What to Wear to Blissdom: Blog Conference Prep

blissdom tips Trying to decide what to wear to Blissdom (or whatever blog conference you are headed to) seems like a monumental deal.

Do you need an all new wardrobe? How dressed up do you need to be? How many outfits should you bring with you?

Ask on twitter and the overwhelming response to what to wear to a blog conference is be yourself. Dress in what you are comfortable in.

And yes, that is truly the answer: you need to feel comfortable in the clothes you pick. That will make you feel more confident.

But, for those of us who need to know exactly that means in terms of what to pack in our suitcases, I’ll break it down a little more for you and share what I’ll be wearing.

Just how much do you need to bring with you?

Shoes: You’ve probably heard from everyone how huge the Gaylord Opryland is and how much you’ll be on your feet. This is NOT an exaggeration. Go for comfort here. I’m wearing my Uggs, bringing a pair of ballet flats for daytime, a pair of silver sandals(okay, they might just be flip flops) for the nighttime parties, a pair of running shoes in case I join in any of the fitness sessions(at 7am…ha!), and a pair of slippers for Saturday’s Girls’ Night In.

Daytime: So tempting to say to be you, but I’ll resist. You will see everything from jeans and t-shirts to skirts and cute tops to dresses, maybe even a few suits. Do make sure you dress in layers. At the very least, bring a sweater in case you get cold. Last year, I couldn’t concentrate in one of the sessions because I was shivering. You’ll need something for Thursday’s Blissdom Newcomer Welcome, Friday’s sessions, Saturday’s, and something to wear home on Sunday. I recommend bringing ONE extra outfit in case you spill or discover that your roommate brought the exact same outfit as you.

whbm sweater

White House Black Market sweater, skinny jeans, paired with Uggs

tibi dress

Tibi Dress from Rent the Runway (image from RTR), though I'll wear with flats

Fitness Sessions: I only participated in one last year, which was a walk/jog around the Opryland. Yoga pants and a tee/tank are fine here.

Jockey yoga pants

Love me some Jockey

Thursday night kick-off party: This is a more casual party, but this is the first time you’ll get to see a lot of your blogging friends, so you can go as dressy as you want. Think how you would dress for a girls’ night. You’ll see a lot of jeans with cute tops, as well as some dresses. I’m going a little dressier with a sparkly purple dress, just because working from home means I practically live in yoga pants and I love an excuse to get dressed up.

tibi ready to dance dress

Recycling this sparkly dress from Hubs's Christmas party

Friday night Girls’ Night Out: This is where you can go all out if you want to: after all, the entertainment is Rascal Flatts!  That dress that has been hanging in your closet that you never get a chance to wear- pull it out for this! You can never go wrong with a LBD, either. Once again, I’m going for more sparkle. I like sparkle. But, keep in mind that even this night, there will be plenty of people in jeans!

rent the runway

Lots of sparkle from Rent the Runway (image from RTR)

Saturday night Girls’ Night In: Bring a second set of pajamas and wear them to this event. You probably won’t want to wear the same pair you’d been wearing for the past 2-3 nights, so have a second pair. If you’d rather not wear pajamas, still go for comfort in sweats/yoga pants.

what to wear to a blog conference

I have matching slippers, too. Forgive the wrinkles!

For the record, I’ll be in a hoodie, tank, and leggings for Sunday: comfort all the way.

Find clothes that make you feel like you and make you feel fabulous! Whatever you choose to wear, wear it with confidence and you’ll be just fine.

Ashley and I hope you have enjoyed our Blog Conference Prep Series. You can head over to her blog to see her take on what to wear to Blissdom. You can also catch up on any of the posts you may have missed:


    • Shell says

      It does end Saturday night- but since everything goes really late, I’m not heading home til Sunday afternoon- going to try to catch lunch with friends before heading home!

    • Shell says

      That’s how I feel- I am so frumpy at home lately, I want an excuse to get dressed up!

      Can’t wait! 

    • Shell says

      Nothing wrong with that! 

      I’m just feeling like getting a little dressier b/c I’ve been living in sweats lately.

    • Shell says

      Thanks. Truly, I could have said wear jeans and a tee to everything. That’s what I love- it’s really okay to wear whatever. Just thought I’d share what I’m wearing. I feel like getting a little more dressed up.