It Goes Too Fast

It can’t have been six years ago that I was rushing to the hospital to have my second baby. I can remember that night so clearly and especially how it ended- with this little doll:

sleeping baby

We called him our Little Bear. He was such a good baby that I often startled awake to check to make sure he was breathing in the middle of the night. He smiled and giggled and made me feel like it wasn’t impossible to deal with two kids under the age of two.

In the blink of an eye, he turned one.

baby cowboy

Taking steps and desperately trying to keep up with his big brother. Still so happy and the best napper ever. That grin could make anyone fall in love with him.

And then came two.

toddler boy

I almost lost him him, literally lost him, right before he turned two. And just a few short weeks after he turned two, he became a big brother.

He never really hit the terrible twos- he was too sweet for that. Though he kept me on my toes all the time.

Before I knew it, he was three.


Three was busy. It was when we went to Disney World, got his lead poisoning diagnosis, and moved to North Carolina.

Before we could even take a breath, he was four.

boy birthday

And I couldn’t call him a baby any more.

Four passed in an even bigger blur to become five.

5 year old

5 meant all-day school. It also meant a rough year. But he was ready to fight. And, as always, love fiercely.

And on May 7, 2012, 5 becomes 6.

birthday boy

It goes too fast.

Too fast for my mama heart.

So, I’ll try to enjoy every moment.

Happy birthday to my sweet Little Bear.


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    It does all go too fast.  My oldest turns 15 and Baby turns 5 in June.  WOW.

    He’s adorable, hope he has a wonderful Birthday.  My kids love the attention the get at school for their Birthday.
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    Oh Happy Birthday to such an adorable little guy. It goes by so fast doesn’t it? I feel the same about my youngest who is so close in age to his siblings. He has grown up so quickly right behind them. 
    Jessica recently posted..There’s No Place Like HomeMy Profile

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    It DOES go in the blink of any eye.  I used to scoff at the wiser older women who would tell me to enjoy every minute and stage with my boys because it would be gone so fast.

    I now get it.

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    Every milestone comes with mixed feelings for me. I feel like I’m going to burst with pride while watching my children grow into lovely, talented, self-sufficient young adults.  At the same time, I still want to cut the crusts off of their PB&Js and kiss their boo-boos!  

    Happy birthday to your Little Bear! (He’s a cutie!) Enjoy every moment.

    Blingerz Community Manager
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    So adorable! I <3 the cowboy pic :)

    Yes, time does fly by & before you know it, they're getting married & having kids of their own. I can't believe my baby is over a year old! I remember going to the hospital to have her, every little detail! And my 7yo, I look at her & go "WOW! How in the hell do I have a 7yo?!". She talks like a regular person too, lol. I love having conversations with her.

    Happy Birthday to your perfectly adorable son. He's definitely a keeper! 😉
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    It really DOES go too fast. . .

    The years just start flying by.

    My daughter turns the big 1-0 on Thursday.


    Ten years, really???  REALLY?

    Where did the time go?  Wasn’t it only yesterday that I held her in my arms and rocked her to sleep as she drank a bottle?


    Yes, the years are going by way too fast.
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    He is such a handsome boy. And he has a wonderful Mama who fights for him and with him everyday. Happy Birthday big guy. xo

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    How you don’t dip this face in your tea to sweeten it…I have no idea! He is the cutest! Whenever I see any of your boys on Instagram they always make me smile. Happy, Happy Birthday to your sweet Bear!
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