Things They Can’t Say: Mama’s Losin It

I had a total dork moment when I met this week’s featured blogger. Total squee moment. You probably already know Kat from Mama’s Losin’ It. But in case she is new to you, go head over to her blog, follow her on twitter, and like her on facebook. And of course, be sure to show her some comment love here.
Excited to have a new little cutie in the daycare. I love little girls.

I run a home daycare and often bite my ever-blogging tongue from over sharing any kind of details that could jeopardize my job. It wasn’t always like that. I used to write all KINDS of great snippits about the daycare. I blogged about parents that drove me crazy with strange requests, licensing rules, and even walked readers through my hiring process and shared PICTURES of potential daycare assistants that I found on MySpace and Facebook.

Big mistake.

In short, my blog was found and although I didn’t lose my job, I was extremely humiliated by the finders actions. Needless to say…I don’t write about the daycare much anymore, but if I could share Things I Can’t Say in regards to the daycare for just one day? It would be this:

1. Parents, I love you…if you have time to get your nails done, drink with friends, rent movies, and show up to daycare every morning with a Starbucks Latte? You can definitely afford to pay me. Please don’t forget your daycare provider has bills to pay too.

2. Parents, I have three kids of my own to get dressed and off to school every morning. I feed up to ten kids breakfast, make lunches, and clean up after them every single day. I do not have time to change your child out of his pajamas and brush his teeth with him. Please bring your child to daycare fully clothed.

A rainy day walk.

3. Daycare Dad, I know you told me you’d prefer your 10 month old not have honey until after she reaches the 12 month mark. Please do not get upset with me when you realize I fed her Honey Maid Graham Crackers…I promise you they’re safe.

4. Daycare Mom, I love that you’re all natural and prefer rinsing your child’s bum with warm water and wash cloths, but I cannot ‘re-use’ the same wash cloth all day and keep it hanging on a nail on the wall. Just. Ew.

They sure put a kink in my sedentary lifestyle when they don't have school...but at least I'm getting a tan.

5. Food Program Lady, You penalized me for writing that I fed the children oranges when in fact you observed them eating apples. I said “fruit is a fruit and it was an honest mistake”, but really I just didn’t care enough to double check and I forgot you had actually observed me that day.

6. To the parent who complains about the long day they had at work, I’m dying to say “OMG ME TOO!” but I can’t because in a sense you’re kind of my boss. I can’t complain about how dreadful my day was when it was spent watching your little Johnny. Just know that as you’re complaining about your long hours…I’M STILL WORKING.

Potting Plants

7. To the parent who doesn’t understand why I can’t open 30 minutes earlier for their child everyday. Please realize that I’m already working 11 hour days. 30 more minutes is just. too. much. That being said, money talks. Offer to pay more and I might reconsider.

8. OMG please greet your child warmly when you pick her up! She’s been looking forward to seeing you all day and that God awful drawing she’s shoving into your hands is something she made especially for you. It breaks my heart to see you’re in such a rush to beat traffic that you can’t take a moment to LOOK at your kid.

Friends Helping Friends

9. Daycare Licensor, When you tell me my kids can not nap upstairs in their own rooms because there is not an emergency exit or proper supervision since I am downstairs with the daycare kids…that in fact you’d like me to buy extra nap mats and cribs to keep in my living room for my children to sleep on every day during daycare hours…you make me want to slam my head through a wall. I hate that I became self employed only to be micro-managed by the state, but I love my job too much to quit.

10. Parents, your child happily shares every little thing that goes on in your house with all of her daycare friends. Your arguments, your flatulence, your steamy love making sessions discovered by your 4 year old? Yeah…I know you a lot better than you think I do and so does your child! Thank you for the entertainment and might I suggest a lock on that master bedroom of yours. 😉

Daycare Bebe2


I’m going to be honest, when I feel appreciated by a child’s parents I’m better at what I do and I’m happier while I’m doing it. Considering your child’s daycare provider or teacher is spending her entire day with your child in her care…I’d say making her feel appreciated should be one of your top priorities.


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    Oh how I agree with you. As a person who has worked in the daycare field for over 12 years I feel like I have seen it all. But somehow each day brings something new.

    My favorites are the discipline measures that parents would like us to try with their challenging children. Ummm yeah locking a three year old in a closet or not feeding them lunch is actually against the law. And now we will no longer be telling you about your child’s challenging day. *sigh* If it wasn’t for the parents my job would be perfect.

    • says

      Seriously! Some people never cease to shock me. I once had a daycare mom talking about wanting to foster a child. She told me she wanted an “older girl” because she thought an older girl might be more of a help around the house! Just…wow.
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

  2. jennifer says

    As a mom, we need to expand our thought and be patient every time in order to deal with our little children effectively and provide them the right things that they need too…  
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    What a great reminder that daycare providers are real people too.  I think they are often overlooked.  Our daycare center does a great job of appreciating them (and having the families appreciate them) during teacher appreciation week…but in all honestly, they need to be appreciated way more than one week a year.
    Kmama recently posted..Proud Mommy Moments: Drama KingMy Profile

    • says

      That’s so nice! Yes, sometimes I really feel like parents get caught up with what’s happening at work and forget to inquire about how things went at daycare. All of my current parents are amazing! Which is why I felt so comfortable revealing all that in this post! It doesn’t apply to any of them!
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

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    I was the “lead teacher” (ha) in the infant room of a daycare while I was in college. Lord, don’t get me started on some of the bizarre things I heard and saw. We had some really rude parents too that made me just wanted to scream. I could not do your job but I’m so appreciative on the people who do and who truly love it! You’re awesome.
    Delilah recently posted..Life in an InstagramMy Profile

    • says

      I was a lead teacher in college too! I felt pretty cool about that title back then, but now that I’m grown I think “What the heck were they making a 20 year old a LEAD teacher for!?!” Totally different perspective now that I have kids!
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

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    Hi Kat! It’s so awesome to see you here!
    My girls haven’t been in day care but I have friends who have talked about their day care providers like they were their slaves. It makes my belly hurt. If you want someone to take care of your child the way you want them to it comes with respect, kindness and appreciation. I can’t imagine doing what you do for 11 hours a day and still having the awesome sense of humor you do! It seems to me that those parents are very lucky to have you in their childrens’ lives.
    Kristen recently posted..The Evil StepmotherMy Profile

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      It’s funny because my sisters are SO nice to their daycare providers because they are so familiar to my side. Sometimes they call me to see if they’re over reacting to something their provider said and I have to say, there are some seriously SHADY providers out there!
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

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    To say that I am a fan of Mama Kat is kinda the understatement of the world.  She’s my friend, my laughter, the tall to my short.  

    That being said, I don’t know a ton about her everyday when it comes to the daycare, which is why I loved this post so much.

    I think an anonymous Confessions of a Day Care Provider blog is now in order.
    Francesca recently posted..Forum Roundup: June 1My Profile

    • says

      Oh Fran you are my biggest FanaKat…and by “biggest” I mean “only”. 😉 Now you just need a Bible and about 40 more cats. Sometimes I dream of publishing a Daycare Lady Tell All…but then I wouldn’t want to lose my job now would I!?!
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

  7. says

    I love this Kat!

    I admire what you do. No, scratch that. I am in awe of what you do. Just taking care of my own two kids all day is enough to make me want to hide in the bathroom at the end of the day. I do hope your ‘bosses’ love and appreciate you as much as you deserve. 

    • says

      Thank you!!

      My bosses now are all so awesome! I actually have some really great friendships and I try not to take any new kids that aren’t word-of-mouth references. It’s just so much easier to start off with someone who already kind of knows me.
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

  8. says

    OMG! Such fun to read on a Friday morning.  Thank you for the laugh today. Especially coming from one who cannot relate what so ever!  Only the truly gifted ones can do what you do.  
    Leah aka FFPMaMMa recently posted..One-sided LoveMy Profile

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    A friend of mine suggested that I do babysitting in my home to earn some extra money. OH NOOOOO.. I have enough problems dealing with my own 3, I do not want to deal with stranger’s kids and their parents!! You are a much better person than I am, lol I wouldn’t have the patience for it.. plus I can’t stand idiotic parents!!
    Deanna recently posted..Arguing with a Spam BotMy Profile

    • says

      Oh it’s not that bad!! Almost all of the kids I’ve taken in actually behave better than my OWN kids. I love having them here because they keep my kids occupied, but I sacrifice noise level. It’s always ridiculously loud here. :)
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

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    10 KIDS? OMG. Forget any of the blog stuff — you work harder than any of those parents. And I have no idea how you do it. I was once asked to watch one other child (besides my only child). I didn’t think I could handle the chaos. Damn, Mama — you are an all-star!

    • says

      Haha! Thank you, but you give me far too much credit! It’s just a few extra plates. :) And I worked in an office and also as high school teacher…I’d take this job over EITHER of those any day!! I get to be home!!
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

  11. says

    Two of my favorite ladies in one place. Kat you are one of my bloggy crushes for exactly this are witty, you have a huge heart and you’re honest. As for me and my daycare providers…I ador them and try to take care of them as much as I can and I thank them daily..for being so good to Gio and Jacob, for “raising” them with me. I know how important it is to be kind to them. I hope your “daycare parents” never take you for granted …because you’re awesome.
    Kir recently posted..WOE:Gathering Buttercups:Limbo & LibationsMy Profile

    • says

      Thank you! It definitely has it’s challenging days, but if you have a high level of tolerance to noise and tattling than you could definitely do it!
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

  12. says

    I love this! And I agree with you.  My little girl was being cared for by someone else when I worked outside of the home and she was a godsend! I was amazed that someone else, outside of my family, fell in love with my little one and I was just so humbled and appreciative of that. We still see her and she’s been coming by here and there when I’ve needed her to watch the girl for me while I worked or went to school.

    That is a lot, my friend. I don’t know how you do it but I can tell you that I appreciate what you do for those kids even if their parents don’t verbalize it!
    Sili recently posted..This Is Who I Am Volume VIIIMy Profile

    • says

      Oh man, you found a SPECIAL helper!! One of the reasons I started the daycare was because I feared I would never find someone who could love my kids enough. Well…and also the cost factor! It’s such a relief when we find that right person. :)
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

  13. says

    My kids don’t go to daycare but I was a daycare teacher all through college and these are hilarious! Loved the Honeymaid and the master bedroom. The license thing would make me crazy! Infuriating. God bless you for what you do and you’re right…you should be appreciated more!
    AnnMarie recently posted..5 Shows On My DVRMy Profile

    • says

      The license thing is THE most aggravating part! I mean parents can do annoying things now and again, but licensors are nit picky about some of the silliest things! I had to replace all of my nap mats because she wanted the a HALF inch thicker. I just smiled it away like “Oh yes, I see that they’re thin, I’ll order more right away!”

      My husband gets an earful on those days. :)
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

  14. says

    Oh, Kat, so much of this holds true for special education teachers too!!!  We have a different relationship with parents than teachers who just have kids for one year.  I was really lucky that, when I worked, I had my in home daycare provider’s daughter in my class and she had my kiddo at her house.  We truly adored each other and, if we hadn’t, had an excellent Game of Thrones-esque ransom/hostage situation.  Your kiddos are lucky to have you but I totally feel your “Loving the kids is easy, loving parents isn’t always” moment:)
    Nicole DeZarn recently posted..Now for Something Just a Little Bit Silly!My Profile

    • says

      Oh that’s so funny! It’s the perfect, “you take good care of mine and I’ll take good care of yours!” situation. Next year I’ll be watching my daughter’s Kindergarten teachers little girl. I’m looking forward to it…I think fellow teachers are sometimes the most understanding. :)
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

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      And I’d hug you right back…and never let go…and then we’d leave together for Happy Hour and just safely lock the kids in the house.
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

    • says

      Haha! I know!! Lord knows what embarrassing family stories they would share with ‘outsiders’. Letting kids out of the house is risky business!

  15. says

    I actually wrote a thank -you letter to my daughter’s daycare teachers and administrators recently as part of Tonya’s Letters for Your series at Letters for Lucas:

    I keep meaning to print it off and actually GIVE it to the people for whom I wrote it because I meant every word.

    On another note, my daughter’s teacher told me yesterday that she (my daughter) put the classroom’s Minnie Mouse doll in timeout and then sternly told her, “No ma’am! You are NOT doing your best job. You are NOT listening!” Her teacher thought it was super cute and funny but I felt ashamed because I knew my daughter was imitating ME. I know discipline is a natural part of parenting, but it really served to remind me to watch what I say and how I say it around her because she WILL go to school and share it. 
    Kristin @ What She Said recently posted..Friday Non-Tapas: ‘Cuz Honey Badger Just Don’t CareMy Profile

    • says

      That gave me goosebumps!! All daycare providers should be required to read that post! Seriously, sometimes we need to be reminded of the delicate job WE have helping raise these babies. Hearing those words from one of my parents would definitely put that baby in a special place in my heart. So sweet!
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

  16. says

    I’m so glad you wrote this. I’ve been wanting more information about the whole in-home daycare thing for awhile. I really, really want to start working from home and I was wondering if “watching” one  to two children would be worth it. I’m still not sure.
    Jennifer recently posted..Dear ManessahMy Profile

    • says

      To me, it is SO worth it! I charge $600 a month for full time kids and my husband and I sat down to crunch numbers. We figured if I could just keep TWO kids in the daycare we could survive. It was a big leap of faith when I started, but those two kids finally came and eventually turned into more…which meant I could start shopping at Target again. :) I know some women really enjoy working outside of the house and I’ll be honest, some days I do too! But I know in my heart I’m way too much of a control freak to relinquish my supervision over my kids to someone else. I just can’t. So here I am! If your heart wants you home than FOLLOW it! (As long as it doesn’t make you homeless).
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

    • says

      Oh you remember!!! Oh my gosh I can’t BELIEVE how much I revealed in those old posts! I ended up removing a ton of them when one of the parents started going through them and threatened to send them to my licensor. FACEPALM!
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

  17. says

    I love posts like this–revealing insider information, haha. My husband once asked if I’d consider running a home day-care. While I admire and appreciate people who can, I know I can barely run a household with 1 kid. How do you have time to blog?? :)
    Rach (DonutsMama) recently posted..Tea and Time With My Twitter TwinMy Profile

    • says

      Running a daycare is easy once you get set in your routine! The kids nap from 12:30 to 3pm so I get a ton done while they sleep. I also get up before kids are here so that I can steal some time to myself…and of course when my kids go to bed at 8pm I stay up until 11pm….so there are a lot of time slots of possibility if I want to be on the computer. I’ll admit though, plenty of times I don’t even bother opening my blog to write anything. Too tired!
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

  18. says

    I may not run my own daycare (kudos to you) but I used to work as a preschool teacher and I totally see your point of view. It’s tough at times and having to bite your tongue is a kind of torture because oh, you just want to let some parents have a piece of your mind. :)
    Susi recently posted..Loving, Hopeful, OptimisticMy Profile

    • says

      I’m that person who thinks of great ways to stand up for herself AFTER the offensive person has left. I’m usually just kind of in shock when I feel taken advantage of or disrespected in some way. And then I store it up and blog about it. Haha!
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

  19. says

    Oh Kat! I totally hear ya! We had Miss Cherie for 7 years and she’s still the #1 person I think of when I think about how awesome my kids are turning out. I am fully aware that they spent more time with her than with me for their first few years and she’s to take most of the credit. Believe me, we moms really appreciate what you do. REALLY! 
    Ali recently posted..The One Where We Dance Like MoronsMy Profile

    • says

      Oh I am SO glad to hear you’ve had an amazing experience. Of all my assistants helping with kids, I only got that warm feeling from a few of them. The others didn’t last long. :)
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

  20. says

    What’s interesting about a home daycare versus a daycare center is that it feels personal enough, that parents feel they have the right to ask for special requests – like the reusable poo wash towel, opening up early for them, or to send their kids in wearing PJ’s.  It’s a fine line you have to walk.  #10 on the list is priceless.  Noted.  Will check lock on my bedroom door!  
    Ilene recently posted..I Steal CarsMy Profile

    • says

      Yes that’s exactly what happens! Home daycares don’t feel like a real bill the way centers do. I love the personal friendships I develop with the parents, but it sometimes comes at a cost. I’m definitely happy to work with families that are struggling though! I feel terrible that I have to take their money and try to be as helpful as possible. Most parents are great, but I’ve had a couple here and there that just pull their kids out without paying for care I’ve provided. It can be frustrating.
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

  21. says

    To #9 I have to say, seriously??? And to #10 all I can say is OMG!!!!! I used to hope that wasn’t true. You just blew my little secure fantasy world. Lol!
    Joanne recently posted..Bonding with DaddyMy Profile

    • says

      #9 is ridiculous! It’s like…so I can stand 40 yards away from kids running in a giant field at the park, but I can’t be downstairs in my own house while the kids sleep? Super frustrating.

      And #10…yeah I’ll just say…be careful. 😉
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

  22. says

    I’ll take that wash cloth when you are done with it…
    NOT REALLY OH MY GAH that’s gross.

    This whole post was amazingly awesomely funny.

    And as a teacher for 17 years, I can relate (on a slightly different level of course, but the kids/parents as boss/client is right on).

    You are a hero, my lady. A HERO.
    (Also, apples are way better than oranges so, win!)
    julie gardner recently posted..And now for something completely different…My Profile

    • says

      Oranges suck.

      I taught high school for a year and after dealing with THOSE parents, co workers, and kids…I’d take my job as a daycare provider over teacher ANY DAY! My hat is off to YOU my friend!!
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

    • says

      Oh I can only imagine the look on my daycare parents faces if I were to hand them this. They would be like “We DO that!?!” The parents I have now are all so awesome…but I’ve definitely had my share of strange birds come through!
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

  23. Donna May says

    Love it! My kids had a wonderful woman caring for them from birth to Kindergarten. I will always remember her and how much she did for me and my kids….. and fully admit that SHE potty trained my kids, not me!! Your day care kids – and their parents – are so lucky!

    • says

      That is such a great feeling!! My kids have had a few teachers that I adore and I’m always sad to see them move up and away from them. I wish they could stay in their classrooms forever!
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

  24. says

    Ever since the first day I dropped my kid off at a home daycare, I’ve been thinking, “Man, I really hope she likes me!” This just confirmed that she is definitely taking mental note of, well, EVERYTHING. I certainly admire how hard-working moms who also run daycares are!
    Amanda recently posted..So Close We Can Taste ItMy Profile

  25. says

    Loved this blog! I did home childcare for 13 years, and in the end it was the parents I just couldn’t tolerate any longer!! You took me down memory lane!!

    • says

      Oh Angie, then you know exactly what I’m talking about! I always know when a parent isn’t going to last long in the daycare. They are so high maintenance that it’s just better off they hire their own personal nanny!
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

  26. says

    Oh my, they really don’t want your kids to nap in their own bedrooms? Because I plan on doing that with mine as I do housework downstairs and around the house someday. I could understand if it was the kids who you are being payed to watch, but your own…?

    I love your advice. Especially about greeting your child warmly. It’s so sad when that excitement falls of their little faces, as they realize their parents aren’t excited to see them, too.

    And finally, I love how much kids notice, and how open they are to sharing their parents lives with everyone! When I ran my church’s nursery, I heard some really funny stories :)

    Love this post.

    • says

      The nap thing really got to me…especially when my kids were small babies and accustomed to sleeping in their own cribs. I mean, the reason I started a daycare in the first place was basically to allow them to stay home with me and have access to the entire house.

      I can’t tell you how many times I have watched a child put together a piece of art only to see the parent toss it aside or stuff it in a bag. It just breaks my heart. Can we all just pretend to ADORE every horrible piece of art that comes our way??
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

  27. says

    All I can say is….hats off to you and God bless you! What a wonderful blog and an eye opener to all the things that daycare providers put up with. It takes real passion and it’s a gift for you to be able to do what you do. Not only do you have to deal with the children, you also have to deal with the parents and that’s a gift all on it’s own. Plus you have your own 3 boys to raise…Wow!! I’m stunned. more patience than I was allotted :)

    ~What an inspiration you are!~

    • says

      Thank you!!! That was so nice!

      Yes, actually the kids are the best part of the job! The licensor is the worst (but I totally understand why they’re necessary) and the parents can fall anywhere in between. Some of them become great friends and some become major thorns in my side. But those ones don’t stay very long. 😉 It really is an awesome job, I’m grateful these parents put so much trust in me!
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

  28. says

    I love this post – I’ve been the bleary-eyed parent dropping one kid off at a centre & the other at a home-based caregiver at 7AM. I’ve always appreciated our caregivers, and made sure we thanked them EVERY DAY!

    Thank you for sharing the caregiver’s side! (It makes me appreciate you even more;)
    Angela recently posted..PWS + DMD = big problems… dinner at our houseMy Profile

    • says

      Oh man, TWO different stops in the morning! That would be rough! Believe me, your daycare provider just that occasional thank you is definitely appreciated from your provider!
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

    • says

      Sometimes I do!! I sing to them a lot at lunch time. It’s my chance to put on a show and they usually scream BOOO or yell out new songs for me to sing. I don’t really appreciate all those boos! 😉
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

    • says

      I started writing a list of things I don’t ever want to forget JUST IN CASE I get a wild hair and decide to try to turn it into a book. These kids and parents just provide so much great writing material. It’s a shame we can’t USE it!
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

  29. says

    I was raised in day care.  My parents picked a bummer of a place that was eventually shut down. Thankfully, it didn’t kill me…just made me stronger.  Parents don’t realize how good they’ve got it until they see what it *could* be like.  Kudos to you, Kat.  Carry on.

    In addition – Double Ew on the warm bum cloth.  Really?
    Sue recently posted..I’m Not Sexy. And I Know It.My Profile

    • says

      Ugh! My niece and nephew were once enrolled in a daycare that reeked of urine and had far too many animals. It was gross and eventually shut down as well. The provider was actually a very sweet woman…just not clean at all. I’m glad they got out of there and you too!
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

    • says

      Yeah I guess the small hiccups I get from the state DO provide me with something to write about AND for the rest of the year it’s just business as usual. I’m glad they don’t stop by monthly! That would be annoying.

  30. says

    Oh I love this. Really really love it. And I will now always think about what in the world my son could be saying at daycare about me. Probably that mommy spends lots of time on her computer, phone and tv and probably should shower more regularly…. I think I might just go do that right now.
    Marta recently posted..The Gown.My Profile

    • says

      Haha! Yes…and my kids would say Mommy makes weird videos in our bathroom and puts them on YouTube. Which is why it’s really great to just keep them home with me!
      Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

  31. says

    I do too! Sometimes it’s really hard to resist not writing about, but I’ve hurt feelings of people in the past and I really feel bad when that happens. I wouldn’t want any of my current parents to think I was talking about them, because right now I’m in a great place with ALL excellent parents. It’s a fine line to walk!
    Kat recently posted..Preschool PatternMy Profile

  32. says

    at least you don’t have any of those moms that don’t even diaper their kid…the ones that “know” when Johnny has to go and holds him over a bowl….seriously? 
    and wow…I kind of don’t like other people’s kids…you must be even more supremely awesome than I thought…
    and when I say I kind of don’t like other people’s kids, I mean I really really don’t….
    except yours of course…I love reading about yours…oh, and Shell’s too, naturally
    Not a Perfect Mom recently posted..Why Kids Are Assholes-Part 1My Profile

  33. michellr says

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m an in home daycare provider and this is so true.

  34. says

    BEST POST EVER. I totally agree! I’m not a teacher, but it really irks me when the parents at my kids school think that money raised for PTO should only go to benefit the kids..and so they dont’ spend any money on Teacher Appreciation Day (we do an entire week). They ask the parents to donate money for their kids classes. Sometimes the coordinators never get enough money and it makes me mad that the majority of the PTO doesn’t realize that by showing teachers they are appreciated, you ARE benefiting the kid. Teachers who feel appreciated work much harder and care more about their jobs and your children. Not because they are receiving gifts, but because they feel like it’s all worth it, and they have your support.
    Lisa M recently posted..Ella Grace Goodies for Me; Free Shipping Code For You!My Profile

  35. says

    HAHA!!!! i just loved the hell out of that…..People even WORKING MOTHERS do not truly understand that taking care of not only Your own children but theirs and everybody else may be just the hardest job ever!  Meanwhile they get a lunch break and chat to their co workers off and on all day ( which is really a break from their own kids)  While your job  as their daycare provider never truly gets a break without kids around!!
    So kudos to YOU and  your strength because girl it takes a special person to do your job

  36. says

    HAHA!!!! i just loved the hell out of that…..People even WORKING MOTHERS do not truly understand that taking care of not only Your own children but theirs and everybody else may be just the hardest job ever!  Meanwhile they get a lunch break and chat to their co workers off and on all day ( which is really a break from their own kids)  While your job  as their daycare provider never truly gets a break without kids around!!
    So kudos to YOU and  your strength because girl it takes a special person to do your job