The Milestones that Make Mom’s Life Easier

Sure, we all know those baby milestones to look for: first smile, first time rolling over, sitting up, crawling, eating solid food, walking, etc. That first year is so full of milestones that someone got rich over the idea of baby books to document them all(even if not all of us fill those out… ahem).

But as our kids get older, we don’t often look at every milestone. Sure, we love when our houses are finally diaper-free(celebrating one year of being diaper-free in my house- after having one or even two in diapers for close to 7 years) or when they start preschool or kindergarten, but I think there are a few lesser known(aka the ones that make mom’s life easier) milestones that should be celebrated.

  • When all three kids can walk through a store without a stroller and without a cart and without running away.
  • Even better when they won’t run away at an amusement park or the beach.
  • When the oldest can make pb&js for himself and his brothers, without supervision.
  • When they can be left outside alone for longer than 5 seconds(might only be for a few minutes, but it’s long enough for a mama potty break- ah, peeing alone!).
  • When they can pour their own drinks without spilling.
  • When all kids can get themselves dressed.
  • When all kids can fasten their own seatbelts(we just hit this one this week!).

What milestone moments have made your life easier?


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  1. I have a way to go but I am waiting on mowing the lawn.
    myevil3yearold recently posted..Lazy Sunday!My Profile

  2. The walking in the store without running off was a huge one for us. I can not take my daughter on those errand runs without stressing so much. She’ even getting into the differences of the stores and such. 
    Amanda M. recently posted..Homeschool Preschool PlanningMy Profile

    • Such a relief, isn’t it? I still remind mine, but they are pretty good at just staying with me.

  3. I am waiting for the fasten your own seat belt milestone. I have the hardest time fastening JDaniel’s belt.
    JDaniel4′s Mom recently posted..Olympics for Kids: Long Distance Bike Ride and HopMy Profile

    • I never really gave it much thought until all of a sudden, I didn’t have to do it any more. It’s nice with all these storms we’ve been having. I don’t have to get soaked!

  4. Things are getting easier in my camp, but I still have a two-year  old.  We’re not quite on the easy street yet, but it’s getting close.  Traveling is getting easier because we take less stuff. 
    Leigh Powell Hines @Hinessightblog recently posted..Simplicity On Monday: Simple and Delicious Stir-Fry SauceMy Profile

  5. Those are some great milestones! I always think of what life will be like when you don’t need a stroller or a cart to contain a kid…awww I’ve got a long way to that!
    Natalie recently posted..Winner-Winner, Chicken Dinner!My Profile

  6. I still won’t let them try to pour their own drinks!!  The buckling of the seat belt is just awesome.  Buster’s still in a 5 pt harness car seat in my car, and he can’t even reach the lever to loosen the straps, so it’ll be awhile before he accomplishes that one.
    Kmama recently posted..Thank You Very Much: 8/6/12My Profile

    • Mine are all in backless boosters at this point, which is probably why they can do it. 

  7. I loved the ‘shower by himself (without me even having to mention it or be present) stage.’ That made my evenings SO much easier. I’m still waiting on the ‘tie shoes properly’ stage. Especially with school starting soon. Would be lovely.
    Kerry Ann @Vinobaby’s Voice recently posted..Those Days Go ByMy Profile

    • I’m waiting on the shoe-tying. Though my kindergartener can do it and my second grader can’t. Go figure.

  8. Man, I could so go for a PB&J right now. Is the post suppose to make me hungry? ‘Cause if so, your mind control powers are growing.

    I’m quite envious.
    Megan (Best of Fates) recently posted..Dear Judge Dredd, Or Twelve Sexy, Angry MenMy Profile

  9. Those are great moments. We haven’t hit those yet, but some should be soon. :)

  10. When they start school. HUGE milestone. When they can ride a two-wheeler. That’s such a thrill for them. When they can tie their own shoes. My kids are grown now, so of course, going off to college was a heart-breaker (for me, not them!)
    mare ball recently posted..What I Did on my Summer VacationMy Profile

  11. I am so far off from any of these milestones :)
    Alison recently posted..InertiaMy Profile

  12. Oh yes, I am really enjoying some more “big kid” milestones. Landon turns four in two days and he wants to buckle himself into the carseat finally! He can also walk beside me in the grocery store, which is nice. I love that I don’t necessarily have to pick up Brigham anymore. He is two now and can walk on his own as long as someone is holding his hand in the parking lot.

    • I love that stage when they don’t need to be carried all the time but they are still small enough to carry if we have/want to. I can’t carry my oldest any more. 

  13. I would say my favorite milestone so far is making their own lunch. Lunch is my least favorite meal to make (probably because I just grab a yogurt for myself). Now, they just ask what their options are and I let them choose, make and clean up their own lunch. It is awesome!
    They don’t do it every day but the days they do are like a little piece of heaven on earth.
    Kristen recently posted..Girls in SportsMy Profile

  14. Sigh. I’m just hitting many of these. And then starting over.

    Ashley {@} My Front Porch Swing recently posted..Three things I love about being a momMy Profile

    • But your other two will be past these. I was the crazy person with three so close in age that I was buckling all 3 into seatbelts for a while. And I pottytrained the oldest 2 weeks before the youngest was born: so I had a ton of time with 2 in diapers.

  15. Definitely “taking a bath/shower by themselves” and “going outside to play in the yard by themselves”.

    I need to work on getting my girls to do their own laundry.  THAT would be a huge help!
    Shannon recently posted..History repeats itself.My Profile

    • Oh, yes! And can they fold and put mine away, too? Maybe I should teach them to iron…

  16. How did I miss the seat belt buckling milestone? My four year old shows no interest or capacity for it! I’ll check it out with her doc today at her four-year-old checkup – maybe there’s a shot for that? I think making lunches is the milestone I’ll enjoy the most. Great post!
    Mary @ A Teachable Mom recently posted..Hope Floats (and Jumps In a Lake)My Profile

    • Ha! I think my youngest waited for that one b/c it was just so much faster for me to do it. Or for me to tell one of his brothers to do it. ;) 

  17. That seatbelt one is a biggie.
    Tracie recently posted..Seven Minutes of GoldMy Profile

    • It is! It means no standing out in the rain, buckling a seatbelt. I can just get into the car!

  18. I’m loving the “can get his own box of juice and open it” milestone right now. Noah’s almost 4 and when he hit that one a while back I thought I was in heaven. He’s reaching the “can get snacks from the cabinet and bring them to be opened” phase, too. Which I love. 
    Courtney Kirkland recently posted..Little Bitty Toys Review & GiveawayMy Profile

  19. I’m still waiting for one.
    Duffy recently posted..Other blog postsMy Profile

    • I hear ya. They’re coming. When my youngest was born, I had a new two year-old and a 3.5 y/o. I thought I’d be in the baby phase forever. It passes, I promise.

  20. These are so so true! I don’t think I realized it until I had a third kid after the first two had made it past most of those milestones. Starting at the beginning with another kid is so much harder once you feel like you’ve moved past that point as a parent, but it can be fun, too! One of our favorites (mine and the kids’) is moving out of car seats. Both  my girls are out of the car seats now, and it makes them so happy. Easier for me, too. 
    Katie E recently posted..Magazine Day: Zombie Us Weekly!My Profile

    • Mine came one right after another, so I was just up to my eyeballs in the baby stage for so long!

  21. Ah, yes! I’m waiting for a few of these! Wyatt and making his own sandwich and/or drink has got to be the most helpful! I love when he is in a helpful mood and will do so for his bros as well!!!
    Tayarra recently posted..Run Woof MeMy Profile

    • I do love that! Though sometimes I just tell my oldest he HAS to. I think he only spits in theirs a teeny bit. ;) 

  22. You know…. now that 3 of my kids are older I don’t think about those type of milestones like I did when they were little. Of course I started over again and am remembering so many of them now… 

    Best milestone yet this year…. my oldest daughter getting her drivers license and a car!
    Jackie recently posted..#MyMichMemory – Potter Park ZooMy Profile

  23. Diana @ A Little Bit of Life says:

    I’m still waiting on those milestones. We just stayed potty training. Last night, I could tell he had to pee so Daddy took him to use the potty. Naked. He cried and didn’t go. Then ran out and peed on the dining room floor.
    Diana @ A Little Bit of Life recently posted..Guys Make Better FriendsMy Profile

  24. When they can all, and actually WILL wipe their own butts! :)
    MiMi recently posted..10 Things to Smile About!My Profile

  25. So far I think walking beside me at the store instead of riding in the cart has been one of the best. Looking ahead, I’ll be glad when they are old enough to stay home alone for an hour. Finding a good babysitter is hard!
    Keri recently posted..Back-to-school shoe sale at Famous FootwearMy Profile

    • Oh, that will be so nice! So I can run to the store for one quick thing and not have to take them all with me!

  26. You know, the thought of my kids being able to feed and/or dress themselves is just unfathomable at the moment, nevermind being diaper free.
    John recently posted..Where I recap blogher far too quicklyMy Profile

  27. I’m waiting on the everyone can bath themselves milestone. That one will be AWESOME! I’ll settle for the everyone can buckle their own seatbelt until then. That would be nice, but I think I’m still a year away.
    Twingle Mommy recently posted..Carmex Has a New Flavor and a Tote-Up for GrabsMy Profile

    • Mine can sort of bathe themselves. I can’t totally leave it up to them, but I’m in more of a director position than the one with the washcloth. Baby steps.

  28. This post reminds me that I hit all of the little milestones and was on my way to being on Easy Street when God decided to give us our little miracle. Now I am starting ALL over again. The being able to shower was a huge one here with the older three.
    AnnMarie recently posted..Flashback to the 80′sMy Profile

  29. Amen!! Those are all major deals! Another fave is ending my time in Half Day Hell – having all boys in full day school. I’m hitting that one in September. No more picking someone up at noon. All 3 will be on the bus both ways. I’ve been living for that moment for 10.5 years!
    Dawn @ Come Over For Coffee recently posted..Judging By The Cover Or Waiting Until We Read a Few Chapters?My Profile

    • My youngest will be in half day school still this fall- but it will be FIVE half days, so I’ll take it! 

  30. I can’t wait to get to those milestones!
    Audrey recently posted..Bike Wash and 2 monthsMy Profile

  31. I loved it when they could take a bath by themselves, but sometimes I still sat there and chatted with them because it was fun. It was also really nice when they could zip up their own coats!
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell recently posted..Let the Great #BlogHer12 Swag Sort BeginMy Profile

  32. The one I look forward to the most is learning to ride a bike. But we’re still a little way from that!
    NJ recently posted..2012 Goals – A revisit now that we’re more than half way there.My Profile

  33. Missy |Literal Mom says:

    The fastening seatbelts thing is huge – and has happened this summer here too!
    Missy |Literal Mom recently posted..Am I the Problem?My Profile

  34. Bathing themselves was a huge one for me! I also love that I no longer have to worry about them running off in public while I frantically chase them down.
    Foursons recently posted..Back to RealityMy Profile

  35. I’m just starting out, unfortunately. I guess a milestone we hit this past week was going down to one nap a day, which allows me to be out and about for longer periods of time, but also leaves me wondering what to do to entertain my son now. Peeing alone. Someday! :)
    Suzie recently posted..Mama Mondays – Spiders, Wrestle Mania, and Moving OnMy Profile

  36. Oh, man. Right now, it’s always two or three of the four that can do something (like buckle themselves in). But wow, it gets easier as each one learns something! I’m just happy to only have one in diapers!
    Greta recently posted..Great Expectations: BocaFrauMy Profile

  37. Those are all great milestones. We’ve just hit the one of having a child old enough to babysit. It makes my life so much easier to be able to run to a doctor’s appointment without bringing all three kids along with me.
    Patricia P recently posted..Driven to ExtremesMy Profile

  38. Yes I would agree those are all great milestones! We’ve recently hit most of them in the last year. Still can’t trust my littles to not run away in places but most of the others we can do and boy does it make life easier!
    Kimberly recently posted..Ashley vs. the WallMy Profile

  39. I just noticed on your “About Me” how you say you’re not trying for a girl. Love that  you put it right out there! People always ask me if we’re going to try for a boy (we have 4 girls). My response is that we already did! We’re done too. I’m tired. :)
    Kimberly recently posted..Ashley vs. the WallMy Profile

  40. Even just having ONE be able to buckle herself has made things easier for me. I think the two of them playing together has helped a lot, too :)
    angela recently posted..Camping With Kids – Essence of NowMy Profile

  41. The fact that the kids can go to the bathroom on their own has really helped me out. Diaper changes were never fun.
    Amber recently posted..Hey, It’s Okay Tuesday!My Profile

  42. My 6 yr old can now sit in the bathroom without getting into trouble while I take a shower!!! Yippee
    Charlene Long (@autismasawhole) recently posted..Sweet Shot TuesdaysMy Profile

  43. You hit most of them…trying to think of others… when they can work the DVD player on long trips in the car so I don’t have to pull over to change the movie!

  44. my boys are now in charge of sweeping and vacuuming….sweet sweet victory…
    Not a Perfect Mom recently posted..My Dinner Guests….My Profile

  45. Those milestones DO sound pretty nice to me. Although right now I would settle for ‘sleeps through the night more than a couple of nights a month’. 
    Ness recently posted..Another ‘Vacation Weekend’My Profile

  46. Huge milestone when they can make their breakfast and lunch! Narrows it down to one meal for this busy mama! :)
    Paula @ Simply Sandwich recently posted..Is Laughter the Best Medicine?My Profile

  47. Shell, those are great milestones to look forward to :) 
    Runnermom-jen recently posted..I Am…My Profile

  48. As happy as I am to be pregnant again, a little part of me is going ‘omg I’m an idiot, now I have to do this baby crap all over again!’ haha.  
    stephanie @ babe’s rockin’ mami recently posted..Ellen Barrett Changed My LifeMy Profile

  49. I have 3 kids close in age and the youngest is now 4.  The “no stroller” thing was huge and now, I can go to the town pool and actually sit on my chair for 10-15 minutes without having to chase anyone.  I can watch them all swim i the small pool from the side without having to get in.  That’s HUGE! 
    ilene recently posted..Learn to Meditate in 92 SecondsMy Profile

  50. A lot of these sure make life easier. It’s the little things. One of mine was when my boy was old enough to take the dog for a walk by himself.  It helps that he can go here and there when I can’t do it. 
    Susi recently posted..Beach Babes {Wordless Wednesday}My Profile

  51. Oh, this is SUCh an easy one, and your day will come, Shell…it will.
    When you can begin to leave them alone for an hour at a time.
    Alexandra recently posted..BlogHer12 Re-Entry aka BlogHer12 Recap ParagraphMy Profile

  52. Since my oldest 2 are almost 8 and 5.5 and my youngest is almost 2 I feel like I have hit a lot of milestones with my older two and now we are going back and having to wait for the baby to hit them.  Like the oldest two won’t run in the street, they can make themselves breakfast, they can play out back, they can go to the bathroom on their own, etc.  The age difference has been interesting for me. 
    Julie recently posted..Thursday RamblingsMy Profile