Evolution of Dealing with Blog Trolls

If you have been blogging for any amount of time, you have probably encountered a troll or two. A troll is someone who leaves a nasty comment: not just someone who disagrees with your opinion, but who really attacks you. It’s usually more of a personal attack than specifically about what you have posted.  Trolls are known for jumping to conclusions, overlooking the obvious, nitpicking, taking things out of context, and not having a real clue about who you are as a person.

It seems most bloggers go through a few different stages of how they deal with blog trolls.  I went through stage 1 for sure… considered stage 2, though really kept that one to emails instead of actually on my blog(but we’ve all seen stage 2 somewhere, haven’t we? I always want to bring the popcorn along as I watch), and then finally, there’s stage 3.

Stage 1

Ohmygosh, someone said something mean to me. They were just flat out rude for no reason. I can’t deal with this person who doesn’t know me and who I don’t know. So, I just want to quit blogging. *cue bursting into tears*

Stage 2

Oh yeah, you want a piece of me? Well, first of all, I’m going to write a post about what you said, calling all my readers to action to go attack your blog or to leave comments on mine, telling me how I’m right and you are wrong. And then I’m going to tear apart your silly comment and explain in detail just how wrong you are.

Stage 3

Oh, look at this person who doesn’t know me and doesn’t have a clue what the hell she is talking about. But this blog is my space and I don’t have to allow anyone in it who is being an asshole just for the sake of being an asshole. And that even though I could explain to the troll why they are so very wrong, it’s not worth it because the troll just wants attention and will only see their deluded version of reality anyway. So it’s delete and move on. Without any tears and without any drama.

Unless of course said troll keeps coming around. And then you can either revert to stage 2 or at least post on facebook for the entertainment of all.

How do you deal with a blog troll?


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    I had one for many months using different names and making many mean comments on every single post.  i finally figured it out one night when I realized all the ip addresses were the same.  Because of my troll, I had to start moderating comments.  i wasn’t going to let them poop all over my blog.  They finally gave up a month ago….
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    • Shell says

      It makes you wonder how on earth people have the TIME for something like that. Like they really don’t have something better to do? 

    • Shell says

      It is sort of entertaining to watch some of them play out. As long as I’m not involved!

    • Shell says

      I think that’s why a lot go with #2 for a while. But I’ve yet to see that sort of thing actually change the mind of a troll.

    • Shell says

      Just remind yourself if/when it does that no matter how personal it might feel, it really ISN’T personal. They don’t really know you.

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    I haven’t had one yet. I’d like to say that I’d handle it using #3, but who knows. I have enjoyed sitting back and watching how others deal with it though. And yes, I’m a sucker for watching other drama. 😉
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    • Shell says

      Me, too, girl. As long as I can just watch from behind the scenes and not be involved.

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    I have missed reading yor blog while I was MIA. I got this one lady who tore me up and down for my blog’s name. She said I that I was a mom who should build up my child and I just tear her down by calling her Evil. I hate to admit it but it hurt me deep to the core. She doesn’t know me enough to know how much I love my children and it is not like it is her real name for God’s sake or that I ever call her that outside of the blog. It was more of just a catchy blog name.
    Anyway, I have been there and I am stage 2 still.
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    This happened to me for the first time recently. I chose NOT to react~Stage 3, seemed the lesser of the evils and I feel like I’ve encounter morse in my life. After all I have an exhusband, his new wife, my husbands exwife, & enough drama to keep me on my toes without giving this person any of my valuable time.
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    • Shell says

      It is nice not to have seen much lately! A few comments lately inspired this post, but thankfully, nothing major.

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    I need a good cry … now I know – a blog troll will get me there! Wait, scratch that. As co-dependent as I am, I’d probably need a therapy session to get over someone not liking me on my blog. Too expensive. If I get a troll, I’ll send them over to you to kick their ass!
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    I must not be popular enough..,, I haven’t had a blog troll yet! However, I did have a crazy YouTube commenter! You are right, delete and move on is best!

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    Just had a troll issue last week. I got hit with a roving gang of trolls and spent one whole day deleting comment after comment after comment on my blog. The first comment had me in Stage 1. Comments 2-5 had me in stage 2. Comments 6-42 had me in Stage 3.  Comment 43 had me blocking IP addresses. Not a fun way to spend the day, that’s for sure. And for what? Their comments were stupid and full of irrelevant hate. I sure wish people like that had something better to do with their time so I didn’t have to spend my time dealing with them. Great post, Shell. 
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    Oh I needed to read this. I just had a really rough facebook message the other day from someone who is a “fan” of my page and it bugged me for days. I hate when it’s a personal attack and it’s hard to take the high road. I did Stage 1, thought about doing Stage 2 but am ultimately at Stage 3. Whew.
    Jessica recently posted..Summer SafetyMy Profile

    • Shell says

      When it’s personal, it’s hard to ignore. I had one recently where I had to remind myself that the person didn’t know me or my situation and was nitpicking from ONE post they read.

    • Shell says

      Stage 2 is so tempting. Especially when the troll really doesn’t have a valid point to stand on. But ultimately, they aren’t worth our time.

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    I have been very, very fortunate with this. Either because I call it out in a manner that makes it distasteful for them to stick around or because they get deleted and therefore no attention. Not sure which it is.
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    I always say that you’ve never really made it until you start getting negative comments. I have not made it yet. Trolls are such aholes who clearly have too much time on their hands.
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    I don’t get too many trolls, but I think my mind goes directly to Stage 3. I’m not big on engaging people when I feel like they already have their mind made up about something.
    Heather recently posted..TransitionsMy Profile

    • Shell says

      The funny thing is that when I get them, it’s usually on the most random, non-controversial post ever. 

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    I just had my first troll a few weeks ago…it was pretty upsetting. Not sure why people feel the need to make those comments. They should just move on to another blog and shut up!

    • Shell says

      Ugh, sorry to hear that! I don’t understand what their point it. I think they just have too much time on their hands.

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    I have not had a hater at the blog yet, but I did get some very “opinionated” comments when I was featured for my SITS day. My bio and post were sort of geared in the homeschool direction, and that brought out some colorful comments. But, stage 3 is the best. Screw them! It’s not worth the tears or time, girl!

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    Thus far, knock on wood, i have not encountered a troll.  When that time comes, I’ll write about it PYHO and we’ll judge what stage I’m in 😉  Honestly I’d probably do all 3 anyway!!
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    Yea I have to admit I get pulled into the drama of watching others deal with it to and while it is entertaining in the end I wonder if it is all worth it. So far luckily no troll for me- just the weird random spam comments.
    Emmy recently posted..Like Cuttin’ ButterMy Profile

    • Shell says

      It’s hard to look away from- like a train wreck or traffic accident. We know it’s horrific, but we just can’t help it. 😉 

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    I’m a very tiny fish so I haven’t had a troll but I am sure I would cry. It is hard to put yourself out there and then have someone be mean to you…especially a first encounter with your blog. Now, if I was drinking rum while reading the troll’s comment…it would be game on!! 😉
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    • Shell says

      Well, if you get one, get out the rum right away. And then email me. And we’ll take care of it. xo

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    I had a troll about a year ago, but they gave up after a few months. I tend to feel the need to show everyone IRL the troll comment just to validate that what they are saying has no merit. It really is amazing how many people spend so much time hating.

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    I used to feel the need to be a lot of stage two, but now if I say anything, I simply say, “Looks like we misunderstand one another, hope you are doing well!” It satisfies my need to say something, but it doesn’t get me drawn in to the negative. Though I must admit that I love it when a reader defends me. It’s unnecessary, but so nice. :)
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    • Shell says

      You are a bigger person than me- if it’s attacking, I will delete. I’ll leave the difference of opinions(b/c sheesh, I never expect everyone to agree with me!) but not when it’s just flat out being rude for the sake of being rude. 

    • Shell says

      Oh wow! I haven’t had to deal with that yet. I don’t think I could reply to that, either!

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    Have not yet been there or done that yet, thankfully. I am grateful for your suggestions, Shell, so I am ready when they do hit. I also appreciate the suggestion of the gal who said she was keeping emails in a folder just in case. That is most likely a prudent idea.
    Thanks for sharing your experience!
    Kim recently posted..3 Simple changes to grow a happier familyMy Profile

    • Shell says

      It is smart to keep them- though only if you promise yourself not to go look at them unless you have to! 

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    Well…I feel left out that I haven’t had one!  I want a troll!  Just kidding…I have enough drama without trolls :)  I have had some unpleasant emails that have caused me to reconsider this whole blogging thing.  It’s a lot of unpaid effort to deal with negativity…but then I remember that it’s not about me…and some people just can’t keep it in.
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    I have a “fan” troll who likes to stalk me online. They pop up in a few spots though mostly on my blog. They comment about my life as if I post everything about my life online for the world to see and that’s all there is to me. Obviously not so. I’ve taken to making fun of them in public with a post or two. Most of the time it’s deleted with nary a second glance. Folks like that don’t really need the extra attention.

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    I’ve heard that blog trolls mean you’ve “made” it. I’ve encountered only a few in my blogging tenure and each time, I just ignore them. That cartoon is priceless!
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    BRILLIANT! You nailed it, Shell. I have been through all three of these phases at one time or another. Mean or insensitive comments always crush my soul a little. The first time I got trolled, I did stage 1 AND 2, circling my blog friends around me and letting those trolls know we wouldn’t take their shit anymore. That’s one good thing about getting trolled…people do love to see a good cat fight (page views through the roof!) Ha! 

    I got to the point earlier this summer where I decided to close my comments completely so I wouldn’t be vulnerable to anything unpleasant. The problem is, I also don’t get to hear anything good, and even though people can talk to me through Twitter and FB, it’s just not the same. But your stage three attitude of delete and move on sounds like a great solution. Great post! Thanks! 
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