A Mom of Boys Says….

Go pee INSIDE!

Yes, you have to wear pants.

Pull up your swim trunks!

No more wrestling your brother!

Spitting is not allowed in the house.

Get your hands out of your pants.

Stop it before someone gets hurt.

Not everyone likes mud.

Don’t throw that!

What? There’s a difference between Power Rangers Samari and Power Rangers Super Samari?

What do you mean, “What’s for dinner?” Y’all just ate an entire pizza!

Put the stick down.

Being a mom to boys is an awful lot like being a pirate mom and maybe I have to say some crazy things, but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

What odd things do you find yourself telling your kids?

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    • Shell says

      I’ve asked that. Even though I wanted to run away instead of waiting for the answer!

  1. says

    I love this post!  I can see myself saying a lot of these things in the future.  Right now since we’re in the throws of potty training two boys at once, I find myself saying as they sit on the potty seats next to each other, “Tuck your penis down!” 
    Heather recently posted..July Garden UpdateMy Profile

    • Shell says

      Oh my- good luck with that! I’m so glad that we are done potty training here! 

    • Shell says

      Mine did the same thing. And I’m okay with it… sometimes. But not if the neighbors could see!

  2. says

    Sadly, I say almost all of those things to my girl, too… maybe because she has a brother?

    My all time, I Can’t Believe I Just Said That Moment remains the time I yelled, at the top of my lungs, across the yard to The Girl, who was tackling her brother on a trampoline, “Pull up your pants and get off your brother!!!”
    Sorta Southern Single Mom recently posted..On Magazines and MothersMy Profile

  3. says

    EVERYDAY when my husband walks in the door from work the first thing out of his mouth is ‘so and so’ where are your pants!!!??? Often it is all three of them. One day maybe I’ll surprise him and it will be all four of us!!!
    Cindy Bryl recently posted..Faith and DisabilityMy Profile

  4. says

    Love these! Raising girls is not so different! I find myself telling my little one to get her hands out of her pants regularly. More …
    Get your feet off your sister.
    No, you can’t live only on fruit snacks. 
    Please stop wiping your boogers on your sister.
    No, I have no idea where your nearly invisible Polly Pocket red shoe is. 
    Quit flinging that fairy wand around – you’ll poke someone’s eye out. 

    Fun post!
    Mary @ A Teachable Mom recently posted..Vacation Re-Entry: Words to Live ByMy Profile

    • Shell says

      Hope you’ll join us! I think their chats are much easier to follow than twitter parties.

  5. says

    I have said all of the above so many times that it’s like a mommy chant. So funny how much we all have in common. A few of our unique phrases include “no weapons at the table”, “don’t take the remote to the bathroom with you” and “stop hitting the neighbor with your battle axe!”

    Parenting is certainly an adventure!
    Dawn @ Come Over For Coffee recently posted..My Friend ListMy Profile

    • Shell says

      I usually end up yelling(and defeating the point) “WHY are you so loud?????”

  6. says

    I think I’ve said all of those many times, except “go pee INSIDE”.  Knock on wood!  I’ve also had to say things such as…
    No chainsaws in your bed
    Sticks are not light sabers
    Quit sniffing people.

    • Shell says

      Oh, the things I’ve had to say to my boys about that particular appendage. It was actually blogging about that that made me start this blog instead of keeping everything on my family one. LOL

    • Shell says

      I definitely don’t have them figured out. They are dirty and confusing little creatures. 

  7. says

    I only have girls but I constantly have to tell them that they can’t go to the store or anywhere outside of our home in their pjs. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure I am the root of this problem as I love to be in mine!
    Kristen recently posted..Misery Loves CompanyMy Profile

  8. says

    I am telling you that little girls are way worse then boys about putting their hands in their pants or messing with their private area. I have to say those things to all of my kids, not just the boy. lol.
    The funniest/weirdest thing I said over the weekend was “Do not try to pick her ear with your toe.” Why? Why, do I have to say these things? 😉
    Kim Young recently posted..Dealing With InsuranceMy Profile

    • Shell says

      Toes in an ear, ewwww!

       I used to have to tell my oldest to stop biting his TOEnails. So gross. But one time, he bit down too far and got it infected and it was painful so he stopped. 

  9. Kristy says

    I find myself saying more and more, “That is NOT appropriate!” (usually immediately followed by “where are your pants?!?”)

  10. says

    I find myself saying the same crazy things all the time! One of my personal favorites is telling them, “Just behave like civilized people when we’re in public, please!” Somehow they interpret this to mean that they can be uncivilized at home!
    Patricia P recently posted..Dog PartyMy Profile

    • Shell says

      Yes! I don’t get it! 

      I’m also having to say “no toys in your underwear!” 

  11. says

    Giggle I have said pretty much everything on this list to both my son AND my daughters!!
    Come on everybody knows that Power Ranger Super Samurai is the one where the famous black box is unlocked and the Red Ranger is given Super Samurai Powers and a really awful costume! HAHAHHAHAHAHHA yup we watch way too much Power Ranger themed TV here.
    Did you know that there is also Power Ranger Jungle Fury, DIno Thunder and my children’s new fav Power Ranger ninja Storm. LOL LOL
    Gayletrini recently posted..What is your favourite colour?My Profile

    • Shell says

      I  did know- b/c my boys have figured out a way to make a series recording of ALL of those. Our dvr is overrun with Power Rangers!!!

    • Shell says

      We haven’t quite had that one b/c my boys would never waste pb- they have to eat it all.

      But they have painted each other. And NOT with washable paint.

  12. says

    My eldest son is home for 3 weeks after completing his first year at the US Naval Academy. He’s learned all sorts of new moves that takes brotherly wrestling to a whole new level. I’m a little embarrassed to say that this weekend I yelled,
    “DO NOT choke out your brother!”

    • Shell says

      Oh yes, public restrooms. I find myself yelling “DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING! IT’S DIRTY!” 

  13. says

    Confession: I potty-trained my boys outside. And now at 10 and 8 years of age when I tell them to go to the bathroom because we are leaving the house, they go in the backyard. Yup. #motherofthecentury
    Foursons recently posted..Independence Day 2012My Profile

  14. says

    Is it wrong that I used to tell Jack to go ahead and pee OUTSIDE all the time?

    You see, we have a pool. And if I actually made him get out, dry off and go inside to pee, he’d just go in the pool.

    So. Letting him aim at the bushes in the side yard seemed like a good idea at the time.

    Still, he’s 15 now. Better get that under control soon, right? Ha! Just kidding. 
    (Now I’m sure he just pees in the pool…)
    julie gardner recently posted..Today call me monstrousMy Profile

    • Shell says

      That makes a lot of sense! And as long as my boys go where the neighbors can’t see, I’m okay with it. Just not right smack in the middle of the yard!

  15. says

    this list made me chuckle. I have said and continue to say many, many of these things daily. The “pull up your pants” thing is pretty common in our house. What is it with boys and not wanting to wear pants?!

  16. says

    Funniest thing that I ever said that came back to bite me in the butt was when my oldest was picking his nose at the grocery store, when he was about 3, I asked, “What did I say about that?” He answered, “I know…stop playing with my nose. My nose is not a toy. My penis is not a toy.” He said it loudly and two checkout lanes of people had a good laugh but in his defense, at that time, I was saying that a lot.

    • Shell says

      It’s a different world, isn’t it? I’d probably be in for culture shock if I had a girl.

  17. says

    When my girls were small, my best friend and I used to talk constantly on the phone. She, like you, had 3 boys. 
    While I used to stuff them full of Oreos on my end, just to silence the talky talk long enough for me to have an adult conversation, my friend was on the other line, constantly yelling, “STOP TOUCHING IT.”
    I don’t think anything changes. 
    joann mannix recently posted..A Mishmosh of TalesMy Profile

  18. says

    How sad is it that I can relate to the “Get your hands out of your pants!”…and that’s to my 14 year old…sigh…I’ve been a bad bloggy friend, I’ve been so busy with school, but I leave and I come back, and look at you, you’re the fricken Bloggess with all these comments! Go you!
    Sandra recently posted..Revelation: I am that annoying chick…My Profile

  19. says

    I think boys are really more stubborn than guys. But stubborn or not, I know all of us still cherish our kid. They’re our most treasured gifts ever. 
    Mark recently posted..Hello world!My Profile