The Baby Stage

I held my baby nephew for the first time yesterday.

He’s  a few weeks old but was just able to come home this weekend.

I marveled at his tiny hands, feet, legs, arms, fingers, toes…

Were my boys ever this small?

Maybe not quite, as my nephew is a peanut, but mine weren’t much bigger.

But as I held him and he drifted off to sleep, my own “baby” came into the room.

Dark hair turned lighter from all his time in the sun this summer, skin browned(despite using SPF 50 on him at all times), built solid and strong. Laughing and smiling, dimples flashing. Talking a mile a minute.

My youngest baby is 4, headed to school 5 days a week this fall. Able to keep up with his big brothers(and sometimes best them).

Strollers, diapers, pacifiers, middle of the night feedings: all a thing of the past.

Though we made the decision a few years ago that we were done having babies, that baby twinge took a while to really go away.

But as I pass the baby back to his mom, I don’t feel the slightest twinge of regret that my baby is a “big boy” instead of a newborn.

Does holding a newborn make you want another or are you past the baby stage?


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    We always knew we wanted more than one baby, so the baby fever was always there for us. Now that we have a second on the way, I’m still debating if this will be all for us or if maybe just ONE more is in our future. I haven’t had my fixes of babies yet.  :) But, I will say that I don’t mind giving other kids back to their mom. There’s a difference between their baby’s and my own. LOL
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    Right now? I am immune to baby fever. Having a toddler is just about all I can handle right now and since I’ll be a SAHM soon (three weeks!), I want to enjoy some time with her before adding a pregnancy in the mix. Honestly, I could see us waiting awhile to have another baby. Neither of us are ready right now – glad we’re on the same page! :)
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    I am SO not done with the baby stage – just reading your description of your nephew made me desperately want another newborn. There is something magical in the sleep-deprived and utterly exhausted stage.

    Just thinking about those tiny hands and feet is truly wonderful. And I miss it, even though I have a 4 y.o, 2 y.o and 8 MONTH old. The 8 month old is more of a crawling meatball with teeth, he’s too busy exploring and chewing to be a cuddly newborn 😉
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    I just held a newborn this weekend too.  Our friends had a baby last weekend, so this one was only 6 days old.  It made me excited for my own.  Though I’m still so scared.  I’m realizing more and more, how we were on the “down swing” with Buster and Buddy, and we’ll just be ramping up again.  It’s scary.
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    Totally over little babies!!! We have canceled our “Verizon contract” as we call it. It us our new every two year plan. Next month the baby will be two and no desire to add. Our family is complete.

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    OMG, I had this same thought this week. One of my best friends moved to Hungary at 7 months pregnant this week and she just had him 10 days ago, so all I see are the FB updates and pics and he was only 5.5 lbs (mine were both over 8)…it made me get the hunger pang for a 3rd baby. I kind of do want to try for a girl, but have a sneaking suspicion I’d get a 3rd boy, so I’m not rushing it…but I definitely miss cuddling with a tiny infant. My youngest turns 2 next month! Ah, time flies too fast!
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    I really don’t feel complete yet so any newborn gives me ovarian twinges. I honestly do not know whether we will have more children or not though. I have two beautiful, healthy kids now and I’m eternally grateful for them. My youngest is only 15 months though, so it’s certainly still a possibility.
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    First, congrats on your new nephew! How wonderful.

    Yes, every time I hold a baby or even SEE a newborn I want another one 😉

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    Both! As you described, I get the twinges whenever I see a new baby, and I appreciate that our family is complete. I would love another child yet won’t be missing much of the newborn routines. I love the ages my girls are now. Any ideas how I can freeze them at 8 and 4? :-)
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    We’re Done. My husband was done the minute we found out we were having a second :) It’s still hard for me; I love that they’re getting bigger, but I still have part of me that would LOVE another. It’s a little, tiny, tucked away part, but it’s still there.
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    My third child was born b/c I held a neighbor’s baby! Now that my kids are adults, I long for a grandchild. I can’t do anything about that though. :-)
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    I always wanted three but my doctors told me no more. I get baby fever when I see an empty infant carrier and those things just plan suck to carry around.
    Your nephew is adorable. I was going to ask if he was a preemie when I saw the photo you posted. He reminds me of my teeny tiny 4 and 3 pound old girls.
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    Well, just having had my baby six weeks ago, there’s absolutely no baby fever going on around here – and four boys is enough, so we’re officially finito. However … my husband made the appointment for his vasectomy consultation and I have to admit it made me a little sad. I don’t want any more babies, but the thought of not being ABLE to have any more, never being able to change our minds, gives me a bit of a twinge.
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    I’m past that baby stage. It was HARD making that decision and there are times that I feel a tinge of regret. But I’m happy being a threesome and wouldn’t xhange a thing!
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    Oh my goodness! Look at those cute pictures!! Definitely love the baby stage, though we have only experienced it once, can’t wait to try it again!

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    Congrats on your family’s new addition! I absolutely love the baby stage and I miss it when I hold a newborn. I feel like I didn’t really have time to enjoy those months with the twins or with Reese having 2 two year olds when he was born. But our youngest is now 4- and I can not wait to meet our new little guy next month!! My older boys are so out of the baby stage, I can’t wait to actually hold this one for longer than 3 seconds…
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  17. Kiara Wood says

    kids grow up fast and if we can’t noticed them soon they will become an adult, so we should make time with them as much as we could. 
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    I just had my first one a year ago, so I know I’ll be pretty well steeped in the baby stage for the next 5 or so years. In some ways, that is depressing, but then it’s also nice to know that hopefully, if things work out, I’ll get to experience the newborn stage at least two more times!
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    Oh, I get the twinge, but I think I’ll still get it when I’m 80! When I was in the hospital after having my third, my doctor stopped by to check on me. She also has three kids and she very wisely said, “Even when they’re past the baby stage, they don’t stop needing you.”
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    We made the decision about a year ago to remain our little family of three.  This past Spring, a couple of my friends had babies, and I admit that I wondered if snuggling those newborns would make me start to second guess our decision and wish for a second baby.  I did that itch.  But it wasn’t for A baby…it was totally a moment of missing MY baby.  And that made me realize that I am *for sure* content with not having any more.  I don’t want another…just wish that I could have him back in that newborn stage every once and a while.  :)
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    This is where I have to confess that Katarina is the first and only baby I have ever held. I think I picked up my friend’s kid when he was two, because we were in a store and he was about to knock over a display, but that is it. 

    I do get the twinges sometimes. But now is not the time to give in to them. Maybe one day…
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    I can’t hold a newborn… I know I will sob like a baby! I have three little cherubs and we have decided that’s it, but doesn’t make me feel any less clucky/sad when I see a tiny baby. Having babies totally made my life. I feel useful and contented – I guess I have to wait for grandkids now!
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    I don’t miss babies, but the idea of never having another toddler is what I have issues with. I LOVE the toddler-preschooler age range.. watching them discover the world through their eyes, etc. The boys are in the midst of it, and I LOVE every minute of it.
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    I love holding itty bitties, but because I work in daycare I can pretty much do it whenever I want. I don’t know if it is because my last baby was soooooo challenging or just because we feel done, but I don’t really get the baby urge to have another.

    Now call me crazy and I am sure some will, but I totally get the toddler urge. If someone could just give me a two or three year old I would probably be all over that.

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    My husband told me over the weekend he wanted to adopt a baby. (After our GREAT surprise with Sarah Beth, we took steps to make sure that won’t happen again). I asked him what he’d been smoking! I LOVE my babies. All 3 of them. (4 if you count my BIGGEST baby)! But I’ve had a kid at home for THIRTEEN YEARS. Sarah will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall and I’m hoping to be able to spend more time concentrating on my jobs. Also, we’re just getting to the point where we can leave them at home for a couple of hours with Jason babysitting, as long as we don’t stray too far from home. At this rate, I’ll be 55 before she heads off to college. COLLEGE people! COLLEGE! No thank you. As much as I LOVE my kids, I DO NOT WANT ANYMORE!
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    I’m with you Shell. I have three kids (ages 8, 5 and almost 2). I love the stages they are all in, and I know my family is complete now. I’m actually kind of anxious to get rid of some of the baby things and to embrace the new era we are entering. I’ll look to get my newborn baby snuggles elsewhere. :)
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    I’m somewhere in the middle, I think. I also marvel at the tininess of newborns and have a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that Lil’ Bit was ever that small. I love babies’ baby smell and baby squirminess and all the little baby noises they make, and it definitely causes and estrogen surge and kicks my uterus into overdrive.

    But I look at my daughter and know in my heart that I’m done. Whereas a year ago I yearned for the bygone days of infancy, now I don’t miss the so much anymore. I’m good. 

    But I still love holding a newborn. 
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    My husband and I always said 6. We are at 5 with our brand new little one who is 3 weeks. The last one was a difficut pregnancy and delivery. But we both go (have gone) back and forth on the one more. I just don’t know and I want to be sure. But in reading teh comments will I ever feel done? Or be totally sure. I just don’t know.
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    Even though my youngest is still a baby at 5 months old, holding a newborn makes me thankful that he’s getting older!! I am so done procreating at this point (hence yesterday’s IUD!!) and am happy to watch my two sweet boys grow older and more independent. Of course, I still crave that sweet baby smell and the cuddles shared while nursing, so I am sure to savor each of these moments with my “last” baby. I’m committing it all to memory because these days won’t be coming back!

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    This post leaves me with goosebumps. What a beautiful reflection on life and motherhood. I have felt that twinge to have babies, but I know you are approaching it from an entirely different angle. I just hope one day to watch my baby grow and to understand that nostalgia that you must have felt holding you baby nephew. 

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    I always, always feel that twinge of wanting another baby.  After having nine of them, you’d think I’d run the other direction, but that just isn’t the case.  I always want one more.  And I usually always get one more. Except this time.  My youngest will be 4 in just a few days, my biggest age gap (should I conceive) and to be honest, I don’t really want that age gap.  But yet I always want another baby.  But I don’t want that gap.  And I’m jogging and losing weight and getting used to having my body back.  But yet…another baby!   The thought of that makes me all warm and cozy.  And then Aunt Flo arrives and I’m happy and relieved.  So what does that tell me?  That I will always feel that twinge of wanting another baby, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I want another baby.  Confused?  Yea, so am I.
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