What is Okay to Post Online When it Comes to Our Kids?

Like many of you, I decided to attempt a Project 365 this year.

Or a Project 366 since it’s Leap Year.

I realized that I tended to go days or even weeks between taking pics, so committing to at least one a day would be a good thing.

To keep myself accountable, I decided to post my pic of the day to my facebook fanpage.

On Thursday, I took what I thought was a hilarious pic of my 3 year-old. I took it using Instagram, so if you follow me on there, you might have seen it.

But, when it came time to post my pic of the day to facebook, I hesitated and decided to post a different pic.

In the pic that I didn’t post, I had caught my son right after he had dived headfirst off the back of our living room chair onto the cushion: it looked like he was doing a twisted type of headstand on the chair.

He was wearing his “Toad” hat from his Halloween costume. And a pair of backwards underwear. And nothing else.

Even though little boys running around in underwear is a common sight in my house since apparently my boys all hate clothes, at what age does it stop being okay to post pics like that for all to see?

super mario brothers costume

A fully clothed Toad

Do you think about the pics you post of your kids? How do you decide what is okay to post and what should be left offline?


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    I do think about the pictures I’m posting of my girls. Anything after about their second birthday I make sure they have clothes on, but that’s not a date set in stone. I kind of just go with what feels right. Fortunately I don’t have to worry about that anymore, and when the girls were that young there wasn’t a whole lot of options like Facebook and blogs. I still think about certain pictures, though. Anytime I hesitate I know that it’s time to skip posting that particular picture.
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    I always think before I hit send. When they were little because of all the partially clothed/on the potty ones because even though I knew most people would think it was hilarious, there is always a few who would be offended or worst.

    Now I think because they are older and I don’t want something on Facebook or
    Instagram that could embarrass them which is why I mistily post pics of my little one because she doesn’t care as much.

    It is a fine line, but you probably did he right thing.
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    • Shell says

      I’ve never posted naked ones. But my boys don’t wear shirts often if we are just at home, so it’s hard to find fully clothed ones!

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    Great question! I’ve wondered the same. I think age 4 might be the limit. I had a friend who posted a picture of her sick 1st grader in tighty whities and it was just weird to me. But we’re an underwear family too so really a lot of good photo ops are messed up because someone is not fully clothed…or my husband is hanging out in his dirty yard work clothes :).
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    I just go with what feels right at the time, too, because I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules. I know some people won’t post any pics of their kids.

    My two are 19 months now, so I know it won’t be long before I start censoring the diaper-only shots.
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    I do consider the types of pictures I post of my son. I even hesitated to post pictures of him at the pool even though he’s wearing just shorts and of course that’s perfectly normal. I would never post pictures of him not wearing clothes otherwise. You just never know what kind of people search for online, find innocent pictures of kids and use them for unsavory purposes.

    So my reasons are not so much worrying about embarrassing him, but the kinds of people who will see those pictures.
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    • Shell says

      It’s sad that we have to worry about it. Especially for things like a shot at the pool or beach, where it’s normal to be dressed that way.

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    I had a photo of my son nude typing on a laptop. I cropped it at the waist. I deleted the photo though. It was getting too many perverts to my site looking for “nude bloggers” or “nude kids”. Yuck. So even though nothing more was exposed than if he was wearing a swimsuit, I deleted.
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    I have made it a rule to never post naked picture of my kids, even if their “stuff” isn’t showing. I don’t post bathtub pics or naked butt pics or undies pics. I do post diaper pics of my daughters sometimes, but only if they are doing something super cute. I try to stay away from those too.
    Anyone can steal pictures and there isn’t much you can do about it, so I want to make sure that any picture I post I am OK with being printed or copied or stolen. I don’t want people stealing pictures of my kids, but they will so at least I know they are always clothed.

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    My girls are bigger now but I think any photos with underwear that could potentially found of them on the internet even from early childhood days are off limits. I know I wouldn’t want to find any of myself on there. It’s a look for the privacy of our homes…not for the internet. I do have to stop myself sometimes though to remind myself that not every pic I think is adorable will be appreciated by my girls. I think you made the right mommy call on that.
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    I am now very careful what photos I post on FB. I don’t like how they can show up in ads, and I don’t like how they become FB property. Before I put a picture up I make sure it is flattering, not embarrassing, and doesn’t include anyone who may not want it up for the world to see. If there are other kids in it, I make sure it is okay with their parents (and I check with adults, too). That is one of my pet peeves–family members who put up every horrible picture of MY kid or other family members without permission. It feels like a violation. They have even put up dozens of pics taken at a family funeral! Grrr…

    I do have some adorable underwear shots of my kiddo, but I don’t think I’ve ever put them up on FB. I think it stopped when he was out of diapers. You just never know who is out there lurking.
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    • Shell says

      I won’t post pics of other kids, not unless I have permission. Or if I somehow blur their faces.

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    REALLY interesting topic, Shell! A few years ago I posted a gushy shot of Brody (he was maybe a year old?) and one friend sent me a “are you sure about that?} message. I hadn’t thought twice about it before, but I ended up taking it down and have stayed away from that since.

    Lawyer friends of mine said it was fine, I was more thinking what would they be okay with seeing (and having their friends or not friends see) years down the line.

    Aak! Stressful, yes?
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    • Shell says

      I do think that when they are that young, it’s just cute. But, some people take offense. And there’s definitely a line somewhere when it stops being okay. I’m just not sure where it is!

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    Karen. I’m totally with you about the girl thing. I am much more protective about Addison than I am about the boys. Even when it comes to changing her clothes in front of people I know. I am also much more open about photos of Alexander than I am of the twins. Sometimes I wonder if I am crossing boundaries there or not. But – I did take some really funny pictures of them running around in their underware when they were first potty trainig. I did not post them – for the same reason. It gave me the “ick” feeling – so I listened to my gut. Great topic. Kristen
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    • Shell says

      I think I do think differently about it b/c I have all boys. And boys will run around outside w/o shirts on for their whole lives.

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    I do think about pictures I post. I typically post pictures where my kids are fully clothed. I have a pic of my son in the bathtub with shaving cream on his face, pretending to shave. I cropped it so you could only see his shoulders and up. I posted it, but ended up taking it down. I was uncomfortable about it because you never know who will see it.
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    I think it’s a tough call. When they were littler, I would post diaper and/or underwear shots, but I stopped doing that for Abbey a while ago. Sometimes I will post Dylan in a cloth diaper, especially if he is wearing a shirt, but I think I may have to stop that soon. Unfortunately, there are some huge creepos out there. It can be tough, because we often end up pantsless around here, between Dylan’s refusal to sit still to get his pants on after diaper changes and Abbey’s three hundred costume changes each day. (By we, I do NOT mean myself.)

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    If it’s a photo you’d share with your friends grandmother (not your child’s grandmother because they’d be bias, LoL) then it’s safe to share with others.
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    I don’t think so much about the pictures I post online. I always sort of assume that by the time he’s old enough to understand, no one will use facebook. I could be wrong. But I don’t tend to post many pictures to begin with, I try to just stick with a nice sample and keep the others for the family photo albumn.
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    I had a similar dilemma in the post I wrote yesterday. I had the photo all lined up of my son but then chose a different one because I worried that it was embarrassing and funny rather than just funny. I ask myself how my son would feel if his friends saw the photo. I think a pic of him on the potty at 2 years old would annoy him but the same pic with him at 5 years old would upset him. But it’s tricky even without the added issue of weirdos online.
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    I don’t post anything with them without clothes really — swim trunks for PJ, but that’s it. It’s sad we have to worry about the gross people out there.
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  18. says

    I always think twice before posting any picture. Any naked/underwear/swimsuit shots are a no-go. I also think about what would embarrass them/myself by having these pictures plastered on the internet. I think some people just go too far when pictures of their families are concerned.
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    I too screen which pictures to post for my son just to at least feel a bit safe. When he was a baby I did shared pictures of him in his diapers and stuffs but now that he’s in kindergarten I am more careful. My plan is when he’s big enough to understand, I will ask for his permission first but I’m still not sure what age would that be. Interesting topic, Shell :)
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    I’m not doing the 365 project, but I do take TONS of pics of my son, who’s currently 21 months. I don’t share photos of my son on my FB fan page, but I do share the occasional pic on my personal FB account and instagram. However, I always make sure he’s fully clothed and looks adorable! On my blog, I have 2 plugins that prevent people from right-clicking and saving a photo or cutting and pasting any content (including pics) from my site. I also always make sure to remove the photo links when adding them to blog posts. I know if someone wants one of my pics, they’ll find a savvy way to get it, but at least I know that I’ve done my part in making it difficult for them to do so.
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    • Shell says

      I don’t have that on mine b/c I want people to be able to grab my buttons. And I’ve heard that people can find ways around it anyway. Wish it could be just for the pics.

      • says

        Shell, the plugin doesn’t stop people from grabbing buttons, or I wouldn’t have used it. It simply prevents people from right-clicking and copying post text or photos. Look at my site, I have the plugin active but you can easily grab my buttons in the side bar. Yes, you are correct that if someone wants your photos or content they can find a way around it. Hackers always do. But why not make it just a little more difficult for them? That’s how I see it anyway.
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        • Shell says

          Oh, I’d love to know about it. The only ones I’ve seen are the ones that make it so you can’t right click anywhere on a site- and that makes it a pain when it comes to buttons!

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    I do cringe at some photos I see posted online of children. It isn’t always about dressed/naked issues. Shots of children in the car not properly buckled into their car seats just kills me! How can someone be more concerned with getting a photo op of their kid wearing their sunglasses upside down than making sure they are safe & secure??
    I did post naked photos of my granddaughter, however, they were from moments after she was born in the delivery room. Beyond that, she will be covered or cropped. {and safely buckled into her car seat!}
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  22. says

    I guess I’m always conscious about what pictures I post online of my kids. Normal, smiling pictures, or them being fully dressed and doing whatever, are okay…but I don’t know that I would post pictures in underwear. I’m paranoid of pedophiles and what they might do with those kinds of pictures. I realize they could do it with the other photos as well, but I hope that those are less appealing to them.
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  23. says

    I would post inappropriate pics of the kids – but only on FB where I’m pretty tight with settings. I know that it could still get out, but you know.

    I rarely put them on the blog or even instagram – just my way of being MommaKiss vs the in real life me.

    That said? You should see Poppy’s Christmas card – epic.
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  24. Angie says

    I don’t usually post undie pics of the kids online – not b/c I think they are bad but b/c you never know who is going to be looking at them (darn perverts).

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    I post pics of my kids but am really careful after the 2 year old mark. I am okay with the little baby sitting on the little potty in the little diaper where nothing shows but that is just me. Now, I would not post that. I had to think a lot about posting a picture of my 18 month old in a bathing suit because I was specifically making fun of how she totally poses like a swimsuit model on the edge of the ocean rolling in the sand. I decided to post it, because it is not embarrassing, she is all chubby and a baby and well, it did not make me uncomfortable. I am WAY more uncomfortable when men are staring at kids in local parks to be honest.
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    I did that once. My son was an infant and his sister 7 and the video was so cute, but it was a private forum (video was on youtube though in my private account) and people still commented about her being shirtless, and how pedophiles are looking for something just like this. It made me stop posting the videos since my kids are at their funniest when they have minimal clothing on. LOL.

    If you are posting the picture in a place like FB where you can control who sees/shares it, I think its different. It’s about protecting the kids. I get the heebies thinking some pedophile was oogling my innocent daughter in what was meant to be a funny video about kids antics.
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    • Shell says

      I was posting on my fanpage, though- which isn’t private.

      I really didn’t have a problem with the pic, though I realized others might and didn’t want to deal with comments. It got me thinking about this topic, so I posted about it here.

  27. says

    You know, I don’t put a whole lot of thought into the pictures I post . . . it’s “would the world want to see this, or not.”

    At the same time, I don’t have kids who dress themselves or anything like that, so any underwear incidents, well, they’re not out yet. And if I’m dealing with an incident that might involve nudity, well, my hands are already full, and taking a picture would mean the possibility of diaper flinging or a cupful of water being thrown at my phone.

    All of that said, I really think we’re far too uptight, as a society, about showing anything . . . if the kids are comfortable being out & about in their underwear, well, post them in their underwear.
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    • Shell says

      My boys have no problem with being out in underwear. Much to my dismay.

      I really thought the pic was just cute, but before I posted, I realized some would take issue with it and I wasn’t up for a great debate about it in pic comments. So, I thought I’d bring it here, as a blog post- and w/o the pic.

  28. says

    I do think about that…a lot! My daughter had on a pair of shorts from her dance costume and I even worried about that. I don’t want people to think that we run around here half naked all the time, nor do I want anyone thinking “Ooo, nice legs!” about my 13-year-old. It’s too bad the world has to be such a scary place.
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  29. says

    I think before I post. My son is always running around in his underwear. And I have a hilarious picture of him sitting on the potty “reading” a Time magazine. But I wouldn’t post those pics like that on line. Not so much because I have a problem with it but because other parents may. I wouldn’t want to risk being reported for posted anything “indecent.”
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  30. says

    That’s a tough one. Some people simply don’t care. I guard my kids pretty well online, I think…I hope. I have a hell of a time lately writing Anxious Child posts because it feels like I’m posting his most personal battles. Well, I am, I guess, huh. UGH. :(
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  31. says

    I always think about that, whether it is for my blog or my personal FB page. What photos are appropriate and which aren’t. I use the following filter, if it was me, would I want it posted. Nine times out of ten, I don’t post that photo….it may be cute and innocent, but all you need is one person taking it out of context or the wrong way and problems can happen. Plus, i don’t want my kidlets someday posting some snappie of me in my jammies with my hair up & no makeup on! That would be their ultimate revenge.
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  32. says

    I did enjoy this read. I wondered if it was only me. I have gone as far as normally posting pictures of my kids from the back or putting pictures of kids off the internet. So glad to know I am not alone.

  33. says

    I wish I had more time to take more pictures…I often walk around giggling and saying I wish i had a pic of that!!! LOL

    But yes, I always think twice before I post a picture of the boys and I probably wouldn’t post a naked pic or just underwear pic of them ever in this day and age. I worry too much (and I’m really not much of a worrier normally) but I don’t trust a whole lot of people I can’t see.

    that pic of Bear is absolutely adorable…just want to squeeze him..LOOK AT THAT SMILE!
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  34. says

    Yes, I started caring a little while ago when I realized that I was getting some pretty sick hits to the post where I wrote about my boys taking a bath together for the first time. I made that post private. Because yuck! And now I definitely think about what I’m posting!
    molly recently posted..it’s okayMy Profile

  35. says

    I absolutely think about what I put up. I started off thinking in terms of what’s “appropriate”. For example — I have a hysterical picture of my son from a few years back in Buzz Lightyear underwear, a pair of toy safety goggles, and a toy stethoscope around his neck. It gives me the giggles every time I see it. But sadly, it’s never going to make it to my blog.

    Recently I took an equally funny picture of my boys fully clothed but wearing goofy hats and being silly. The oldest said, “You’re not going to show this to anyone, right?”

    Sigh. I guess no one’s going to see that one either.
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    • Shell says

      I used to not post any at all. I’ve loosened up from that, but it’s hard to know what is okay.

  36. says

    For me, it’s a multi-factored answer.

    First, I answer the question of how I think my kid will respond upon finding the picture in 15 years. I assume the kid will find the picture. Will the kid laugh and say “Hey, I was hilarious then, too?”

    Then, I have to consider whether the message is one I want my in-laws (who all follow my blog) to see.

    Finally, but perhaps most importantly, I try to decide if there’s something useful about the post. Will it help another special needs parent (even if just by expressings solidarity)? Is it entertaining as all get-out without being overly harmful?

    I can’t just draw a straight line and decide what crosses it. The line is hazy, and it zig-zags.
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  37. says

    I absolutely think about the pics I post of my daughter. When she was an infant, I had no problem posting naked baby pictures – hell, that’s a rite of passage for any mom. But last year, sometime after her 1st birthday, when she had started to walk and babble and become a little person, I took a picture of her lying face down on her changing table butt naked, knees scrunched under her and her little tush sticking straight up in the air like a full moon. I posted it to Facebook, but not before I’d covered it in Paint.net (poor man’s Photoshop) with a little censored circle over her butt that said, “TUSHY!” I wouldn’t have felt comfortable posting the raw image.

    It’s too bad, too – because Christmas night, she and her two cousins – my nephews – had a naked race up the stairs and my mom took a picture. The three little butts in that pic are adorable and I’d love to post it for the world to see. But it wouldn’t feel right. And when it comes to that stuff, I listen to my gut.
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  38. says

    I think baby photos, up until the age of one was okay if they were bare chested. For both my daughter and son. But recently I switched my personal FB page to Timeline and added a photo of Little E without his shirt on to my main photo. It bothered me too much so I deleted it. It’s ok for me to view my child in photos without clothes, but to put them on the internet. It depends on the photo.
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  39. says

    I don’t have children, yet. I do however wonder often if people really think about what they are posting. It’s sad that we have to keep such an eye on what we do post when it comes to children, especially because some of their most adorable and childlike moments are often not fully clothed. However, when we do have children it will be something I keep in mind, I think once they pass the infant stage it is no longer appropriate to post semi-nude or nude photos… You just [sadly] never know what creeper is out there looking for something.

    Awesome post tho :) Your fully clothed toad is adorable! Such a cute halloween costume.
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  40. says

    Excellent topic, especially for bloggers who are just starting out. Photos go hand in hand with content for me – my son is getting older now & before you know it, he’ll be able to read my blog. I would never post anything that would compromise his feelings or those of my family. If I even have a single hesitation, I don’t publish.

    Once it’s on the Internet, it’s there forever – I don’t want a pic or story of my kids that could potentially follow them into college.

  41. says

    Your household sounds similar to mine. My boys also refuse to wear clothes at home 95% of the time. Normally I only take pictures of them from the waist up because that doesn’t seem naked to me since they are boys and that’s what they look like at the pool or beach. I don’t like their little bits showing even if I’m the only one looking at the photos. But I did take a photo of my two year old in his first pair of big boy undies when we were potty training. He was really proud of it and I posted it to Facebook. I have also posted photos of my little-est man in his diaper at the beach. He looked really funny because the diaper was so heavy with sand and water. But none of his little parts were showing.

    I have a blog dedicated to sharing their life with our family and I NEVER post naked photos there. Not even in undies or diapers. As long as the photos can be seen to the public I want to protect them as much as I can.

    • Shell says

      I always think that about a bare chest- that boys do that pretty much their whole lives, so I don’t think too much about that part.

  42. says

    Yeah, this is a great topic, and I do try to think. For example, I have a story on potty-training to go with a post to link up with you if I get it done. I caught a cute, wide angle shot of my daughter, but my gut tells me that even though you can’t see anything, it’s too questionable so I guess if I questioned it, the story will just have more copy, and no photos.
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  43. says

    I am not sure if you have ever had the “pleasure” of visiting my blog when I’ve posted a picture or video with my son, Monkey Boy in it? Always in underwear. He’s 7 now. can’t stand the clothes. I seriously don’t know how he makes it through a full school day. I’ve had nightmares of the school calling me to come get his nudie self on back home because he’s declared “it’s too hot in here” and stripped down.
    I figure I will stop posting them — when he finally learns to be embarrassed. so yeah, probably won’t be stopping anytime soon.
    My daughters though — very rare that you’d see it – even though they are rarely clothed in more than underwear, diaper…or swim suits (even now in Jan.)
    Is that a double standard, or wisely protective mom?
    RoryBore recently posted..Tuesday Coffee Chat – Movies that Make you……GoMy Profile

    • Shell says

      That is hilarious!

      I do think there is a double-standard for boys and girls. Since boys can run around w/o shirts on pretty much all their lives, it’s not a big deal for a pic to show them that way.

    • Shell says

      My hesitation this time was more about not wanting to start a comment war about what was just a funny pic. I wasn’t in the mood for it.

      So, I thought I’d ask the question and see the debate on a post, rather than turning a pic into a debate.

  44. says

    This is something I think about ALL THE TIME. I agree with Ali above, that 4 might be a good cut off point for underwear-only pictures. And naked pictures, I feel, are never okay.
    Roxanne recently posted..One Word: 2012My Profile

    • Shell says

      I haven’t posted naked ones. 4… that means I have a few more months with my youngest. 😉

  45. says

    Hum, this is a really good question. I don’t have any hard and fast rules about when pictures I decided to include with a post . . . I guess for me I just go with my gut.

    I know that many, many people worry about what some unsavoury person might do with a photograph of their child and I get that; however, it is not something that factors into my decision as to what photograph to publish. For me ultimately it is only a picture to some unknown stranger, the memories are for those who have lived it and the real live flesh and blood kidlets are my concern. Ultimately I cannot control what someone might do with a photograph of my children but I will do everything in my power to control and protect my children.
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  46. says

    Yeah, I think about it. I don’t do FB, but I think about it for my blog and the mommy site I’m on and twitter … so yeah, I do. 😉 It is what it is in this day and age, I suppose. We kind of have to.

  47. says

    For me, I guess it really depends on the pic. I’ve posted pics of my boys without their shirts on (they had bottoms on) though now that they’re a little older, I may be more hesitant to do that. Most of our Christmas pics had them in their jammies (pants with no shirts) so that’s why I didn’t post any of those pics.

  48. says

    We are a family of no pants too. At least the kids are. Ryan and I DO wear our pants! :)
    But yes, I know what you mean. I posted a picture the other day of Sarah and Andrew. They were both in t-shirt and underwear. I really didn’t think much of it until someone asked me if it was no pants day in our house.
    Looking back at the picture now, I still would have posted it even if I had thought about it beforehand. They’re both wearing more than do when they go swimming. :)
    But I’ve taken MANY pictures that I WOULDN’T post online because they’re simply wearing underwear and no t-shirt.
    That being said, it is sad that we have to worry about these things.

  49. says

    I’m a fairly new follower of your blog, love to read it :) I am careful about what pictures I post of my kids. If I’m questioning whether or not I should post a particular picture then I usually don’t. I rarely post pictures of my little guy in the tub, even if it’s something cute! I had a weird comment on my blog the last time I did post one we he was around 6 months. Not even his bum was showing in the picture so I didn’t think about it when I did post the picture(it was from the chest up?!?)

  50. says

    I never really thought about it until I posted a post the I titled Stop the Madness and the Sexulation of girls. When I titled the post I didn’t think about what searches would pick up that post. My blog now gets hit from searches for young girls and sex, and sexy young girls. That was a HUGE wake up call for me. Them dmaage is done, but it made me realize that something that is innocent on my blog might be seen by preadtors. I don’t post any questionable pictures and I took down any that I thought were questionable.
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  51. says

    I am very careful about my kids online. When they are old enough (which for me is not that far away), they will also be on Facebook and posting pics of themselves! We will have very strict rules for what is and what is not appropriate to post. My kids are already old enough to understand I have a blog online and when I take pics they ask “are you posting this?” I don’t want them to feel exposed in ways they are not comfortable with. I need to set the tone for what is appropriate.

    As for itter bitters, well, I think it’s a line everyone has to draw for herself. There was nothing inappropriate about the photo you mentioned (i did see it on Instagram), but there are lots of weirdos out there that may like to see it. I think 4 or 5 would be the age at which naked kids pics are no longer ok to share outside the family. Which is silly, but better safe than sorry.
    Amy ~ Eat. Live. Laugh. Shop. recently posted..Dinner this week.My Profile

    • Shell says

      Sad that we do have to worry about it. Ironically, that’s probably one of my most “liked” pics on instagram. LOL

  52. says

    That’s a good question…I guess I just go with my instincts most of the time. It’s so hard with how the internet anyone and everyone can find stuff…so you have to think about it.

  53. says

    That’s tough…but I will say last year I posted a pic of my son (he was 5) with his pants on the ground–round his ankles! He was outside! If he was OUTSIDE then the blog is fair game. Would I do it now? No, but probably because he wouldn’t either.

  54. says

    I’m with you, Shell. I sometimes stop and think about all the online perverts out there. It’s fun to have those memories for yourself though.
    Just the other day my 5 year old son was playing dress-up with the girls and only had his undies and a cape on. It’s such a cute picture, but didn’t want to post it online.
    Runnermom-jen recently posted..BrokenMy Profile

  55. says

    tons of comments on this one I see. I always think about the photos I post. Never of friends as they didn’t get a chance to ok it and with the kids…it’s always a photo with the clothes we wear outside of the house…just too many ways someone can use a photo in a bad way these days, which is sad but reality

  56. says

    My kids are 12 and 14 so embarrassment is a major concern. And I would never post anything I thought would upset them.

    I’m not overly concerned about the safety issue with regards to pictures on my blog because at this point, most of their friends are on facebook and have pictures up and are all over social media already. Teenagers these days are savvy and they have been taught by us and their school about not revealing information etc. We’re not talking about innocent toddlers and preschoolers anymore.

    So for me, it’s an issue of not mortifying them.
    It never occurred to me when I started my blog (because I’d never read a single one at the time) to be anonymous. I used all our names from the get-go and I can’t unring that bell.

    But I can make sure I don’t humiliate them with words and photos. Mostly 😉
    julie gardner recently posted..Today call me mediocreMy Profile

  57. says

    As the Queen of Paranoia, I worry about this too. As a humor blogger, it totally sucks because kids do hilarious stuff. I have an awesome picture of my then-5 year old son reading on the potty while wearing a giant ‘fro wig that is blog gold, but alas, it’s never seen the light of day. And it won’t. We’ve gotta draw the line somewhere.

    • Shell says

      Still hard to know where to draw the line. It’s interesting reading all the differing opinions.

  58. says

    My kids just LOVE running around naked after their shower, I still can`t figure out how come they don`t feel its cold.
    But after my husband catch them (and hoping they won`t pee on him in the way) he brings them back and then I have to clean the wet floor around the house, well its just fun.

  59. says

    Not gonna lie, my poor kiddo has been all over the place with everything but his wobbly bits showing. We take professional shots of our kids like that when they are born! I don’t want there to be shame surrounding our bodies. At the same time, I know there will come a point when I will have to take his wishes into consideration. But if it’s legal for him to be without a shirt, etc, then I’m not going to censor it. Kids run around naked. Yes, there are people all over the place who do things to photos that just horrify me. But I’m not going to cower from that. I have the right to document my son’s growth. :-)

  60. says

    Yea, it is a tricky and fine line. Naked babies and/or babies just in their diapers are adorable- but the internet doesn’t go away and so sometimes I think- what will happen if my kids friends when they are teenagers see this. Yea, most likely won’t happen but still don’t want to totally embarrass them- and that doesn’t even start to think about the sickos out there. If only everyone was good then life would be easy :)
    Emmy recently posted..Power of Moms Retreat GiveawayMy Profile

  61. says

    I have struggled with this as well. Especially since I have an adorable pic of both my kids wearing diapers. The problem is that my son is 7, and while it was totally done as a joke (his idea), and it’s a completely hilarious picture of the two of them saluting…I still don’t think it’s appropriate to post.

    Although, I’ll probably do it when he’s 18.
    Miss Marina Star recently posted..Still Hungry!My Profile

  62. says

    Very interesting discussion. I ALWAYS think about the photos I’m posting of myself and my son. You never know who is out there or what they might be thinking. I hate loving this way, but sadly it is the world we live in.
    Tonya recently posted..A Moment Of GraceMy Profile

  63. says

    That is a great question and one that I have struggled with a lot lately. I am largely a newbie but want to be the most genuine as possible when sharing ideas but haven’t quite figured out how I plan to address this. I appreciate your ideas and thoughts on this matter.
    Carol Webb recently posted..Fun For AllMy Profile

  64. says

    Having girls, I am very careful what I put online. As bloggers, I think we tend to be less cautious with the Internet. And what I mean by that, is we live in this world on a daily basis and we become as comfortable with our online world as our real one. We view the Internet, for the most part, as a wonderful, friendly place. Whereas, so many people I know, who aren’t as tuned in to the Internet, think of it as a terribly dangerous place. Laughable, but there is some truth to it. There are a lot of cretins trolling the Internet, just as there are in real life. I won’t take the chance that those cretins might get a hold of an innocent picture of one of my girls. I also feel like I’m an example to my girls. I am constantly preaching to them about social networking responsibility and how to act appropriately online.

    Now, having said all that, that doesn’t mean I won’t use my girls as blog fodder for one of my posts. And let me tell you, teenage girls LOVE that.
    joann mannix recently posted..There’s Nothing HarderMy Profile

  65. says

    I absolutely think about it. No shots in undies or with no shirts on. No bath shots. And a swimsuit shot would depend for my 7 yr olds (I have put some but they are not just standing there full-body posing or anything). There are a lot of weirdos out there. The other thing I am careful about is to never post something that might ever be used against me, especially when it comes to parenting my kids. Not that I could ever conceive of anyone doing that but you never know. I am also sure that as they get older my kids’ personal stories will be off limits for my own personal blogging gain. So I wonder how my blog will change and evolve but for now all still seems okay.