Things They Can’t Say: Live and Love Outloud

Kristi Bonney is a wife, mother, writer and photographer who’s passionate about living out loud. Her blog, Live and Love Out Loud, is a beautiful and inspiring hub of heartwarming dispatches from the parenting front, photography eye candy, tips, tutorials and photo challenge awesomeness.

Dear Sweet Child,


You’re beautiful, unique and wonderfully made and I’ve got so much to say.



Don’t ever settle.




Really live.


Laugh and smile to your heart’s content.



Discover joy – pure joy.


Run, skip, hop, twirl.



Dance as if no one is watching.



Take risks. Don’t be afraid – attack challenges head on.



Spread your wings and fly.


Don’t lose sight. Remain focused.



Don’t forget where you’re from, but celebrate where you have been.


Be humble, compassionate, considerate and kind.


Don’t judge others – you’ve never been in their shoes.



Embrace cultural diversity and differences, for there’s beauty in us all.



Break stereotypes; forge your own path.



Never stop learning, never stop growing.


Always give your very best.


Cultivate friendships.



Tell the truth.


Slow down to feel the warmth of the sun on your face.



And never ever ever forget that I am always here for you.



To protect you and guide you.


To keep you safe, happy and healthy.


To listen.


To care.


To wipe away your tears.


To give you the tools you need to succeed.


To be in your corner; your number one fan.


To fight and advocate for you on your behalf.


To share my wisdom and knowledge.


To pick you up when you fall.


I’m forever and always your mom.


We’ll laugh together, cry together. We’ll even argue and fight, but my love for you knows no end. You are my child – mine – and that will never ever change. I will love you for all of my days.


You are beautiful, unique and wonderfully made and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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