9 Soccer Mom Problems

Ah, the life of a soccer mom.

soccer mom problems

soccer mom problems

soccer mom problems

soccer mom problems

soccer mom problems

soccer mom problems

soccer mom problems

soccer mom problems

soccer mom problems

What Soccer Mom Problems do you have?

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  1. I’ll have to encourage my boys to play tennis or something. :)
    Alison recently posted..The Days When I Don’t Love ItMy Profile

  2. Putting on soccer socks is the hardest thing about soccer at my house. It is tough.
    JDaniel4′s Mom recently posted..{Kids Lunch} Apple Filled LunchMy Profile

  3. Not a soccer mom…yet but I’m a soccer wife as hubby plays 3 times a week and boy do the above apply to even adults!
    Julie recently posted..Fall showsMy Profile

  4. Every one of these could be football mom problems, too. Just trade “goalie” for “free safety” (the player that is the last chance to stop the other kid from scoring) and the anxiety is the same. We might not have the sock issue but we have a butt pad, two hip pads, thigh pads and knee pads that have to come out and be put back in after every washing (huge pain). What is with the juice box thing?? Doesn’t anyone manufacturing those things know that 10 is not enough? And the white jersey or white pants…why coaches? Just why?
    AnnMarie recently posted..Some Favorite WordsMy Profile

    • I guess I should be glad mine don’t have all that gear to get into or out of!

      Even the 12 ct juice boxes- if I buy those, there’s 13 on the team.

  5. Omigosh, I chuckled at the juice box dilemma for sure! Capri Sun or someone should really market a soccer team pack with at least 12 per box!

    And don’t even get me started on my son’s WHITE pants for baseball. After one game they are grass stained forever because he plays outfield. 
    Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom recently posted..The Coach’s WifeMy Profile

    • Even with the 12 ct boxes- there ends up being 13 kids on the team.

      White uniforms are just a bad, bad idea all around.

  6. Twenty. I think Capri Sun needs a 20 pack.
    Roxanne recently posted..Fruit.My Profile

  7. Haha! Cute post! I actually wish I had just one of these problems. I can’t get my kids interested in sports. 
    adrienne recently posted..Blog Design for Dummies Book ReviewMy Profile

  8. OMGOSH I TOTALLY LOVE THIS POST!!! Hilarious and OH SO TRUE!!! You can also add the whole “parental coaching thing”- oy, how I hate that!! It IS A problem for sure!
    Chris Carter recently posted..Devotional Diary: Locks Of Love. Locks Of Life.My Profile

  9. OK, except for 6 & 8 this is EXACTLY my life!! Such a pain, but he’s doing so well this year and enjoying himself so much that I guess I’ll overlook the annoyances.
    Rabia @TheLiebers recently posted..Friday Night FootballMy Profile

  10. I am praying that my boys are soccer players. My husband hopes they are baseball players, but I swear that will kill me. The heat, the never ending seasons, all those innings! Sheesh!

    • Soccer is pretty much year-round here, which sort of makes me crazy. Guess all sports have their drawbacks!

  11. This is great. SO TRUE! We have some of these problems now, and next year when my older daughter starts travel soccer, it’s gonna get complicated! Yeeeeks!
    JD @ Honest Mom recently posted..Huge giveaway: 9 books, $175 Amazon gift card, and so much more!My Profile

    • Thankfully, my husband is the assistant coach for our two older boys, who have to travel for games(and they play on the same team). So he takes them and I take our youngest- though I hate that we don’t usually get to see all the games.

  12. My daughter was the goalie on her HS team and it scared the hell out of me when the ball or a cleat would come flying towards her face!

    Two games… same time… 60 miles apart?!?! Yikes.
    Jackie recently posted..Monday Menu ~ Cider Glazed Pumpkin DonutsMy Profile

    • I hate that the goalie gets yelled at by parents/teammates for allowing a goal. He’s just the last line of defense- but no one yells at the players who let the ball get down there in the first place. ;)

  13. Ha! I have had every single one of these problems! My boys haven’t played soccer for a while, though I remember the equipment issues. Now football. Talk about equipment issues!!! There have been more tears shed in my house over trying to get pads put back in their game pants. 
    Stacey recently posted..What does the fox say?My Profile

    • Oh yikes! I guess I should be glad mine aren’t playing football or hockey- equipment alone would be timeconsuming!

  14. I’ve always thought white uniforms were just a BAD idea- no matter the sport or who’s playing; indoor or outdoor although outside in a field or on dirt is obviously worse than inside on a court. In High School our home basketball uniforms were white, it was always fun to pick out fun colorful shorts/character filled ones to wear underneath & then the anxiety that could occur should you forget them & then you have to start thinking whether your underwear were appropriate & not unfortunate to be seen should a spectator have the chance to stare at your butt during the game. White uniforms always a bad idea!!

    • White uniforms look so nice and crisp when they are brand-new, but WOW is it hard to keep them looking like that after a few games(or even just one).

  15. I…Am…DYING!!! I was laughing and nodding my head so hard I thought I would get a concussion. YES YES YES!! This is so spot on!! The early mornings…the broken chairs…the goal anxiety!! YOU NAILED IT!! :D
    The Dose of Reality recently posted..“Go Google It” Is The New BlackMy Profile

  16. I would need Xanax if they put my kid in as goalie.  For real. 
    Ilene recently posted..A Tale of Two PizzasMy Profile

  17. Oh I would NOT like early weekend soccer days. No. That’s my day to sleep in. 
    Amber recently posted..In Which I Got A Case of Verbal DiarrheaMy Profile

    • That’s a big reason why if we go to church on the weekend, we go on Saturday night so we can sleep in on Sunday.

  18. Some of these are problems for “soccer dads” too! Number 8 especially!!!
    Justin Knight recently posted..Adoption Series Part 5: We’re Back In The Running!My Profile

    • Of course- but somehow, “soccer mom” rolls off the tongue a little easier than “soccer parents.” ;)

  19. My kids were in different activities and trying to do it all as a single mom was insane. There were days I was in tears trying to be in 3 different places at once. Now, my boyfriend’s two kids play soccer and man, I’m beginning to understand your posts even more. There are similarities to other sports, too. Ugh…makes us crazy, but it’s over waaaay too soon, trust me!
    Mimi recently posted..2013 Christmas Event Coming in November!My Profile

  20. Oh my gosh. This is hilarious. I guess I’m glad that my boys don’t play soccer?? :-)
    Christine @ Love, Life, Surf recently posted..Things that I AcceptMy Profile

  21. I can relate to almost all of those! :)  …and some things never change!
    Tammy recently posted..Energy Cost Savings With Best Buy and ENERGY STARMy Profile

  22. Absolutely BRILLIANT!
    I hate putting on shin guards and cleats.
    And the one thing you can’t know – hair! Ugh, it never stays in the ponytail! I think I’ll have to start using hairspray.
    Carolyn Y recently posted..Asian Crunch SaladMy Profile

    • I can just imagine- I know that the girls on my boys’ teams can’t wear certain types of hair clips or jewelry.

  23. This is awesome!!  #3, 5, 6, 7 for sure for us!! I have 3 that play and trying to juggle their schedules is crazy. It’s gotten a little better with two in high school, but last year we were traveling regionally for my daughter’s team so every other weekend either my husband or I would be in another state with her. Of course that will be our spring too, but we are getting a reprieve during the high school season!
    Michelle recently posted..Real Life Mom Meltdowns, Front and CenterMy Profile

    • My older two play on a team together that my husband coaches- so that has helped. But I usually have to be somewhere completely different with our youngest and his team.

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