Nine Years of Marriage

It was 9 years ago today that he and I officially became an “us.”

We promised to love each other, though good times and bad.

Though neither of us promised anything about obey.

I laughed with joy through our ceremony while Hubs cried.

It was a beautiful day.

wedding photos


The truth is that marriage is hard. Not all the time, but sometimes, it’s hard.

But, I can’t imagine my life without Hubs.

We created three beautiful boys together.

He makes me laugh, even though half the time his jokes are totally inappropriate.

He knows what I mean when I say vague things like “You know that girl in that movie with that guy….” even with no context.

He supports my dreams.

He doesn’t lock me in the closet or toss me out in the rain when I get cranky, even though I pretty much deserve it.

We say “I love you” multiple times a day and mean it.

Because we really do love each other.

Nine years and counting.

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  1. says

    happy anniversary!  I’ve only been married 8 months but yes I agree that it gets harder from going from being together then really married.  Good luck with many more years to come!
    Julie recently posted..PYHO: RegistriesMy Profile

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    Happy anniversary!!!  Your thoughts on marriage are so true – beautiful and hard.  But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I wish you and Hubs many more happy years together!
    Evonne recently posted..No diggersMy Profile

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    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY you two crazy *GOOD LOOKING WOW!* kids!!!!

    what a gorgeous way to talk about your hubby. Wishing you a lovely day and a year of Happiness and

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    Happy Anniversary! Marriage is hard which makes it all worth it. You fight for it, you cultivate it you cherish it more. It’s God’s desire that we marry for life.
    Tiffany recently posted..PYHO: Dance MomMy Profile

  5. says

    Yayyyyy for Happy Marriages!!!  There seems to be a shortage of them lately (in my circle of friends) and so this post is nice to read!   

  6. says

    Happy Anniversary! 9 years is such an accomplishment. I love how in love you still are. Your right marriage is hard, but its so worth it.
    Jessica recently posted..6 RosesMy Profile

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    It’s true, marriage is not always easy, but nothing worth having is.

    We just ignored our 17th anniversary, oops.  We both totally forgot, and neither one of us has brought it up (until this very moment).  Good thing we have another one in August.  

    Here’s to your next 9 years.
    Oka recently posted..Proud Mommy Moments: AppreciatedMy Profile

    • Shell says

      LOL Plan something fun! 

      We start thinking about ours in February- b/c it’s our excuse not to do much for Valentine’s Day.

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    So, so sweet.  Happy Anniversary!  Wishing you many more years together…

    Btw, love, love your new blog look!  

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    Sweet friend, I said so on twitter – but Happy Anniversary. I hope your time away was awesome. I love this story. It is true.. hard work. But, I’m also in awe of how you and your hubs handle stress together. Anyway – Happy Anniversary.
    Kristen recently posted..You are BeautifulMy Profile