Bested by a Three Year Old

We’re supposed to ask our kids for their input sometimes, right? Not just tell them what we’re going to do in every single instance.  Especially when the choice doesn’t really matter: like if they want to wear their blue shirt or their green shirt. But, I’m learning I need to not leave the question quite so open-ended….


On Birthday Presents

ME: What do you want for your birthday?

3Y/O: Everything I see on tv.


On Where to Eat Dinner

ME: Where do you want to get dinner after soccer?



On What to Get at the Store

ME: (meaning what little treat to get) What would you like Mommy to get you for being such a good boy in the store?

3Y/O: A fish!


Well played, little guy.


What things do your kids say that surprise you or make you laugh? 



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    I don’t even know where to start. My youngest is always surprising me because he is so little but wants to be big so badly. Whenever someone asks how old he is I never know what is going to come out of his mouth. Right now he insists that his name is spelled “S one hundred.”
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    He’s right, tho….how will we ever get what we want if we don’t ask for it??  One of these days he’ll probably ask for something he can actually HAVE!!  lol!
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    Umm have you ever read my blog?? You are aware that I come from a DNA lineup of born, bred and raised wisecrackers right?? So tonight when I told my hubby I was the shit for getting something done, my 12 yr old looked at me and said sooo you’re saying you stink. Yeah.. I had nothing.. Dang youth..
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    Ha!!! My 3yo told me yesterday “Someday I’m going to have a red motorcycle. Someday.” I didn’t even know what to say to that. Noone we know has a motorcycle. Not even sure where that came from… Kids are awesome like that.
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    I asked my youngest what I’m going to do all day when he starts kindergarten in the fall and he said “you can eat Taco Bell and watch movies all day.” lol A few days before that my mom asked him the same thing and he shrugged his shoulders and said “I don’t know that’s her problem!”
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    Bubby has me laughing all the time lately.  I’m not sure where he comes up with his material.  One of our more recent conversations…
    Bubby, peeking the side door, “MOM, DO I HAVE TO STAY OUT OF THE MUD?” Me, “Yes, Please. Why do you need to play in the mud?” Bubby, “BECAUSE I AM HUNGRY!”
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    I would say that your youngest has learned alot in his three years. My little one is the most sarcastic Kindergartner I know. She is always “zinging” everyone.

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    That’s awesome! 

    I don’t even know where to start with my kids, especially Little Dude.  He is always coming up with crazy answers and bizarre reasoning.
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    LoL. What a cute guy. Document these little answers or comments in a book for him. They are so fun to go back and look through when they get older. :)
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  10. Robin Quick says

    My son isn’t little anymore (turned 14 Dec 29th) but I will share this one with everyone.
    When my son was 2 he started saying these words that sounded like “pink panties”. 
    My husband and I were mortified! We couldnt figure out where on earth he came up with
    saying “pink panties” It was so funny. He would walk around saying this over & over.
    This went on for a couple of months. Nobody in our family or our friends could figure out what he was saying. Then one day we were at the lake with our family. I had just taken him to the bathroom and we were walking past another family sitting in the picnic area. All of the sudden my sons face lights up and he says loudly ” Mommy pink panties! pink panties! They pink panties like Dora The  Splorer!” Then it hit me! He was saying Speak Spanish like Dora the Explorer! The family was Hispanic and he heard them talking & recognized it was the Spanish language. He had actually learned this from watching the tv show Dora the Explorer! I was floored! When we got back to my family  he told them what he told me about the family “speaking spanish”  & our “pink panties” mystery was solved! Now 12 years later we still tease him about the “pink panties”.

  11. Caitlin says

    While I was cleaning house one day I sighed and said, “I don’t wanna fold these clothes….” My 4 year old daughter replied, “Well, Daddy doesn’t want to go to work all the time but HE goes. I don’t WANT to go to school all the time, but I go… Guess that means you should start folding”
    LMAO I just stood there with my mouth open. She is her mother’s daughter.

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    So few years, yet so many witty one-liners!
    For all of you whose children are still young: WRITE THESE MOMENTS DOWN SOMEWHERE! I always thought we’d remember at least the really funny ones. Nope.

    Imagine if you just got a simple, small notebook for each child, and jotted down their funny words, one-liners, short conversations, and gave it to your child on their 18th, 21st, or 25th birthday. What a great time taking a walk back through time!
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    oh the things they say! Love it! My youngest who is now 4 has always had a crazy vocabulary and repeats expressions, so even at 2/3 he would say things like, “well, of course Mom.” or “Actually Mom, I am very serious…” sounds hilarious coming from such a little guy. :)
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    The other night my husband tooted and my almost three year old looked at him and said, “EW! ‘scuse YOU, daddy!” Then the smell got to him, and he scrunched up his nose and pointed to the bathroom and said, “Daddy. that is jus gwoss! you go poopy NOW!”
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    Ha ha ha. Where do I start? My little one had this thing for a while where she kept telling us about her “other” family. She had an imaginary mommy, daddy, brother and sister. And she would compare everything we did to “them”. Of course, they were always nicer and let her get away with more. 😉
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    I am with Jessica, not sure where to begin on this one because Will could go on and on.  If I ask him what he wants for dinner, its always mcdonalds.  If i say you can pick out something small at Target, he goes straight for the $80 Thomas toy and tells me this is the smallest one he wants.  This age is hilarious.
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    I am constantly shocked and amused by my children’s answers to my questions. I am consistently surprised by my four year old’s overly ambitious view of what we can and can’t do in an day. Isn’t is reasonable to fly to Indianapolis to see Grandma and Grandpa later this afternoon because we’re in the mood? Why can’t we go to the movies with the baby? When can we stay up past midnight? Why don’t I drink wine? Oh it’s always fun around here. :)
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    Oh he is so cute! I have to agree that all of a sudden everything they say is cute and adorable and honestly they talk like they are 12 anymore! It’s no wonder that little guy has taken over your heart!
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  19. runnermom-jen says

    Hahaha!! This is awesome.
    My 5 yo told me my cooking smelled hideous the other night. That cracked me up.

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    When my teen was saying his prayers when he was 3, he said, “In the name of the father, son, holy spirit, mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all.” Every morning I ask my two year old what she wants for breakfast and every morning she says, “Nachooos”. Today I asked her and said, “I know…nachooos” and she said, “No, soup.” Go figure…
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    Hee! Love your ‘lil smartie!

    And I think 3 is the perfect age when this come sour! As they get older, it edges on smart-assiness, but at 3? Pure adorable!

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    Lol! Yes- it is good to let them choose but we just have to present them with options all of which we want too :) I hate letting Alex watch anything on TV as every commercial she sees she is saying- Mom come look at this, I want this!
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