KRE-­O Transformers Review

My eight year old has a very simple Christmas list: building block sets- as many different ones as Santa can pack on his sleigh.  He loves to build. He likes to follow the directions to build whatever the set was supposed to look like and then create his own designs as well.

When he has a new set to play with, it can keep him occupied for hours- sometimes even over the course of several days. I love it because I don’t hear “I’m bored” and because I think that following the directions that come with one of these sets helps build his problem solving skills. And then the creations he comes up with on his own blow me away.

This week, he thought Christmas came early when some KRE-O Transformers building sets arrived at our house.  Of course he went right to the biggest set first: the Destruction Site Devastator.



The coolest thing about this set is that there are directions for how to build either one giant robot, four construction vehicles, or four robots, all using the same pieces. So, this can keep my child very busy. Oh, you’re done making the four vehicles? Now go make the four robots. Done with that? Go make the giant robot! It gives the set a longer life before the blocks get put into the giant storage box my son has with all his building blocks: the blocks in the KRE-O sets do fit with other building blocks, like Legos- my son didn’t even notice that these were something other than Legos, in case you are wondering about the difference between the two.

The Destruction Site Devastator has 560 pieces and comes with 6 Kreon figures. This is a good set for more advanced builders, ages 8 and up. My son started building it the day after his 8th birthday and has started building the vehicles first. It’s the right ability level for my builder.

There are smaller sets available, like the Cycle Chase and the Decepticon Ambush. If you have a younger builder, you might want to start with these: for ages 6-12. My son put together the 75 piece Cycle Chase very quickly and liked that it came with 4 Kreon figures and that he could push down on one of the blocks and have the missile go flying.

If you are looking for a present for boy this Christmas, check out the KRE-O Transformer sets: definitely something that will keep kids busy over the holiday break! You can also find out more info by liking them on facebook and following Hasbro on twitter.


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    Oh boy.  Devastator!!  I know all about him, and my son’s only four.  :-/  We are getting him his first real Lego set for Christmas but I’ve seen these and wondered about them.  Hopefully in the next couple of years he’ll be ready for these.  They look awesome.  
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