Blog Conference Prep: 7 Must-Pack Items

packing list Welcome back to the Blog Conference Prep series that Ashley from My Front Porch Swing and I have been working on. If you missed any of the series so far, be sure to check out:

Today, we’re getting down to the practical: what you need to bring with you. Ashley is going to share what you should carry around with you during the day at the conference. But, I’m going to let you know about those things that you need to have with you in your room. Also known as the things you might not have thought of, but will be thankful you have.

Power strip and chargers for all electronic devices. While you shouldn’t have a shortage of outlets in your room, if you have multiple roommates and you are all trying to charge your laptops, tablets, phones, cameras, etc., you’ll be glad that you have that power strip. You’ll be using all your devices, so you will need to charge them!

Moisturizer. The air at conferences is notoriously dry. Bring body lotion and face lotion.

Make-up remover. I can usually get away with using face soap to remove all of mine, but when I’m stumbling in coming into the room at 3am after being up all day, I need a little more help. Maybe you do, too.

Concealer or eye brightener. Another item I usually only pull out for conferences. Long nights can mean tired-looking eyes. My own not-so-secret weapon is Benefit Eye Bright.

Extra contacts/glasses. If you are like me, you can’t see past the end of your nose without the help of contacts or glasses. Be sure to bring an extra pair so you don’t end up miles from home with no back-up in the event of a tear or break.

Book/kindle. For any downtime(not that there will be much!), but think about the airport wait, too. In a conference jam-packed with technology, sometimes it’s nice to step away from the internet and lose yourself in a book.

Water Bottle and snacks. While conferences will have food and drinks, it’s nice to have your own stash of snacks.  The room that they take up in your suitcase on the way to the conference can be filled with swag on your way home.

This last one isn’t must-pack, simply a nice suggestion. You can bring a small gift for your roommates. Maybe it’s a peace offering for the fact that you snore or like to take incredibly long showers. Note: my roomie and I have roomed together for five conferences now, so the only gesture we make is playing who is paying for the first round of drinks.

What are your must-have items for a conference?

Be sure to check out Ashley’s post today on the must-haves for your conference tote bag.


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    I’m with Ali. Wish I was going! Great tip about the contacts too. I always make sure I have an extra pair after I was on a 10 day trip and ripped one on the 2nd day. That was no fun wearing my regular glasses on the beach.
    Kristen recently posted..The Writer’s Storm…My Profile

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    I agree with the power strip tip being excellent. I hadn’t thought about bringing bottled water, but that’s something I’ll think about now, too.

    Working in outdoor education, most of my overnight conferences involved more rustic accommodations, so I was always careful to pack my pillow and a quilt. Blissdom is going to be quite a step up.

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    Great tips and all but the power strip are already on my must pack list.

    Other items I make sure to pack:
    ~An extra top in case of spills
    ~Lubricating eye drops (airplane air is so dry and harsh!)
    ~lip balm (I’m a Burt’s Bees girl!)
    ~chargers & extra camera battery (what? You’ve never forgotten your charger while packing? Just me, then?)
    ~OTC anti-inflammatory medication (Tylenol, Ibuprofin, etc.)

    Great post!

    Chrysta Bairre recently posted..How to Have an Awesome Conference Experience!My Profile

    • Shell says

      I have to admit I’ll bring drinks… when I’m driving and don’t have to worry about checking bottles. Figured you’d appreciate that. 😉

      I so wish I could have been there and hung out with y’all!

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    I went to Blissdom Canada last October and had a WONDERFUL time. I was extremely busy before hand, had no idea what I was getting into and went TOTALLY unprepared. What I encountered was the biggest shmoozefest ever. I went as a roomy with my DIL. She was prepared. She had pre-read all the presenters portfolios. She had read blogs from all the signed up attendees. Not me. I went along for the ride. I can shmooze with the best of them, but here is what I can offer in the get-ready department: make sure to take a TON of personal cards…with your name, email address, blog hmtl. and twitter handle. If you get professionally made ones so much the better, but even ones you run off on your home computer and printer will do. That, and get lots of sleep BEFORE you go. You’ll have a ton of fun, eat tons of food, meet gazillions of new friends and learn so much your head will spin. Enjoy!
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    —So Envious.

    Have FUN. Eat. Drink Wine.

    Do you know your roommates? Are you anticipating meeting somebody special?

    Great checklist. Very cool that you are bring gifts for your roommate. :)
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    I think hotels need to start making power strips a standard in all rooms. It can be hard for 1 person to find enough open plugs for their phone and laptop sometimes.

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    Thanks for the tips! Blissdom will be my first blogging conference, so I’m super stoked.
    I’d add to your list gum/mints to keep handy, and I always bring a lightweight robe that’s easy to pack. With having multiple roommates I may be drying my hair on my bed instead of in the bathroom (which means another use for the power strip/extension cord)!
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