Why I’m a Pirate Mom

Being a mom to three little boys is a bit like what I imagine it would be like to hang out with a rowdy band of pirates.

They’re usually dirty and quite loud.

Bad table manners aren’t surprising.

Looting is commonplace(especially of their brothers’ belongings).

Someone is always digging for treasure(even if it’s the nose or pants kind).

Scars and battle wounds are expected.

Someone usually wants to make someone else walk the plank(or be kicked out of the playroom).

There’s always a chance of mutiny(against Captain Mom).

pirate swords

They're all saying "Argh..." And yes, I lost my mind and bought those swords for them.

Let’s just hope no one loses an eye and needs that pirate eye patch.

Argh. Being a Pirate Mama is hard work.


    • Shell says

      I figured they can’t really hurt each other with these ones- and they were in the dollar spot at Target! 

  1. says

    Love the picture, they are adorable. Just a little FYI they don’t change much as they get older, mine still pretty much act exactly the same , just add girls in the mix and it completes the picture.
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  2. says

    I am losing my mind here with my boys’ obsession over all things sword or weapon of any kind. Being a Mom of boys definitely requires you to dig deep for the calm and find peace with the roughness. I really hope we don’t go to the store where you bought those because I will never hear the end of the requests for them.

    You are a good pirate mom!
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    • Shell says

      Actually, you might want these- they came from the dollar section of Target and they can’t actually hurt each other with them. Better than what they usually hit each other with.

  3. says

    As hectic as it can get, I love being a Pirate Mom.  The only thing I don’t like are the battle wounds you find that have no explanation.  I’m still trying to figure out how my son cut his head the other day!
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  4. says

    So true. Yeah I’m a pirate mom too, despite having only one pirate in the house. Two if you cound daddy. And I would!

    • Shell says

      Thanks! They had a blast with those swords! 

      I was watching them and thought oooh, post. File under “you know you’re a blogger when…”

  5. says

    You aren’t crazy.
    You’re the PERFECT mama for those three boys.

    I really want to work in some “Ahoy, Matey!” line but nothing is sounding authentic.
    Still, either way? This makes me want to wake my kids up and hand them swords.

    Kind of.
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  6. says

    I am a mom to 1 boy and this is after 3 girls. There are times (lots of them) where I am completely lost and have no idea what I’m doing or if he’s on track. I just keep moving on day to day and hope for the best!
    Also…. I’m thankful that I have 1 boy and 3 girls instead of the other way around.
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    • Shell says

      Ha! We get used to what we have. 

      After 7+ years of only boys, I don’t know what I’d do with a girl. 

    • Shell says

      OMG! I was trying to figure out a way to get a pic w/o crayon on the wall in the background, but that’s pretty much impossible here. 

    • Shell says

      Mine love all things pirate.

      And all things boy-related. I have to be extra girly to make up for it! 

  7. says

    Yes it is a lot like being a pirate isn’t it? Boys are so busy and gritty! Mine are now young men and I am looking forward to some grandsons some day!

    • Shell says

      Oh, the FARTING.

      My boys were having a contest the other day. The one with the worst-smelling fart would be the winner. I don’t know who won, but I can tell you that I lost by having to be around it. 

    • Shell says

      These ones are super soft, though. They almost can’t hurt each other with them(unless they aimed right for the eye). 

  8. says

    Love the swords!!!  I see this in my future as the two boys get older.  They do love to scream and run around like crazy already.  At least I have one older girl to help swab the deck.  We’ll train them as they get older, LOL!
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  9. says

    I recognize the colors in that particular brand of Pirate Sword!

    We were just having the bath discussion last night. The Girl was not happy when I reminded her that it was she, herself, who said on the way to gymnastics that she would need a shower when she got home because she always got sweaty!
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    • Shell says

      My boys fight baths. 

      Or at least, they fight actually getting clean in the tub. They’ll get in, but they just want to play.

  10. says

    Hard work is right.  But think about how awesome it will be when they bring home that buried treasure! :)

    I love the comparisons, dirty with bad table manners is only the beginning I see.
    Barbara recently posted..A Mother’s GuiltMy Profile