period. I hate that- it just makes me feel so groggy and awful during the day, especially. During my “time,.” I also really crave salt- like, eat a tablespoon-of-soy-sauce type cravings.
    Little Wife recently posted..My Planning Binder: Miscellaneous PagesMy Profile

  17. Chocolate.
    Single Mom in the South recently posted..When You Run Out of Things to SayMy Profile

  18. What a great idea! I’d like a babysitter in mine, too – ha!
    Kim recently posted..Alright, Weight Watchers. Let’s do this!My Profile

  19. Sign me up! haha :) 

  20. hahahaha YES!!! I would DEFINITELY sign up for THAT box!!! :)
    Anna Hettick recently posted..Nothing or Too Much | Pour Your Heart OutMy Profile

  21. There is, there IS a monthly subscription for that! Plus, a hilarious video that made my husband say, “What in the H-E-DoubleToothpics (he’s a really nice guy), are you WATCHING over there?!”