A New Look

paint can

Time for a new look!

I’ve been itching to make changes on the blog for quite a while now.  But, I didn’t want a change just for the sake of change, I wanted something that really fit Things I Can’t Say and that could stick around for a long time.

Design creativity, though? So NOT my thing. At all.

So I turned to the fabulous Cynthia of NWDesigns and NapWarden for help.  She spoke at BlogHer and Bloggy Bootcamp about blog design and she really knows her stuff! I had the chance to meet her at BBC Atlanta and she said she could help me.

All I gave her to go on was that I wanted something bright and bold but not obnoxious. Simple and clean, but not boring. And oh yeah, there’s that blog term of “branding,” can you do that, too?

The result had me squeeee-ing. Yes, I really did. I know people say no one really squees, that it’s just something you type, but I literally squee-ed when I saw what she came up with!

You see that “shush” up there? Well, that’s what I’m calling it. Cynthia drew it for me! How awesome is that? Not a stock image, but actually made just for this blog!


If you are looking for a blog makeover, I cannot recommend Cynthia enough! She’s creative and so talented. She’s also very reasonably priced. You might want to hurry up and get on her design list before she realizes just how reasonably priced she is and raises her rates. ;)

And a huge thanks to Ashley at My Front Porch Swing for implementation and for “getting me” so that she could explain to Cynthia what I wanted when I had no way to describe any of it. If you are looking to move to wordpress, contact her! 

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  1. I LOVE IT!! Gorgeous colors, fresh and fun and totally fits you. Great new look!
    Amanda Austin recently posted..Why Toddlers Are Like Little Drunk PeopleMy Profile

  2. Love the new look – how exciting!  And perfect.  
    Missy | Literal Mom recently posted..Expert Advice on Long Term Marital BlissMy Profile

  3. What does it say that when this opened I was all, “WTH blog is this?” But not in a bad way. I just thought someone new had jumped onto my subscriber list.

    I LOVE it. And I love the “shush.” So cute and perfect.
    Jennifer recently posted..Jodi and Jennifer on naked menMy Profile

  4. Oooh! I love it :)
    Lady Lazarus recently posted..valley between the dollsMy Profile

  5. I love it!  The colors are awesome!  She did a great job!
    Natalie recently posted..Random Tidbits on MondayMy Profile

  6. I love your new look. Very clean and pretty.
    Pamela Gold recently posted..Empty Chairs — Stacey Danson’s Biography of Overcoming Child AbuseMy Profile

  7. Love what you’ve done here! So pretty and welcoming.
    Tara R. recently posted..The interviewMy Profile

  8. I love your new look! The header is perfect!

  9. I love it! Everytihng looks great :)

  10. Looks great! Congrats on finalizing it!
    Kate F. @katefineske recently posted..The Forbidden QuestionMy Profile

  11. It looks great! So light and fresh – and love the colors. So happy! Congrats!
    Debra recently posted..The ABCs Of Getting Into Kindergarten….My Profile

  12. Fresh and colorful, just perfect!

  13. It looks so clean and fresh!
    Kristina P. recently posted..In Other News…My Profile

  14. This is so you – and ooo, looky, when I’m typing, it’s in pink!
    MommaKiss recently posted..Plans…My Profile

  15. OOh!! SO pretty! I love your new look!!

  16. simply said: LOVE IT!
    RoryBore recently posted..Monday Listicles: The Beat Goes OnMy Profile

  17. So pretty, and so you!! Love the new look. Congrats, Shell!
    Eve recently posted..The Weekend That Poop BuiltMy Profile

  18. Looks so good! I love the layout and the bright colors!! Kinda makes me want to update my place a little!!
    Angie@MamaInsomnia recently posted..#FFFriday-Keep TruckinMy Profile

  19. I love it.

    And just to let you know…I squeee a lot in life. I am easily thrilled. Yay for squeeing.
    Glad your little guys first day is off to a good start. hope he comes home happy too.

  20. Love it. So bright and pretty and clean!

    (And, the fact that I’m typing my comment in pink…pretty fun!)
    Krystyn recently posted..Mommy and Me Monday | 102nd ed | LapsMy Profile

  21. it is absolutely perfect…I can’t believe how much it shouts SHELL!!!! it’s just amazing.

    Kir recently posted..“Scooped” Up!My Profile

  22. I love it! I love the orange color! I’ve been trying for this color on my blog and just can’t seem to get it, but the orange is perfect here! I design my own blog because I really can’t afford to invest in a make-over. This looks super fantastic though!
    Bella recently posted..Moments Of Neurosis – This Is Who I am – Issue 6My Profile

  23. Shell,

    Wow….what a redesign!!! This is wonderful and I can see why you are so excited!!! So jealous, lol!
    Deb M. recently posted..Food Friday- Groundhog Treats!!!My Profile

  24. Love, love, love!!!!  Your site looks amazing!  And I love seeing you right up in the top corner there.  It’s beautiful Shell…you must be so excited :)

  25. Oooooh. Looks so nice
    jessie powell recently posted..BlurryMy Profile

  26. LOVE!!! I want a new look! I’m jealous. :)
    MiMi recently posted..Holy Crap, I’m Getting Old…My Profile

  27. Oh I totally love it, Shell! Simple, streamlined, to the point, cute colors. I think it’s a great representation of YOU!

  28. I LOVE it! Its so bright and fun, but not in an overthetop way. 
    Jessica recently posted..My Life, in SongMy Profile

  29. Glad you’re loving it Shell! It looks great, and has YOU written all over it =) 
    Jamie recently posted..Museums Around TownMy Profile

  30. I love it, Shell!

    I especially love the ‘shush’.

    Maybe someday I will be able to afford a ‘pro’ makeover but for now I am stuck doing my own!  ;)
    Stasha recently posted..Tickety-Tocking AwayMy Profile

    • But you do a great job with your own- it’s not a skill I have, so I have to get someone to do it for me! 

  31. Oh it is squee worthy!! Love it:)
    SassyModernMom recently posted..Impulse Purchases equals . . . Granny Panties?My Profile

  32. Love the new look!

  33. Love the look. I like clean and fresh myself. I am constantly fiddling with my blog. I now know where to turn to if I get stuck!!! :)
    Susi recently posted..Follow Friday Four Fill-in FunMy Profile

  34. Very pretty, my dear! Nice job!
    Melissa {momcomm} recently posted..Before & After Critique: She SuggestsMy Profile

  35. I love the new look! All the way down to the pink text I’m typing right this minute. It’s perfect.
    Miss Marina Star recently posted..Soundtrack Of My LifeMy Profile

  36. It’s beautiful.  Congrats.  I love it. 
    Leigh Powell Hines (@Hinessightblog) recently posted..January CliffsNotes Plus Some New Tidbits on MoiMy Profile

  37. Love the new look mama! I’ve always been a fan of bright, cheerful colors, especially pink & green. You can’t go wrong with that ;)

    And I love the Shhh! So perfect for you!
    Theta Mom recently posted..My New Business VentureMy Profile

  38. it’s fantastic! I love it…it’s clean and simple but hot all at the same time…
    and the shush? Love it!
    Not a Perfect Mom recently posted..Double Fat Ass SyndromeMy Profile

  39. It’s all grown up! Love it!
    stephanie @ babe’s rockin’ mami recently posted..Makeup Monday {not your Grandma’s blue shadow}My Profile

  40. Digging the color scheme!!
    Life As Wife recently posted..The Greatest Day EverMy Profile

  41. Love it shell!!! it looks great!
    Lisa recently posted..Life Lessons: The I Can’t Come Up with a Clever Title EditionMy Profile

  42. Shell, I love, love it! It is so clean and bright and pretty – perfect! I love the wraparound sidebar widgets, and your “shush” is awesome. Congrats on the new redesign – have fun!!
    Jocelyn | ScooterMarie recently posted..This one time, when I fell asleep with my eyes open while driving…My Profile

  43. Oh, I’ll so squee {for real!} with you! Your design is truly fabulous and the colors are perfection! xo
    Galit Breen recently posted..A Family HeartMy Profile

  44. Very nice new look! I don’t generally like change. You are very brave to try something new.
    momof12 recently posted..More Dentist StoriesMy Profile

  45. I love it, but a part of me is going to miss the beach mama ;)
    Oka recently posted..PMM ~ Couldn’t be prouderMy Profile

  46. Shell…love the new look!  The colors are perfect!

  47. VERY you! Congrats girl. Looks fantastic! 
    Courtney Kirkland recently posted..Move to ManualMy Profile

  48. Cyn is GREAT! We actually roomed together my first time at BlissDom. She was fantastic. After that I hired her to redesign my site. She did an amazing job. I switched blog focus last year, so I no longer have her rocking design, but I loved it with all my heart.
    Your new look is perfect!!
    Kim recently posted..January Voting for SHOOT.EDIT.SUBMIT.My Profile

  49. I love your new design Shell! Clean and simple but in a good way. 
    Jess recently posted..When Chickens AttackMy Profile

  50. Whoo!  This is really pretty!
    Mel recently posted..ChangeMy Profile

  51. Oh, I just LOVE it Shell. SO cute!!!
    molly recently posted..Friday Brain DumpMy Profile

  52. It’s gorgeous. Very clean.
    I won’t lie though…I will miss that gal on the top of the page. She was sassy. And the flip flops ;)
    Kimberlly recently posted..The BookMy Profile

  53. I thought I was on the wrong blog or something, my first thought was “Where am I?”  lOL
    Love the new look!  
    Katrina recently posted..the toysMy Profile

  54. Yay!  Gorgeous!

  55. Love the blog design.
    secret mom thoughts recently posted..Another Week in Our HouseMy Profile

  56. Love it! Love it! Love it!!!! I need to make some changes!
    Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 recently posted..Who’s In?My Profile

  57. LOVE the new look!  Great job! :)
    Christine Trevino recently posted..Sweet & Sour Mukimame ChickenMy Profile

  58. Very cute! Fits you perfect!

  59. Love it – so glad you do, too! :)
    Mrs. Jen B recently posted..Superbowl Party FoodsMy Profile

  60. Love it! But you already know this. It’s everything you described and said you wanted. 

    I’m also going through another redesign right now. I like my current one, but I don’t love it. And I also wanted something more timeless that I felt better fit “me” in terms of both style and branding. So, I completely understand where you’re coming from and am so happy you got exactly what you wanted! :)
    Kristin @ What She Said recently posted..Anatomy of a MeltdownMy Profile

  61. I LOVE this, Shell!!! Absolutely perfect for you! The colors are amazing :) 
    Runnermom-jen recently posted..The Soundtrack of My LifeMy Profile

  62. I LOVE it! Great colors and I especially love the background print! Subtle and striking at the same time.
    Tracy recently posted..Mix TapeMy Profile

  63. So you’re saying I can tip over a can of mustard-yellow paint and my blog will be this awesome?
    Love what you did. Congratulations on making the changes YOU wanted ;-)
    julie gardner recently posted..Today call me laidMy Profile

  64. I love the new look, Shell!! It’s clean, and simple, but also bright and inviting. It looks great!
    Kimberly recently posted..What Does Monday Mean?My Profile

  65. The new look is fresh, fun and catchy. I love it Shell and I especially love the “SHUSH” sign up there. Thumbs up.
    Sela Toki recently posted..Something FunnyMy Profile

  66. Very nice! Love the touch of bright colours :)
    Jen @familyfoodfitnessandfun recently posted..Healthy Baking SubstitutionsMy Profile

  67. OH I love it :)

  68. It. Is. Beautiful! So clean and bright. You must be thrilled. Congrats!
    Christine @ Quasi Agitato recently posted..A Few Tricks Up My Antique Lace Sleeve.My Profile

  69. You’ve been talking about it for so long! I’m glad you finally got it done. Looks cute! Your colors are similar to my tones (except much brighter), so you know I like it. :)
    Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell recently posted..Newsies is Broadway Bound!My Profile

  70. I like it!!! It is very clean and streamlined, and it’s got your Things I can’t Say flair! two thumbs up!
    Tiffany recently posted..Friday Fragments: Episode #182My Profile

  71. Oh my gosh! It’s even better than I imagined!! Do you love it?

    How was the Bear’s first day of school?
    Pish Posh recently posted..Smelling You Makes Me VomitMy Profile

  72. I LOVE your new design. It is fabulous!!!
    Jen recently posted..The Booger WallMy Profile

  73. It looks awesome, Shell! Cynthia is hilarious – I met her at GleekRetreat and BBC Chicago and she totally cracks me up!
    Elena recently posted..Minestrone Kale + Egg Drop Soup. Perfect Combo.My Profile

  74. OMGOODNESS!!! It’s amazing! Looks so great, girl!! :)
    Adrienne recently posted..A Work in ProgressMy Profile

  75. Looks great! 
    Leighann recently posted..Teenagers… They’re Just ConstipatedMy Profile

  76. it looks great!! Yay! 
    Kristi recently posted..Those days of being the favorite are gone…My Profile

  77. It looks great, perfect for you!  But can I say that I hate change and I am a little sad to see all the old familiar look gone.  

    Okay I am over it!  Love the new look!
    Making It Work Mom recently posted..Them Talking About BoogersMy Profile

  78. Looking good!

  79. –Great, Clean, fresh look!!!! Makes me want to change my look, too. x
    My Inner Chick recently posted..The Chick Stands Too CloseMy Profile

  80. What a lovely face lift Shell! Beautiful!!
    Jackie recently posted..Life is but a songMy Profile

  81. I like it! It looks lovely!
    JamieAnne recently posted..Slow Cooker Monday, Breakfast StyleMy Profile

  82. It’s gorgeous, Shell! Cynthia designed my blog too, and she drew my header for me as well, I love it (and her!). 
    Alison@Mama Wants This recently posted..The Truth About Having A Second BabyMy Profile

  83. Congrats on your new, very sophisticated look!
    Cheryl D. recently posted..Dream Whatever You Want!My Profile

  84. Love it. I especially like the post title font.
    Maggie S. recently posted..You Kiss Me with That Mouth? #momfailMy Profile

  85. I love the new look!! It’s very clean and bright!

  86. LOVE it! Tragically, I long ago decided to do all my blog page design/implementation myself. Mainly because I’m really quite dumb. And considering I’ve spent like 15hrs trying to figure out how to get a footer, I’m quite envious of yours. You crazy bloggers and your footers. Just raising the bar for the rest of us.

  87. Totally squeeeeee worthy! 

  88. It truly looks great over here, Shell!  I need to get my ass in gear & finish my own redesign.
    John recently posted..Where I chat about self image & motivationMy Profile

  89. Shell your blog looks great!
    Tina @ Life Without Pink recently posted..Give Me Some Eyedews {Vlog Review}My Profile

  90. It looks fabulous!
    Teresa (Embracing the Spectrum) recently posted..An Important DistinctionMy Profile

  91. I LOVE the new look!!

  92. Congrats on the new look, Shell! I’ll have to stop by from my other computer later to get the full effect (on kindle now) but a change is a good thing every now and then, right!?
    Charlotte recently posted..[sponsored post] French-inspired whimsy to spruce up your V-DayMy Profile


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