Crafts for the Uncrafty: Easy Button Craft

For those of us who are missing the craft gene or even for those of you who are good at crafts, but are looking for easy crafts to do with your kids, it’s another Crafts for the Uncrafty! This week’s craft comes from Greta at Not Enough Patience and Never Enough Jewelry.

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Button Craft Directions

Take a piece of card stock (the size of a frame if you’re going to end up framing it) or box, pumpkin, etc, and draw the outline of a picture. Hot glue buttons on inside the outline, using whatever colors you want. You can have your kids carefully use a (cool type) glue gun, or even tacky glue or glue dots, or you can have them tell you what buttons to put where and you glue them on. It’s super easy!

Our Results

These are my kind of directions: very simple. We found buttons at Walmart for under $2 for a pack of 140 and sticky dots at Target for $2 as well. I had some foam sheets at home, so we decided to use those instead of cardstock. Because it’s almost Easter, I decided to go with that as a theme, though this craft can be done year round. If you are looking for another Easter craft, be sure to check out last week’s No Sew Easter Bunny Puppet.

easter eggs

We cut the foam sheets into the shape of Easter Eggs and my boys sorted the buttons into different colors(see, look: math skills in with crafting).
easter egg craft

We used the glue dots because they could pretty much use them on their own, where I’d have to either use the glue gun myself or not blink while they used it since they’d probably try to use it as a real gun.

easter crafts for kids

He's such a blogger's kid: only sort of tolerating the picture-taking involved.

We are adding a magnet to the backs of their Easter eggs and using them as magnets. Super easy! You should check out the button spider on a pumpkin that Greta did for Halloween.

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Do you have an easy kids’ craft or activity for this uncrafty mom to try? Email me! 


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    I grew up playing in my nana’s button box, playing with those buttons and doing these types of crafts with my granddaughter is a terrific idea… and the memories those buttons evoke for me are something, really they are!!
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