My Kid Irritates Me Because…

We all love our kids, don’t we?

We do. We’re moms. We love them to itty-bitty pieces.

But let’s be honest here.

Not every single moment of motherhood is perfect. Not every single moment is one that we’ll treasure.

We don’t love every single thing our kids do. We still love THEM, but OMG, they can push our buttons.

And I think it’s okay to admit this. To say, you know what? Sometimes, my child does xyz and it annoys the shit out of me.

It’s okay to acknowledge that our children aren’t angels 100% of the time.

It doesn’t make us bad moms.

So, I’m confessing- here are the things that my boys do that irritate me:

*Make a crazy mess. I don’t mean a normal mess like their toys are all over the place. I mean getting the stepladder out of the hall closet and using it to reach the cocoa powder in the cabinet and making it snow brown powder all over my kitchen.

*Say “but…” Kids are sometimes going to argue sometimes, but when I tell my oldest something and finish it with “And I don’t want any arguments, this is what you are doing right now” and he opens his mouth with a “but…,” my blood boils.

*Spitting. How nasty is this? We’ve talked about how gross spit is, but they will still spit at each other from time to time. Do you rememeber “gleeking?” I don’t mean any reference to fans of Glee, but that weird way of spitting that kids thought was super-cool back when I was about 10. My older brother thought it was the coolest thing ever to gleek. Maybe my boys get this from their uncle.

*Refusing to move. My youngest is the one who is guilty of this. Just plopping himself down and refusing to leave somewhere. And he’s big enough that it’s a pain to pick him up. Plus it makes me feel like an ass to have to physically pick up my child.

*Hating a previously loved meal. Licked their plates clean when I made something two weeks ago: offer it again and noses are upturned. What is that?

*Speaking of food… Pretending they didn’t eat. This is most often around their grandparents. They might have just had a huge meal, but they will say that they didn’t eat when they get around Grandma so that she will then buy them junk because their poor bellies are empty. Thanks for making me look like the awful mom who never feeds her kids.

*Flipping the switch in front of company. Could be having a totally nice, calm day. Then someone comes over or we are out around others and who are these children?

Your turn! What do your kids do to make you crazy?

Disclaimer for those without a sense of humor: my boys do not do these things all of the time. In fact, they really are good kids. And I love them with all my heart. But, yes, they each occasionally do something that makes me want to drink to pull my hair out. If yours never make you feel that way, please tell me your secret. I bet it comes in a prescription bottle. 


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  1. Being a teacher I get all sorts of things that irritate me.  My biggest is when the kids start exploring their noses.  And I love it the best when they are literally digging in it, not just a simple “get the booger out.”  I love it even more when they come up to you for something and they start to do it right in front of you and don’t get it when you say stop.  Then you got the ones who might catch you simply rubbing your nose and they tell you that you need to get a kleenex!
    Julie recently posted..Fabulous Valentine’s Challenge ~ Day 2My Profile

  2. Ryan has been hopping around here making noises and looking like Pee Wee Herman. It’s driving Jeff and Me nuts. NUTS! Couple that with the all around slow eating, Natalie’s constant wardrobe changes and the bickering, bickering, poking and bickering, bickering, bickering… P.S. We used to call that kid of spitting “Geezing” and sadly I never mastered it. 
    Ali recently posted..My Blogoversary – One YearMy Profile

  3. oh my, yes. The attitude! I had *no* idea about the attitude! *shudder*
    Galit Breen recently posted..A Family HeartMy Profile

  4. Mine will ignore me as if I never existed, until I get a phone call.  Then every possible emergency(in their mind) occurs and they need me attention right then.
    Oka recently posted..PMM ~ Couldn’t be prouderMy Profile

  5. Raining coco powder! That is creative. I hate the arguing all the time.
    secret mom thoughts recently posted..Rocking Out Like DadMy Profile

  6. Oh my gosh yes, yes, YES! Especially the mess. B will literally find any and every thing in the cabinet he can make a mess with and do it in the 10 minutes it takes me to shower. What am I supposed to do…not bathe?! Drives me completely bat shit crazy!
    Jessica recently posted..My Life, in SongMy Profile

  7. The clinginess gets to me right now. I love Jellybean to pieces but sometimes I really just want to be able to use the bathroom by myself and not have to listen to a meltdown outside the door while I’m in there.

    The cocoa powder made me laugh though!
    Diana @ A Little Bit of Life recently posted..The Misadventures of BuffoonMy Profile

    • I got to the point with my oldest that my arms would ache from having to hold him all the time!

  8. That my toddler, aged 2 and 1 month, still wants to be picked up and carried around like a baby. It kills me physically because 1) he’s heavy and 2) I’m pregnant. If I don’t, he refuses to walk and clings to the front of my legs and wails. Grrrr.

    (I’m sad you have to put a disclaimer for this post)

    • Oh, I hate the cling!

      Thankfully, I haven’t needed the disclaimer for anyone yet. But there are those moms who think that we should embrace every moment of motherhood as if it were a blessing. Um… no. 

  9. One of the greatest accomplishments of the blogosphere is that it finally allowed Moms to admit that even though they love their children fiercely, sometimes they really don’t like them. And that’s okay.

    And you don’t need the disclaimer. It’s okay.
    Vinobaby recently posted..Scalloped fingers with a side of mandolin whineMy Profile

    • It’s awesome, isn’t it? 

      But there are some mom bloggers who think that it’s wrong if we ever say anything negative about our kids. 

  10. All so very true.  Anyone who disagrees or says “not my angels” is either (1) delusional or (2) lying.  : ) 

    Though, I will say, as my kids get older I think they are so much cooler.  Not in the cute little toddler way, but as in they are become more like little people way. But I’m not delusional or lying:  they can still be incredibly annoying.  
    Amy ~ Eat. Live. Laugh. Shop. recently posted..Back when Elmo ruled the world.My Profile

  11. I fear the potty talk is going to kill me…the boys make up songs about poop and farts, record them on their DS’s and play them back…so irritating…
    and Jack, oh Jack, he’s my weird kid, almost everything that kid does annoys the shit out of me..
    Not a Perfect Mom recently posted..Double Fat Ass SyndromeMy Profile

  12. Right now my girls are both pre-teens and are in a talking back stage that is worse than when they were toddlers.  Ug!

    They also fight.  I’m not talking an occasional argument.  They fight from the time they wake up until after they get in bed at night.  

    Finally, my youngest seems to think it’s funny to make noises, roll around on the floor, and generally just be a pest.  The more we ask her to stop, the more she does it.  She’s been spending a lot of time in her room lately.  

    Wow, I guess I needed this this morning.  That’s for letting me say these things without feeling terrible.  I guess we all have frustrations with those we love at times.

  13. Um, all of the above! I have three boys too so I can completely relate. 

    Lately the most irritating thing they’ve been doing is NOT LISTENING. Arrrghhh! It’s like, I’ll say something and it just completely falls on deaf ears. I’m sooooo tired of telling them to do things umpteen thousand times. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that they’ve ever been super “snap-to-it-right-this-second” obedient, but they’ve taken it to a whole new level lately. My oldest (6) seems to be the one who initiated it. It had better be a phase if he wants to live to see his seventh birthday ….. :)

    • My 7 year-old is the worst with that right now. And then I snap when I say something for the 20th time. And he just looks at me like I’ve lost it because he didn’t hear the other 19 times. 

  14. I <3 you forever for this.

    for me, yes, it's all about the mess. just for making the sake of making a mess – meaning they will dump out the entire box of blocks, lego or Barbie clothes: and walk away! Not play at all. Or, I find toys all over the house – like the Barbie house tub – in OUR tub???? Just put the doll in the tub for goodness sakes, why drag her itty bitty tub all the way upstairs? Agh.
    It's not frustrating soley because I am usually the one that cleans up – that comes with the role of mom I guess – but I hate the added responsibility of being the FInder Of Lost Things because no one puts anything back.
    RoryBore recently posted..Tuesday Coffee Chat: The Hard Truth of ParentingMy Profile

  15. Nolan has now decided that everytime he’s in the kitchen to grunt and whine at the counters and at the fridge b/c he knows that where food is…even if he’s just eaten and totally not hungry! I almost want to just ban him from the kitchen! And liking food and not liking food the next time drives me bonkers!

  16. SPitting drives me crazy, and it’s totally my husband’s fault. I also hate that PJ refuses to try new foods (most of the time). He won’t eat chicken for pete’s sake!! Also the for no reason ear piercing screaming that actually hurts my ears.
    Lisa recently posted..Ten things to smile aboutMy Profile

    • OH, the shriek. I think I just blocked that out while I was writing this or it would have topped my list!

  17. Let’s see, back talk, whining, throwing trash on the floor instead of in the trash can, deliberately disobeying… to name a few. All kids act up everyone once in awhile, and when they do it drives their parents crazy.

    My cousin’s son was wild. Like literally. They should have nicknamed him Mowgli. One day I asked her how she stayed so calm. She replied, “drugs.” She was totally serious too.
    Jennifer recently posted..I’m an asshole, Part 2My Profile

  18. My 7 year old, bless her heart, drives me bonkers. Her favorite thing to do to push my buttons is to pretend that she doesn’t know something that I KNOW she knows. Like the other day she acted as though she doesn’t know how to get herself a slice of cheese. Now, if I hadn’t seen her do it a hundred times, it might make sense. But she stood in my kitchen CRYING that she couldn’t remember. Another thing all of my kids have done is to scream about getting their seatbelt on. It is something they have done every time we have gotten in the car from the time of their birth, yet they still throw a fit requiring me to manhandle them into their seat belts. I could go on. Yes, my children drive me crazy!

  19. When all three want me at once…RIGHT NOW! I have to admit that I think I encourage the potty talk withmy 4 year old boy. Can’t help it, he’s pretty creative with his songs and jokes. Oh and the mess my daughter makes in the WHOLE bathroom just brushing her teeth!!!
    Cindy Bryl recently posted..Loaded Loco LasagneMy Profile

  20. Flipping the switch – mine do that when any service provider comes to our house. NO MATTER HOW MUCH COACHING I DO IN ADVANCE. Maddening!

  21. Yes – gleeking, gross! And always, the boys could do it much better/farther than the girls. Maybe it’s a genetic male trait, the spitting fascination? D’s only 18 months, so fortunately we haven’t dealt with too much of this yet, but I can totally see us checking off each of these at some point in the future. Well, hopefully not the spitting, though. ;)
    Jocelyn | ScooterMarie recently posted..I fought the bottle (of milk)… and I won!My Profile

  22. The food one drives me crazy! One day they will eat something, 2 days later it’s I don’t like that. WTH?
    Jess recently posted..When Mommy Naps…My Profile

  23. You got almost all of them.
    Pretending they didn’t eat? My kids will ransack a stranger’s pantry, when they have just gotten up from a full course meal. They are nosy is what it is, I have no idea where they got that from.
    I had all boy cousins on one side. They were mad spitters.
    Refusing to move? I just ignored it and kept going. Literally went to the car and started it like I would leave. It worked.
    Hating a previously loved meal…sorry…this is the chow. It is the next bite of food. It is better now than it will be out of the micro at breakfast.

    Do you have a six year-old?

    • I’ve tried that with just going… but it’s usually when we are in a situation where I need him to be by me- like in a parking lot or crossing a street. Such a pain! 

      Mine are 7, 5, and 3. 

  24. folded laundry in the dirty hamper so it has to be rewashed.if you  dont they smell like gym socks. 

    my 7 year old propensity to use an entire roll of toilet paper to try to wipe his rear end which results in a overflowing toilet or an overflowing waste basket. it also always results in him calling me to the bathroom to wipe him  anyway.

    sentences starting with the word “NO” 

    i could probably do this all day
    Annemarie Vinci Chagnon recently posted..Follow up for AmeliaMy Profile

  25. My daughter is really good with the “But…”.  Hate it!

    I can’t stand when my kids repeatedly call my name as they try to track me down to ask a silly question that could have waited until I was done doing xyz.  This is especially annoying when they left the room they were in with their dad who just as easily could have answered their request.
    Evonne recently posted..Sickeningly sweetMy Profile

  26. Spitting is a newer, yet completely disgusting, bad habit we’ve been dealing with lately.
    And don’t even get me started on hating dinners! UGH. They love it if my hubs makes it (cuz it’s nasty and out of the box) but they hate it when I make the same damn thing.
    MiMi recently posted..Things I’ve LearnedMy Profile

  27. LOL, I can sooo agree with some of these!! My youngest son (7) argues with me no matter what it is about.. and as soon as he begins arguing I say, “I don’t wanna hear it, just stop talking”… “stop talking…. STOP TALKING!”… until I just turn around and ignore him and then he throws his little fit, stomps his feet, makes faces at me, whatever it is. It’s like a daily occurrance around here. …. I also really hate inviting my friends over when the kids are here because as soon as someone gets here, they turn into attention seeking little psychopaths! They won’t leave the company alone the entire time. Most of the time, my friends don’t mind, but there are some friends you can just see that they get annoyed after awhile…. Plus, it’s really hard to have good conversations with them wanting all of the attention..Wow, if I made a list of things my kids do that annoy me, I would be here all day!! (but you may have inspired me for my own blog post, lol)

  28. Love the disclaimer (for those without a sense of humor) but think it’s better said ‘for those without children’. Because those with children are laughing and agreeing with most of these comments. LoL
    Cindi recently posted..Mary, Martha & ‘Marty’My Profile

    • Ha! Though there are moms who think that we should never mention anything negative when it comes to parenting!

  29. Oh my gosh my kids do so much that annoy me I could write a book. Let’s see…they leave things empty in the pantry. If you know that you ate the very last pretzel in the bag, don’t leave the empty bag in the pantry! Why do they do that? Are they afraid that I will see it in the trash and somehow get mad that they ate the last pretzel? I suppose it’s better to find the empty bag in the pantry? Or are they just too lazy to walk the bag over to the trash can that is just 3 feet away? That, and leaving an empty toilet paper roll. I have never, ever, ever seen one of my kids replace the toilet paper roll without having been told to by me first. Not one of them has ever done it on their own. And I nag at them all the time about this. I have nine kids ages 20 down to 3 years old and I swear if it wasn’ t for me replacing the roll they’d all be wiping their butts with Kleenex or whatever else they can reach while sitting on the toilet!

  30. Um, there are so many things but really, what kills me is the food stuff. Both going in and coming out with little kids food is so dang hard!

    Also, I am the boss. When my kids just say no and ignore me it drives me insane.
    Brittany recently posted..How Some Shit Turns to SunshineMy Profile

  31. I can’t even begin to start. I love my children so much it hurts sometimes, but man they annoy the crap out of me a lot.
    Kim recently posted..Sister LoveMy Profile

  32. My kids fart on each other. It’s gross.

  33. Thanks for saying this. I think it makes us better moms when we admit that every moment isn’t a joy. Those who feel otherwise are only kidding themselves, imo.
    Julia recently posted..Traveling with a ToddlerMy Profile

  34. Yep, yep and yep. My son seems to do all of these things (and he’s only 3). The mess making drives me nuts. Especially when it’s a “let’s dump all the toys out and then go play something else” kind of mess that he won’t want to pick up later. 
    Courtney Kirkland recently posted..5 Things Every Blogger Should KnowMy Profile

  35. First of all, I’m totally digging the new look around here!  So clean and professional looking!  And the new PYHO button is adorable!!!

    Secondly, this post had me giggling out loud.  My boys spit on one another all the time.  And they supposedly earn extra points if they can spit on one another without the spittee noticing.  One of them will walk by and I’m like, “What is that in your hair?  It looks like spit”.  And then they spend the next hour trying to figure out which brother spit on them.  Good times around here, I tell ya.
    Helene recently posted..If…You Are a Better Mom Than MeMy Profile

    • Thanks- I love the new look. Nap Warden did a fabulous job! 

      What is it with the spitting??? So gross!

  36. WOW.

    I love it.

    Your other site was adorable, but this?

    At the grown ups table.

    Alexandra recently posted..Just Plain Old Good LookingMy Profile

  37. It absolutely irks me when my daughter pulls/hangs on my clothes. I don’t know why but it makes me want to scream. And like your kids she’ll love a meal one day and hate it the next! What the heck?
    Jennifer recently posted..Blog Party 2012My Profile

  38. My button-pushers do the same exact things yours do. LOL. And more. One moment I feel like shrieking my head off in frustration like a raving lunatic and the next I’m hugging and kissing them. Back and forth, day in and day out. I wonder sometimes how I still stay sane.
    Sela Toki recently posted..A glance back at my JanuaryMy Profile

  39. I  hear ya on a lot of these. But the “hating a previously loved meal” thing is speaking to me.
    Loud and clear.

    “Just to tell you Mom, I don’t like brown rice. (Or sweet potatoes. Or chicken. Or food. Of any kind.)”


    Hair. Torn. Out.
    julie gardner recently posted..Today call me laidMy Profile

    • What IS that about? My 5y/o whose favorite food is pizza told me that he didn’t want it the other day. WTH?

  40. All my kids are driving me crazy with the mess. It’s everywhere I turn. Stella just dumped a full bag of brown rice all over the kitchen floor and Cole has taken his pirate game all over the playroom, spilling in to the dining room and family room.

    Add in their love of spreading Legos around every inch of our living space and I find myself quickly going bananas.
    The Mommy Therapy recently posted..I Can’t Beat The BouillonMy Profile

    • Sometimes I want to suck up all their legos in the vacuum cleaner and be done with it. 

      • My 5 year old is really into legos. They used to drive me nuts bc they would be everywhere and I’d step on them barefoot, and then he’d get upset bc he couldn’t find this or that piece to make whatever. So I put all of his Legos in a tote in their boxes, and if he wants to play with them he has to do it at the table and pick up when he’s finished. Otherwise if I find any on the table or floor they go in the trash or get vaccumed up. So the first time after I made the rule he left like 20 pieces on the floor and I threw them away. He cried and cried and told me how mean I was, but since then he has made sure to pick them all up!

  41. With Ash, my number one thing is that she always has to have the last word. Drives me insane! With Bean, it would be that she is a pack rat. She won’t let go of ANYTHING!! I have to sneak things out when she is at school and hope she doesn’t notice they are missing.

  42. The way my son can say my name in 232325 tones of his voice.
    Kimberly recently posted..The BookMy Profile

  43. Believe me ….once they become teenagers the list gets much longer. I am at the point that he annoys me even when he’s quiet…I can feel the attitude now. I love the kid and honestly looking at his peers he isn’t that bad, but the annoyance factor is there.
    Bibi recently posted..Get Fit With Your Kids – Week 1My Profile

  44. My little one isn’t really old enough for annoying me just yet – he’s only 3 months – but recently I decided that I wanted to share moments like this with other moms so I offered a link up this morning for folk to share too! Not many participants yet but it’s stories like these that I want to find.

    AND if my Jonah is anything like his dad, annoying me on purpose will be his favorite hobby! hehe =)

  45. My little one isn’t really old enough for annoying me just yet – he’s only 3 months – but recently I decided that I wanted to share moments like this with other moms so I offered a link up this morning for folk to share too! Not many participants yet but it’s stories like these that I want to find.

    AND if my Jonah is anything like his dad, annoying me on purpose will be his favorite hobby! hehe =)

  46. Oooohhh – good post. Of course there are many things but the worst things are:

    Blantantly disobeying me –  I have one that delights in this.

    Same one has this moaning squeal every time she gets upset. It makes me and her dad cringe.

    Another talks in baby voice and is never still. Her latest is every time I see her her legs are always in the air and she’s rolling around the floor. She’s 7.

    And the constant fighting/whining/bickering makes me want to lock myself in a padded room.

    Thanks for letting me vent today!

  47. Nose exploring and purring like a cat drives me crazy. I think that is why he does them.
    JDaniel4′s Mom recently posted..Pause Life for a Moment- Green GrandmaMy Profile

  48. Oh, I can relate to this! Especially the hating a previously loved meal! 
    I get frustrated by the lack of mvmt, the dawdling! 
    And, not staying in her room at night, we’re trying to work on that, but even last night I got a 3 am visit!
    Carolyn recently posted..The Ticket StoreMy Profile

    • Oh yes- lately, one of our kids ends up in bed with us… sometimes two. And then we’re cranky from lack of sleep.

  49. They can be perfectly calm and normal. Until I pick up the phone…that happened to me yesterday and it happened to be a Tupperware call so I really wanted to look professional. Except that all the phones were missing so I answered it on the speaker phone since all seemed quiet. Two seconds later three boys were screaming at the tops of their lungs over the fact that the fourth one had taken all the toast. It’s never dull here, that’s for sure!
    momof12 recently posted..A Real MomMy Profile

  50. Your cocoa snow powder cracked me up.  And I don’t want to know what gleeking is, thank you very much.

    I think my kids moving slowly when I really need for them to move quickly is what gets me the most.  Drives me nuts!!
    Lady Jennie recently posted..When I Was a PrincessMy Profile

  51. Love the new look. The “but….” drives me insane. Also when the 5 year old who is surprisingly sweet most of the time turns into the devil and is completely defiant or shows his ass in front of people. The horrible sounding yell they do when they don’t like my answer to something. WHINING IN THE MORNING WHEN WE ARE TRYING TO GET OUT THE DOOR. It isn’t new. We do he same thing every morning, WHY IS IT SO HARD?!
    Tayarra recently posted..Little Mr. Series – 1st kissMy Profile

    • Thanks! Napwarden is awesome. :) 

      I don’t understand why mine don’t get the morning routine either- we do the same thing every single day.

  52. Oh the food one…..make me crazy!!!! My kids love food one day and then hate it the next time I make it. Really?

    I hate it when my kids act so surprised that we have to wear shoes when we leave the house. Everytime we leave the house we wear shoes, but it’s somehow a big surprise to them and they fight me on putting on shoes. It’s just shoes. the little stinkers will wear sandals without complaint. Really? And yes, I let them wear sandals when it’s cold sometimes since I don’t want to argue.

    • Mine cannot find their shoes. Ever. Even though we talk about where they go. They throw them. 

  53. Where do I even begin? The mess around the toilet? The constant yelling and screaming? The messes (did you read my post today? It seems all the girls do is make a mess!)

    LOVE this post Shell!

  54. I can agree with SSSOOOOO many of these. But the most recent was last night when we had spaghetti, our 13 yo daughters FAVORITE meal since she was 5. What do you think she did? Turned her nose up to it and asked if I could make her a frozen pizza instead. HELL NO I’M NOT MAKING YOU SOMETHING ELSE!!!! What do I look like a short order cook? Eat it or eat nothing. After about 45 minutes of sitting in front of the plate of spaghetti refusing to eat it she went to bed.
    Laci recently posted..A Desire For MoreMy Profile

  55. Oh dear GOD, my son throws things when he’s having a tantrum.
    Jessie Powell recently posted..Dead FlowersMy Profile

  56. They’ve both started lying. I hate lying.
    Jessie Powell recently posted..Dead FlowersMy Profile

  57. I love this.  I tried to leave a comment before, but was having internet issues. 

    Right now, I cannot stand the noise level that my son has.  I”m hoping it’s not a sign that I’m too old to have small kids. :) 
    Leigh Powell Hines (@Hinessightblog) recently posted..January CliffsNotes Plus Some New Tidbits on MoiMy Profile

  58. Apparently this is just me, but I keep clicking on your blog and all your text is to the right of the screen underneath your sidebar. The text area is completely white. :(
    Foursons recently posted..If I Pinch You Will You Cry Again?My Profile

  59. I so love when they dump everything out on the floor, and then they don’t even play with it.
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell recently posted..Splat – WWMy Profile

  60. Spitting.  Yuck.  Yuck.  Yuck.  Boys are gross.  I can deal with vomit and boogers all day, but spit is my nasty.

    And the cocoa powder…. how is that shit the messiest stuff ON EARTH?!?!?!
    Jen Has A Pen recently posted..The Bus. The Man. And A Tricky Little Thing Called Perception.My Profile

  61. I just wrote about this! These kids I love them to pieces but sometimes I just dont like them. Monkey just started the spitting thing today. I am not appreciating that

  62. Why must they dump toys just to dump them? They don’t even want to play with them!

  63. Yes! My kids do that with meals all of the time. I am always saying, I know you like this you ate it last time! So frustrating. I hate that my kids have turned my name into a three or four letter word “Mooooommmmmmm” has never sounded so dirty and obnoxious.
    Emmy recently posted..Ten Things to Smile AboutMy Profile

  64. Holy comments girl!! This picture is hilarious! boys know how to push your buttons. I hate when my oldest has to have the last word. Doesn’t he know that’s for me?
    Adrienne recently posted..When date night is a dud…My Profile

  65. —my boys are older….but it really ANNOYS me is when they do not put a new toilet roll on. It’s sooo damn easy, but between 2 kids, they do. not. do. this! WHY? WHY? Great Post.
    My Inner Chick recently posted..Words Slam, Crush, DestroyMy Profile

  66. The Dudes never annoy me. Ever. Um, yeah right. I’d have to say the most annoying thing they do is tattle and complain and fight. Their social dynamics are all in the garbage can.

  67. I couldn’t agree more! I have those moments where I can’t wait to sit in a quiet room and not have to listen to anything that my kid is whining about…the whiny voice is so frustrating.

  68. Oh gosh there are so many things that my children do that are irritating. I hate when they are fresh. Drives me crazy!

    I also hate when they don’t do simple cleaning up after themselves. Like throwing a candy wrapper away or bringing their plate to the counter without clearing it into the garbage.

    Oh I could go on and on.
    Making It Work Mom recently posted..Them Talking About BoogersMy Profile

  69. First off, your new look is totally FABULOUS!  

    And I’m sorry but I’m cracking up at the one about them pretending that they didn’t eat so Grandma will feed them more!  Little tricksters… ;)
    Elaine recently posted..A video that makes me wish I took more videoMy Profile

  70. All this scares me because I know those toddler days are coming! Eeeeek! But yes, Donut does make me crazy sometimes, mostly on the days she won’t nap. But of course I still love the crazy kid.
    Rach (DonutsMama) recently posted..Is This Seat Taken?My Profile

  71. I love my kids, but oh my God can they drive me crazy! The whining. The attitudes. The tears. The yelling. Some days it seems like it never ends!
    Kimberly recently posted..This Used To Be My Safe PlaceMy Profile

  72. Well my kid is older, 19 to be exact but oh boy yes!  Two hour showers, right after you lay down to go to sleep for the night.  Waiting until 11 p.m. the night before her college homework is due to think about doing it.  Waiting until its 200 below zero to mention she needs gas and tries to make me feel bad for her so *I* will go get it for her.  Deciding what she wants to eat based on texture and temperature, i.e. “I want something cold, but not too cold and kinda soft” or maybe deciding she can use my debit card to go on a shoe shopping spree because she spent all her money at “Angry, Young and Poor”.  Yep.  Those.

  73. My kids do the same things… except spitting because they’re girls. And it doesn’t get better as they get older either, the things that they do changes but they still do things that will annoy, upset, or totally frustrate you to no ends. I am pretty sure that it is their job in life.

  74. First: I’ve got to go Google gleeking, but I know the answer’s gonna make me gag.  
    Second: mine kind of wears me down by 1000 paper cuts, because she has so much more energy than I and is all over the place like a superball, both mentally and physically.  So I have to repeat things a billion times or say “calm down” or “get off the glass coffee table!” to the little darling. That and the fact that she’s got to make her own decisions and says things like “you ALWAYS… ” and “You NEVER…”  The new have is “why do I have to…?” with a world weary, put-upon sigh.

  75. My children have a habit of forgetting they JUST ate. As soon as they put their plates in the sink after supper it’s “What is snack?” and if they don’t get what they want the second they want it all hell breaks loose. Jon had a meltdown last night because I was still finishing supper when he wanted his snack and he wanted it now. He melted down the entire time I ate my sandwich.
    Missy recently posted..Menu Planning MondayMy Profile

  76. Oh my goodness…yes! The messes…the out of this world messes, make me pull out my hair! 
    I’m with you, Shell :) 
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  77. I’m woefully behind on reading blogs, but NOT MOVING??? I’ll freak when that happens.

  78. It is the supreme messes everywhere. My two daughters go room to room. And since I can not relax in a messy house I always feel like the mean mommy.

    The other is the laundry. My daughter layered three skirts today to make it “poofy” then of course got dirty so now instead of 1 skirt I have three hitting the laundry basket. Ugh!

  79. makin' memories says:

    This blog was a lifesaver to me tonight. I am a mother of 5 and it drives me crazy when moms pretend it is all rainbows and unicorns. I feel as if there is a tatoo on my forehead that says “I live to be your maid” Of course there are many kid rules that I was unaware of until I became a mom. for instance, clean towels belong on the floor, along with the freshly folded clothes it took you till midnight to finish. The toilet will eventually flush itself. Garbage goes on the floor and washing your hands doesn’t require soap, does it ?. Chore time is the best time to pee/eat/feel sick (whatever it takes). Also, candy makes owies better and the famous “life is fair” rule, NOT.  Why does everyone think it is moms job to always know exactly where THEIR crap is. UG, and the food thing, everyday. why am I responsible for everyone elses hunger. Good thing these little creatures know how to be sweet and cute at times.  
       Man can work from sun to sun, but womens work is never done. 

  80. Oh my god…..thank you so much for voicing everything I’ve been feeling AND feeling guilty about! For several years now my 11 yo son thinks it’s fun to needle and torment me constantly…..just the same way his father did when we were married. It’s hurtful mostly because it seems he LOVES to make me miserable. Bouncing basketball in the house, not cleaning up messes he is aware are his, not “aiming” while peeing, not flushing the toilet after a large job, leaving (expensive) toys strewn all over the yard for the neighbors to steal and break, not wanting WHATEVER it is I make for him to eat, or worse yet telling me he wants something specifically to eat and then not TOUCHING IT, firing questions at me faster than I can answer, wanting to wear something that is dirty while he had ALL LAST NIGHT to tell me but of course he can’t give mom any lead time to get something washed…he waits till 5 min before we’re supposed to leave the house. His mouth runs constantly, mostly when I’m trying to give him instructions, explain something….and he instantly starts humming, singing, talking nonsense so I have to try and talk over him (end up yelling)…..never does ANYTHING the first time I tell him….usually takes 6 times of repeating myself till the last time when I’m totally nuts about him not moving to do it. And acting out in front of new people that I work with….acting like a 5 year old with his voice, like he doesn’t know proper language…just for attention. Then there’s the “changing his mind” about his halloween costume….Me: Now, this is absolutely the one you want, you won’t change your mind later after we’ve bought it and it can’t be returned?” “Oh YES. This is the one I want.” Then…let’s see, maybe 3 days before Halloween….Him: “I don’t like this one….I want xyz because that’s what “someone” else is wearing and it’s much cooler” and of course they don’t have his size now because they’re sold out…..and next year the first costume wonn’t fit him so I’ve wasted money. And then he’ll leave his room to go outside with the tv still running, a space heater running full blast, his phone on the floor, all the lights on, and music blasting from somewere or other. He’s been reminded about all of these things numerous times but it’s almos like “If Mom tells you to do it, you don’t have to. She just nags about stuff because she likes to.” And with food…..if someoen else makes it he gobbles it down, but if Mom makes it, he doesn’t want to touch it. Same damn thing! Need I go on? I’m sure I’ve left something out but you get the gist of my life! And he wonders why mom is always in a bad mood!!!! …which further makes me feel guilty!!! AARRGGHH!!!!

  81. Right now I’m pregnant and its super annoying when my six year old makes name suggestions like if I say I like a name she’ll haul off with 7 or 8 silly suggestions. Drives me nuts. Cause I can’t be mean and say ” that’s stupid” I have to laugh or say ” noo, those aren’t quite right”.

  82. Potty talk, endless potty talk. And, my five year old has recently developed the most annoying laugh, like this high pitched nervous fast laugh, that he uses CONSTANTLY and to me, it’s like nails on a chalkboard. Ugh. 

  83. mines is three and does everything on this list ugh.

  84. I am the mother of four plus three steps. My nearly 11year old step drives me up the freaking wall. He has adhd. Now dont get me wrong…he can be sweet, but there is something wrong with this kid. Hes been tested for aspergers ,but failed to meet the criteria. Hes socially awkward. He still pees in his pants and weve had that checked out too and physically he is fine. He would play video games 24/7 if u would let him but its the sound of his voice that irritates me most. He talks fast, but sometimes slow in a almosy mentally handicapped kind of way. Totally doesnt get sarcasm…still believes in Santa and just aggfavates me. I feel guilty and I pray about it.

  85. My 3 year old is an angel is school, as soon as he gets off the bus, the halo is gone and the devil surfaces. He’ll be tolerable until we walk into a store, any store, be it a craft store or a grocery store, he’ll whine which drives me bonkers. He’s also started to throw things at me and cuss. 

  86. Thank you for sharing this. I’m going nuts with my 18 months old toddler. I am about to ship him off to a circus. It doesn’t help that my husband has gone out of town for work. I love my boy but I am just going crazy, he bugs me all the time!

  87. If I tell my 4 year old that we are going somewhere or doing something later in the day, he will ask me about it every 5 minutes, all day long. It drives me flipping insane!!

  88. My 16 year old daughter is usually just fine to be around.  It is her random requests (that seem to be MUCH more often recently) that annoy me.  She texts me at work a little bit ago and asks if I can deliver her money at her friends, to go out to dinner but hasn’t really looked for a job, I am super sick with the flu the past few days and money is very tight right now (she also just got her permit a few days ago and that alone was $80 here in NY). 

    Like really, you asked me that knowing all of that? Then of course she acts all hurt, like I am telling her she has to live on the streets.  I told her that is why you don’t spend your birthday and Christmas money on nonsense, for times like this (she gets a ton of $$$ from family members on holidays).  It just really irked me today, when she asked this…A LOT!

  89. My kid annoys me by asking me every 5 seconds “What are you doing dada?” I know he is only 2 but he does not understand the conecept of peace and quiet, especially when I’m sick. He will ask for milk, I’ll get him some, I’ll lay down to work on some homework, 2 seconds later “More milk please!” ARGG! Drink it slower!