Pour Your Heart Out: My Kind of Romance

The most romantic day of the year is this Thursday, right?

That’s what we’re supposed to believe. A day to show how much you love someone.

Hubs and I? We roll our eyes at Valentine’s Day.

Being dorky together? Totally romantic.

Being dorky together? Totally romantic.

It’s not that we don’t believe in romance, because we do. But we’ve never been big on cards. And he knows I’m not really a fan of flowers(except maybe out of the blue, for no reason wildflowers) and that the thought of how much roses cost on Valentine’s Day makes me cringe and think well, damn, if you were going to spend a crazy amount of money on something, please buy me another pair of my favorite yoga pants. Going out to eat is something we like to do, but the crowds on Valentine’s Day aren’t something we like to deal with.

Plus, our wedding anniversary is less than a month away- and we’d rather do something big for that day instead.

So, we pretty much ignore Valentine’s Day.

But, I still appreciate the romantic gestures he makes during the year.

  • Like knowing when I’ve hit my ohmygosh, I need alone time threshold and telling me to go somewhere alone while he watches the boys.
  • Washing the dishes.
  • Meeting me for lunch while the boys are at school.
  • Suggesting we go see a chick flick.
  • Letting me sleep in.
  • Reading my mind and bringing home Chinese when I’m randomly craving it.
  • Sending me a link to something he knows I’ll love.
  • Saying that a gift card to the spa is a cop out gift and not getting me one since I’d just use it to get my hair done- something I’d do anyway.
  • Knowing when a book by a favorite author of mine is out.
  • Telling me he loves me every day.

It might not be the stuff of romance novels or movies or resemble anything pictured in a Valentine’s Day commericial, but it all shows that he really knows me.

And that is my kind of romance.

What is something romantic your spouse does for you?

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    You and I are so alike. My definition of romance is the same thing–the little things that really go a long way–not flowers (though sometimes they are nice.) I got a new pair of the slip on kind of sneakers for Valentine’s Day. DH saw that I was having a hard time bending over to lace shoes during my last pregnancy and so for this pregnancy he wanted something to make it easier for me. It’s things like that that I really appreciate. That and ice cream.
    Rach (DonutsMama) recently posted..FringeMy Profile

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    I’m with you, Shell! I don’t need my husband to make a big splash on Valentine’s Day on my account. But I do encourage him to make it a big deal for our daughters. We want them to grow up knowing their Daddy thinks they are fabulous – so they don’t go looking for that kind of attention in the wrong places later on.
    Becky Kopitzke recently posted..When Siblings Become FriendsMy Profile

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    We don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day either. Our birthdays actually surround V-Day (the 9th and the 19th) so that kind of cancels it out.

    I like when my husband rubs my feet and how caring he is when I am not feeling well (I am not nearly as sympathetic and considerate when he is not feeling well!). It sounds like your hubby can almost read your mind!
    Heather recently posted..Snowed InMy Profile

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    All the ways in which your husband shows you love are wonderful. Washing the dishes is an especially big one for me–so I’m with you on that one. So is mopping the floor and cleaning the toilet and doing the laundry and… well, any household chore that I don’t have to do just shouts “I love you” to me. I used to hate Valentine’s Day because of how commercial a holiday it is. But I do like celebrating it now with homemade gifts and cards.
    Xiomara| Equis Place recently posted..5 Reasons Why I Love My ParentsMy Profile

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    I love this post. It resonated to me a lot. I don’t know really if it’s our maturity level or experience, but as we grow we learn the value of true and meaningful things. Great example is your husband looking out for you and allowing you your ‘me time’.

    No roses, no cards in this household either.
    Hugs bella.
    Mama and the City recently posted..Oh No, I’m Frodo!My Profile

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    It really doesn’t matter to me what he does on Valentine’s day, but I will admit flowers make my day and I’ve even bought them for myself before just because I think they cheer up the whole house! But other than buying him his favorite candy, if he gets anything else from me its homemade.
    Kendra recently posted..Silky Smooth with Hydro SilkMy Profile

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    Happy (early) Valentines Day my friend.

    I don’t like Valentines Day, you should love one another every single day. One of my favorite lines from a movie “The Mirror has Two Faces” and there is talk of marriage and why do it etc..and Barbara Streisand says “I think it would be nice to have someone KNOW me, what I’m afraid of, what I like to do, what kind of toothpaste I use” and since I was single when I fell in love with that movie, I sought my mate as someone who KNEW me. (and liked me anyway)
    I agree with you, that it’s nicer to have a husband that knows me, who lets me sleep when I have a migraine, who lets me go into Payless and waits outside with NO JUDGEMENT, who takes the garbage out and the dog out…and tells me I’m pretty A LOT. (even if I’m not). I am glad that you two have that too, that your life is sweet because it’s not just once a year..but every single day.


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    Aww that’s sweet. That stuff is so much better than doing something JUST because it’s Valentine’s day. My boyfriend does a lot of those things too. Letting me sleep in is an amazing one – because it means he’s getting up with my daughter. I just need to train him to suggest we watch a chick flick. Just once. 
    Venassa recently posted..How To Get The Most Out of Your Baby Clothing BudgetMy Profile

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    I told my husband to never buy me flowers on Valentine’s Day. Ridiculous that they cost twice as much just because it’s a certain day. Your idea of romance is the same as ours. But we do cards because I love that it forces us to take a minute to tell the other what we mean to each other & sometimes all the chaos with the kiddos makes that difficult.
    Kelly recently posted..Time To ColorMy Profile

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    I love this, Shell. Also, hey girl! I’ve missed you :) 

    I couldn’t agree more. Valentine’s Day comes much more than just once per year and couples who understand that are usually the ones who stand the test of time (IMO anyway). 

    Like you, I’m practical and wouldn’t want anyone spending an arm and a leg to get me flowers one day a year. Little meaningful surprises count for so much more.

    That is the cutest photo of you both :) 
    Charlotte recently posted..Valentine’s Day, Shmalentine’s DayMy Profile

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    Feeling sick right now, my idea of romance would be him taking care of the kids so I could get better. He would earn a pass for about 10 more Valentine’s if he would get up with the kids tomorrow and get them off to school so I could sleep.
    AnnMarie recently posted..Distorted ViewMy Profile

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    My sweetie calls Valentines’ Day Single Awareness Day. It is hard for everyone out there without someone. My favorite thing he does for me is get up early and run the carpool so I can sleep in. And he is a fantastic cook!
    momof12 recently posted..Abravanel HallMy Profile

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    I completely agree with you on V-day. It’s pointless to show your love on just one specific day and I love it when  my husband and I show each other love every day. Don’t waste a ton of money on over-priced flowers that will die in a few days, I’m not a flower girl too, or go to a restaurant where they charge you and arm & a leg for their V-day themed entrees, which are the same they serve any other day, but with decorative hearts or possibly some champagne. Tomorrow will be just another day for us! 
    Vivian recently posted..The Next Forever by Lisa BursteinMy Profile

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    Love the photo! And you are spot on in your view of overpriced roses and crowded eateries. Mine shows his love by spending one of his days off running errands, grocery shopping, fixing doorknobs, cleaning house and being Mr. Mom.
    Robbie recently posted..CallbackMy Profile

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    same here, Shell. why only show your love ONE day of the year when there are 364 others? so goofy. we get take n’ bake heart-shaped pizzas for the kids and have a movie night together or play games. I prefer flowers for an unexpected day, you know?

    thanks for hosting & letting me pour my heart out. going to read some of the other posts now!
    can’t wait to see you at Blissdom in Dallas!

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    Valentine’s Day is a non-event in our house as well.. For many reasons. And I much agree with you – romance is in the little things – not the flowers – but in the things that showed he thought about me randomly during the day.

    :) ooh and our anniversary is only a few weeks away too! :)

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    I agree that the romance throughout the year is much more important.  I do love the tradition that we have of having a fancy family valentines dinner as the kids absolutely love it and it has made the day special; then Eric and I just go out to eat a different night that is less busy. 
    Emmy recently posted..The MomentMy Profile