Things They Can’t Say about Summer

Today is the start of summer for my family: the last day of school! Instead of featuring one blogger this week, I asked for your thoughts about summer over on my facebook page. If you come across someone new to you, go meet them!

I dread everything about summer -the kids home, the heat, the obnoxious, unsupervised big kids at the pool, having to shave every day… it all sucks. -Evin, Food Good, Laundry Bad

Summer makes me realize that I was wrong when I assumed I’d start liking other people’s kids when I had my own. All the neighborhood kids start coming out of the woodwork, and I find myself cursing the idea that some of them will likely someday be Runt’s friends. -Aramelle, One Wheeler’s World

Summer makes me hate the ice cream truck! Why does it only come in my neighborhood AT DINNERTIME? And why do my children insist on making me (over)pay for similar ice cream pops that we already have in our freezer? -Sarah, In the Trenches of Mommyhood

Summer time has its ups and downs. It frees up a lot of time to get out and do more family things, but it also stresses me out because the kids can’t seem to do anything without arguing and/or tattling! Maybe I will just lock them all in the closet this year and let them fight it out! ha! -Deanna, Madam Sarcasm

I usually do not look forward to summer break because having the kids home all day, every day gets monotonous. But this year I’m feeling differently due to all the stress we’ve had this spring. So now I’m looking forward to no pressure aspect of summer. But I’m NOT looking forward to the ice cream truck! -Jennifer, Just Jennifer

This summer means working harder than I should for way less money than I should, humidity that makes my hair untamable, and that oh so sexy leg stubble–because I CAN’T bring myself to shave everyday! -Amanda, Life According to Amanda

Summer is my least favorite season because: it takes approximately 2.7 hours after the last day of school for my kids to start whining, “We’re bored!”. Then there’s the constant running in and out of the house, endless begging to buy a treat from the ice cream truck, not to mention the heat and humidity. I’m already looking forward to fall. -Shannon, Welcome to the Nuthouse

I love the idea of summer. I love my kids being home and free to be kids. I do not love the uber heat that Texas has. I do love the lake, our boat, swimming pools and grilling our dinner. -Jamie Anne, A Dash of Domestic

I’m a complete summer girl, but I don’t look forward to the humidity or wearing shorts. -Kim, Mama’s Monologues

I love that we don’t have to wake up early for school, but I hate that the sun goes down so late, making the kids think they need to stay up later. It cuts way into my “me time” and I end up going to bed too late! -Greta, G*funk*ified

Summer to me means a chance to catch up with all my teacher friends. It also means my kids can shred my house at the exact same rate as I can clean it. I call this state “crapulibrium!” -Nicole, Modified Mamas

Summer just reminds me that I’m not the typical 24-year-old. No more margaritas pool side or cute two pieces. I miss being able to lay by the water with a book. Now I’m In the kiddie pool, getting splashed. Bittersweet! -Sam, My Life as Wife

What is your summer truth? 


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    Obviously ice cream trucks need to be outlawed. Summer to me is about applying endless amounts of sunblock and spending endless amount of hours at the softball fields.

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    Now that my kids are in grade school I find summer to be a real trade off. I love not waking up at the crack of dawn and not making lunches! I hate the monotony, the heat, the absence of me time, fighting kids, and summer clothes. We do swim team though and that DOES provide a great activity day in and day out!
    Kimberly recently posted..Canyon LakeMy Profile

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    I want to shave my hair in the summer humidity. I look like I have an afro from the 70’s disco era and it is not a look I could’ve pulled off even back then!
    Hope your boys had a great last day!!
    Kristen recently posted..Proud Mommy MomentsMy Profile

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    Now that the ice cream trucks carry all those character type ice creams (which I don’t really think are ice cream at all!) I dread them. ¬†Have you tasted one of those things? ¬†YUCK! ¬†Kids love them…they have gum balls for eyes and they come like Dora, Sponge Bob, Iron Man, etc…..I’m afraid to look at the ingredients. ¬†And they can also cause you to go bankrupt….I’m going to have to be a mean mom this summer and just buy plain ‘ol Revellos, Fudgicles, Popcicles, etc! ¬†Old school is always the best!!
    Jill @ Mommy Inconsistent recently posted..Secret Mommyhood Confession – I Fantasize About HomeschoolingMy Profile

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    More quality time with my kids versus rushing them around to activities is the “pro.” ¬†But sometimes quality time turns into “too much time” and we get on each other’s nerves. ¬†I have to try to keep gratitude on the forefront – having healthy, happy, active kids means they sometimes get squirrely, right?

    Oh, and make that ice cream truck go away, please!      
    Ilene recently posted..Green Smoothie NationMy Profile

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    I love summer because we’re free to go to the pool, park, farm, etc whenever we want. ¬†I hate having to shave all the time and use sunscreen all the time. ¬†By the way, don’t apply sunscreen on your legs right after you shave – ouch!I hate the ice cream truck, but not because he drives by all the time forcing us to spend money. ¬†He never comes on our street, but my kids can hear his obnoxious music all day. ¬†It’s torture!
    Evonne recently posted..Mirror, MirrorMy Profile

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    I am a total ice cream truck hater! They freak me out. They just make me think of ways for predators to get access to little kids. I think I may have taken that Dateline “Stranger Danger” episode a little too seriously. My most unfavorite thing about summer is that it is (generally) the time when moms with shared custody have to say good-bye for extended periods.
    Jennifer – Treading Water in the Kiddie Pool recently posted..So Many Good-byesMy Profile

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    I love being included in these posts. Thanks so much, Shell! And I must agree with Greta about how long it stays light out. She’s complaining about it down in Kansas, but I’m up here in Washington where there’s still a little light in the sky at 10:00! She’s right that it can seriously cut into OUR time!
    Just Jennifer recently posted..TGIF: Grampa’s Backyard….and a PoemMy Profile

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    I love summer and I’m hoping that isn’t going to change when my kids get school aged. I figure either way I’m going to be at work so really I only have the blissful weekends and I LOVE hot weather, pools and beaches.¬†
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    I love summer! I really, really do! But that could be because summer is the only time we actually get sunshine in my neck of the woods (okay, that’s being a little over dramatic…but it’s the Pacific Northwest…sun is not a daily thing). What I don’t like is that the boys get sick of each other….QUICKLY after the novelty of not having to go to school wears off. Thankfully I can through them outside and let them duke it out with water guns, or water balloons!! OH, and mommy gets some frustration out as well when she gets to control the hose during these water fights!!
    Hopes@Staying Afloat! recently posted..One Moment at a TimeMy Profile

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    Thanks for including me, Shell! This week has been a whole lot of stuck inside, getting on each others’ nerves time, with everyone down from an early-season stomach flu. That should totally be outlawed!
    Greta recently posted..Walking For Kittens.My Profile

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    I wish summer meant sleeping in at my house. Sadly, it does not. It means getting up early (still) and having both kids to myself. Because I’m home for the summer. And I love my kids, I really do, but I still haven’t figured out a way to get comfortable taking them BOTH out, and I hate being stuck in the house.¬†
    Teresa (Embracing the Spectrum) recently posted..GraduationMy Profile

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    First I must say that I love love summer. I love when it is hot. I love the smell in the air. I love that I have no (or little) work responsibilities…BUT since this is the place I can say things that I can’t usually say… I hate that the sun stays up so long and the kids won’t go to bed! I love it when they are in bed..sleeping. I am not a fan of having to make three meals a day!- As I usually am teaching and other are doing that. I do not like the constant fighting and me yelling and then feeling guity. The number one reason I do not like summer? I feel like a bad mom most of the time. Between wishing they were sleeping and threatening them with summer school. ;(
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    I’m lucky – there is affordable summer daycare, actually, where they will have more fun than staying home. ¬†But I only do it about every other day because they need time to just chill out and do nothing as well. ¬†But I find it so hard to think of things to do by the end of the summer.
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    I LOVE summer…I’m a total summer girl. I love that my kids don’t have school (even though it feels like they fight a LOT)…I love the warm weather, the pool, the park, and I just ignore the ice cream truck ūüėČ
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