Pour Your Heart Out: My Birthday Boy

Oh, my oldest child.

Suddenly, you are eight years old. That sounds so grown up.

I can so vividly remember the day you were born and then birthday parties that seemed to have taken place yesterday, but were years ago: you and your friends running around at 3 or 4. But yet, that was years ago.

Now, you are a second grader. You’re just a few inches below my shoulder and you’re growing all the time. Sometimes I have a hard time telling the difference between my socks and yours and I have a feeling that you’ll be taller than me well before you leave elementary school.

You have such a kind heart. You hate for others to be made fun of or to feel left out. You wanted everyone in your class invited to your birthday party because you said you didn’t want anyone to feel bad if they didn’t get an invitation. Even if you told me that secretly you hoped that the kids who you aren’t friends with won’t come- you still wanted to be sure everyone would be invited.

You try so hard with everything that you do. That trait, possibly above all, will serve you so well in life. There’s a lot to be said for natural talent, but it’s so difficult to teach that kind of motivation. You have it and use it to help you in school and sports and everything else you try.

You are a stickler for the exact facts. I think that “actually” has been your favorite word since you were two and pointed out about the shirt I called pink “Actually, that’s magenta.”

You are such a good big brother. You walk your brother to his kindergarten class every day even though it would be faster to cut down the “big kids” hall and  you keep an eye on your younger brother when you’re playing outside.

Your most favorite thing to do in the whole world is to build with your Legos- Lego Ninjago is your current passion. You like the challenge of following the directions that come with sets to create what is pictured on the box and you love to create something else entirely new. Your imagination amazes me as does your ability to be able to picture something in your head and then build it.

You also love to play games on the computer, iPad, and DS. You seem to be equally entertained by the sites you work on for school as you do the games that are just for fun.

You play soccer and just started playing basketball. Again, your enthusiasm and desire to do well shows.

You have such great confidence in yourself. When we tell you how good you are doing with something, your usual response makes us giggle, because it’s “I know” or “Yes, I am” instead of thanking us or brushing off the compliment.

There are times when you fight with your brothers or get frustrated when something isn’t 100% fair as you see it.  You come by that stubborn streak from both me and your Dad. But, you really are such a good kid.

I’m so proud of the sweet, funny, and smart boy you are.

Time is going faster than I ever imagined it would and I know that someday soon, you’ll think you are too old for those hugs and cuddles that you still so freely give. But, not  yet, okay, dude?


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  1. says

    Happy birthday to your lil man and hooray for you being the amazing mom you are and have been all these years! WHat a beautiful tribute to who he is today and who he has been. Love! 
    Andrea recently posted..Rambling …My Profile

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    Isn’t it amazing how quickly they grow?! My oldest’s 8th birthday is just around the corner (well, May, but time flies) and I was just thinking about her on her little changing table so many years ago. You captured the spirit of what all moms feel about their babies growing up!!

    Happy Birthday to your big guy and happy anniversary of motherhood to you!
    DGMommy (Tamara) recently posted..Where Would You Go on a Kid-Free Vacation?My Profile

  3. says

    I think the haircut is what did me in. He looks like he turned 10 overnight instead of 8. There are so many times when I look at my girls and can’t believe how they are growing in mind, body and spirit but boy do I love who they are growing into.
    As far as the confidence thing…I love it! I wish more kids believed in themselves that way. Hope he had a great birthday!!

  4. says

    Oh Happy Birthday to your oldest. I think sometimes their birthdays are more special for us than for them. Our children’s birthdays tend to make us all sorts of reflective and emotional.
    Don’t you love watching them grow and seeing characteristics develop that you know will serve them well later in life. I hope you both enjoy the birthday.

  5. says

    Happy birthday to him!! I’m right there with ya, girl! Time is moving too fast, and I’m sad. This letter is beautiful! What an awesome kid! They don’t get that way on their own. Good job, mama! 

    Could we have anything else in common? Children, birthdays, anniversaries?? :)
    adrienne recently posted..tick, tock.My Profile

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    Shell, my goodness!  Your oldest boy sounds like my oldest boy.  My almost 8 year old second grader says the word “actually” because he’s a stickler for facts too and has been since three,  his favorite thing is building with his Legoes and he looks out for his little brothers as well – not to mention being sweet and thoughtful just like your son. 

    Happy Birthday to your little dude.  Wishing him the best birthday ever!  

    Amazing how fast they grow, right? 
    Melanie recently posted..NaNoWriMo 2012My Profile

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    What a beautiful, loving letter. Happy birthday to you both! I received a holiday card from a dear friend and when I saw the picture of her 13 year old son, I started crying. I couldn’t believe how big he is and how quickly time has passed. I feel those same jolts of surprise, sadness, awe when I look at my own two daughters, ages 9 and 4. If I knew how, I’d hit the pause button or at least the s-l-o-w speed!
    Mary @ A Teachable Mom recently posted..Top Ten Disney SurprisesMy Profile

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    Happy birthday to your first-born!!  Our oldest boys sound so much alike.  I think Lucas may be taller than me by 4th grade!  I hope he has a wonderful birthday.
    Emmy recently posted..12-12-12My Profile