Headed to Camp

It’s that time of year: time for summer camp!

This year, aside from attempting to fill my boys’ days up with as many affordable camps that I can manage so that I can still get my work done and they don’t go stir crazy, I’m headed off to camp as well.

No tents or mud or bugs for me, though! At least, I hope not, especially since I’m packing heels to this camp.

I’ve been invited to attend TWIN Camp next month.

TWIN= Toyota Women’s Influencer Network.

twin toyota

I have to admit that I was a little nervous about accepting this opportunity because I do not own a Toyota now and I never have.  I’ve test driven some Toyotas(of the SUV/minivan variety to fit my brood) and I used to carpool to work with one of my best friends in her 20+ year-old Toyota truck, but that’s it for my Toyota experience.

But, it turns out, that’s just fine with them.  They want to hear about my experiences and even what I think about their brand. And anything about their cars. And technology, going green, saving money, vacations, and all sorts of topics related to cars, car shopping, and what is important to me.  They want to hear my opinion! Well, and the opinions of the other TWIN members, of course.

While I don’t have all that much personal experience with Toyota, I’m excited to be working with a brand who wants to listen to what women have to say about their brand.

I’ll be heading to TWIN Camp to learn more in early June and can’t wait!

Disclosure: I was selected for participation in the TWIN community through a program with Clever Girls Collective. I did not receive any compensation for writing this post, or payment in exchange for participating. The opinions expressed herein are mine, and do not reflect the views of Toyota.



  1. says

    I know nothing much about Toyotas, but my daughter has never owned anything else!  They currently have a Prius and a Rav 4.  They love them and are confirmed believers in Toyotas.  So if nothing else, you can tell Toyota that you have heard good things about their cars and their customers appear loyal.  There, now you know more than you did!   LOL!!!  

    Have a great time!
    Mellodee recently posted.."Sleepy Time Gal"My Profile

  2. says

    We have a 1988 Toyota Corolla. It’s the perfect car to use for teaching teenagers to drive. Too bad my 15-year-old is NOT at all interested. Have fun at camp!
    momof12 recently posted..Daddy Daughter DanceMy Profile

  3. says

    AHA! Now I know what you will be doing :-) I’ve never driven one either, mostly because they always seem to come in at a higher price then others… I looked at the Highlander and Sequoia when I was car shopping this time and couldn’t touch them!
    Sorta Southern Single Mom recently posted..PinspirationMy Profile

    • Shell says

      Yes, this is where I’ll be that week. At first, the dates overlapped the concert and I told my husband he should go anyway and take someone. His sarcastic self asked if that was my okay for him to date. Total punk- of course I meant one of his guy friends! 

      • says

        I totally would have been his date!! You know, your Hubs and strange, anonymous, single blogger whose real name you don’t know :-) “Why yes honey, you are meeting Leigh Anne, but that’s not her real name and no, I don’t actually know what she looks like, but I think she’s blonde…” We both would have had some really great blog posts about it! OMGracious I’m totally cracking myself up right now!
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    • Shell says

      It should be fun! We’ve always been more of a buy whatever we can get the best deal on when we absolutely have to get a car. 

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    Sounds fun! It’s interesting to see that brands are reaching out to everyday moms who are bloggers for their opinions. What an amazing opportunity! :)
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    Toyotas get high marks from Consumer Reports for running well for a long time. When we bought the good used car we have now, we compared with Toyota. We just couldn’t find one in the model we were looking for…I guess because they weren’t available because people weren’t trading them…they must have been keeping them.

    Learn a lot and enlighten us again.

    • Shell says

      We’ve looked at some used ones, knowing that they do usually tend to last. Just hasn’t worked out yet that we could buy one yet.