Organize Your Purse: Purse Perfector Giveaway

I am NOT an organized person. But, this is something that I am trying to change. I’m getting our schedules organized with a little help from the planner that I reviewed yesterday. I’m giving one away, too! Make sure you check it out. 

But, now I need help organizing all the “stuff” that I seem to collect.

Back in June, I attended the Type A Parent Conference and received a Purse Perfector with its claims to be “the end of handbag chaos.” I thought it was a great idea.  But I didn’t try it out right away. I thought oh, someday, I’ll  dump all the junk in my purse and get organized.

And then, a few weeks ago, I was scrambling to find my debit card in my purse yet again and my husband sighed in exasperation and handed me his so I could run into the store to grab drinks to take with us to the beach.  As I was leaving, he was muttering something about how unorganized I am.

I got a little red in the face. Both from anger and from embarrassment. Because he was right. I should be able to find my debit card quickly. I should be able to find whatever I need from my purse quickly.

So, I dug out that Purse Perfector and gave it a try.

Be gentle here because I’m going to show you my before and after pics.


I’ve actually been able to keep my purse organized in the month that I have been using the Purse Perfector. Something else I love about it is that I can take it out, put it into a different purse, and have everything I need. 
I have a spot for my driver’s license, credit cards, gift cards, checkbook, coupons, insurance cards, business cards, receipts, pens, and lip gloss. There’s even room for my phone and my small point and shoot camera. 
You can unzip it on two sides to have a long, thin profile, perfect for a briefcase or you could unzip all the way and have two small Purse Perfectors. I like keeping mine together and having that extra pocket in there to fit my checkbook. 
Here’s a view of the dimensions of the medium-sized Purse Perfector: the one I have and the one that’s up for grabs in this giveaway:
The medium Purse Perfector retails for $54 and is available in eight different colors. It’s made in the USA and is machine washable.  You can find Purse Perfector on facebook
GIVEAWAY: One of you will win a medium Purse Perfector in the color of your choosing. 
Open to US only, this giveaway will close at 9pm ET on 8/28.  Winner will be notified via email and have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen. If your email is not visible in your profile, please leave it with your entries.

Mandatory Entry: Leave a comment telling me why you need help getting organized!

Additional Entries
*Follow Things I Can’t Say GFC
*Follow @PursePerfector on twitter and leave your username

I received a Purse Perfector for review purposes. No other compensation was provided and all opinions are my own. 

This giveaway is now closed and the winner is #79 Dawns41


  1. Maggie S. says

    I need a purse protector, because I can't pare down to a smaller bag and stuff just gets heaved into the abyss and then the bag gets heavier and heavier and I dump and lose important bits of paper and find them months later in little stacks here and there where I have "cleaned out" my purse.

  2. Angie says

    I need it because everyone in my family seems to think my purse is for them too. It would be nice to have my stuff in one spot and theirs in another.

  3. Mrs. Sykes says

    Oh boy do I need one of these!! I own my own business so I'm constantly saving receipts and passing out business cards. You wouldn't believe the amount of information that goes in and out of my purse. I'm always looking for a nice purse with all of this storage but I can't find it. This is an amazing solution! Thanks so much for having this give away.

  4. jen@its all about me says

    Oh honey if you saw the inside of my purse you would know how much I need this Purse Perfector, maybe then I'd be able to find my phone before people hang up!

  5. TheAvonLady says

    I am an Avon Lady, getting organized and staying that way is key to my business! I would LOVE to have this item in purse, maybe then I'd be able to find my cell phone before it stops ringing!

  6. rdmama says

    I think I need more than one of those! It's a good thing you can't see my diaper bag/purse!

  7. Carolyn says

    I love all these organizing blog you are having and right now an organized purse would be great. I can never find what I need in my current one. It's like a black hole.

  8. Julie says

    I need a purse perfector because I am a newly married woman who's husband tends to throw his wallet, phone and keys into my purse so he doesn't have to carry them. It would come in handy also with a purse that doesn't normally have a cell phone holder so I'd know where mine is.

  9. Sara @ Periwinkle Papillon says

    This is a great idea to get ourselves organized at the same time at back to school. Would love to win one of these!

  10. Mandi @ My Perfect Mess says

    Are you sure that was a picture of your purse and not mine? I need that organizer!

  11. Teresa1982 says

    I need one because I can never find a pen when I need one and everything I want always manages to drift to the bottom of my purse.

  12. Monica says

    Thanks for doing a giveaway! I've always been afraid of getting a bigger purse because I tend to have to hunt for things in even the tiniest of purses. This would be great!!

  13. diane rene says


    I have found, especially with BTS shopping, that not everyone keeps record of your purchases just because you use a credit card (target, you will always be my favorite store for this very reason). I have to hold on to those recepits until we are absolutely, 110% sure, that everything fits.
    I hate floating receipts in my purse … more so , I hate the discount cards they staple to them so that I will come back and buy … I need a PLACE for these and so far haven't found one that doesn't spill over into my wallet, cash, etc.
    and I switch purses weekly – this would SOOO help :)

  14. Tiffany says

    That is my biggest complaint about purses! They never have enough pockets to keep organized. And I hate changing purses because of it.

  15. Jessica @ My Simply Complicated says

    I need help getting my purse organized because it looks just like yours did in the before! I need serious organizational help!

  16. Judy N. says

    Just followed you on GFC and followed Purse Perfector on Twitter. My handle @cubs2win.

    I totally need this! My purse looks like the picture of your before "purse". This looks like a great solution and I love that you can configure it to fit different needs. Help!

  17. KerriM says

    I need a purse perfector to help get my life organized and on track. And because an unorganized purse is the first step to having a starring role on Hoarders… :)
    Thanks for hosting!!


  18. Ariel says

    I tend to prefer huge purses, so everything ends up lost. I totally need a purse perfector! pinkdaddysgirl[at]msn[dot]com

  19. Stasha says

    I need this because my purse looks like yours did.

    It is impossible to find anything.

    I need to be more organized.

  20. Just me Randa Ree says

    I could totally use this. My purse not only holds everything of mine; cards, receipts, makeup, phone and so on but almost all of my 11 year olds stuff and my husbands. Having this would make changing purses so much easier because I love swiching bags but can't do this because I lose to much stuff when I do. I already follow you. charmed_rose2003(at)

  21. kygirl says

    I need help getting orgainzed because I can't seem to find anything in my purse

  22. Rach (DonutsMama) says

    I so need that because I'm terrible at being organized and now it's even harder with a little one. But I'm trying hard!

  23. Heather H says

    Why do I need this? Ummm, did you read my post on being a purse hoarder?!? 😉 I can't ever find anything in my purse.

  24. Heather H says

    I think I follow you on GFC…my GFC stopped working several months ago and I can't see it on any site. But I know for sure I follow you in a reader…does that count?

  25. Karly says

    I need a purse perfector because I am so sick of everyone telling me my purse weighs more than my kids (the sad thing is that it's totally true…) and the inside is like a bottomless pit of junk and crumbs and dirty coins.

  26. Mom of 12 says

    Nice! I can't ever seem to be organized and if I am, the kids undo it all in less than 30 seconds.
    Would love to have one!

  27. Jill says

    Why didn't I think of that?! What a great idea. I have a few bucket bags that could use some organizing…recipes everywhere!

  28. Elaine A. says

    I need help so that I can find things faster. It takes TIME to find things in the chaos that is my purse, desk and well, even my fridge. Do they make these for the fridge?? ;P

  29. Laura @Supergluemom says

    I would love to win this! I have serious issues with purses and keeping things organized. help!

  30. Daffy says

    I go between so many bags…the work bag, the kid bag, the purse, the sitter's…the quick run in the store bag….I can NEVER find what I need when I need it. It would be awesome to have one little organizer to just move from bag to bag with the essentials!

  31. Grumpy Grateful Mom says

    Oh, I am extra unorganized. And my kids like to get into my purse and jumble it even more. This looks great!

  32. Nikki M says

    I would use this in my diaper bag! I am sharing it with the baby and it seems all of my papers go missing in a sea of pampers, wipes, and pacis!
    mommyisshopping at gmail dot com

  33. molly says

    Shell, we could be unorganized purse sisters or something. My purse looks like your before pic! It's like that all the time and I can never find anything.

    This is awesome and would fit into my new purse just right!

  34. Charlotte says

    Uhm, I totally need this. It takes me way longer than is ever necessary to find pretty much anything in my purse. I have resorted to dumping out all the contents in a frantic search for keys, wallet, chapstick, etc. I also love that you can easily take this out and put it in a different purse (which would be SO MUCH EASIER than having to "reorganize" it in a new one. "Reorganize" in quotes because I wouldn't really call when I do "organized").

  35. Tammy H says

    I need one of these in the worst way! My purse is just one big open pocket and I can never find anything.

    tammymc01 at yahoo dot com

  36. Roxanne says

    My purse looks just like that before picture. It's a mess. I can't find anything. I am constantly standing at the check-out piling things up by the register just so I can find some method of payment. This thing looks like it would be perfect to help get organized!

  37. Anonymous says

    I've never met a purse yet that couldn't use an organizational makeover…I would love to try this one…my purse is a disaster area. dguillen at kc dot rr dot com

  38. Unknown says

    My 3 kids put everything but the kitchen sink in my purse. I need help keeping track of everything.

  39. From Tracie says

    This is a genius idea.

    I need one because right now everything is sitting at the bottom of my purse in a big pile of unfindable-ness. <–my purse is so bad, I had to make up a word to describe the nonsense that is happening there.

  40. crazedmama says

    I have a big purse and I hate it when I can't find what I'm looking for! It gets lost in there! I would love this!

  41. Rebecca Watson says

    I need a purse perfector to help me get organized because my purse looked exactly like yours did! I struggle to find my wallet every now and then- I guess that's what i get for carrying around a big purse! :)

  42. FabulousB says

    I hope to have the Purse Perfector so my husband will stop griping at me! Yes, my purse is organized chaos, but it would be nice to know where my debit card is so I won't have to ask my hubby for his.

  43. DeAnna Crawford says

    Isaw this on TV and I immediately say I need that. I wasnt able to get it and Im glad I saw this website. I need to get this because I am tired of look for differnt things in my purse. I just like o be organized.

  44. Anastasia says

    I need help b/c my purse is just a big jumble of stuff! And being partially blind, I can't just look in and find something! lol :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. stacie says

    i NEED purse protector, i actually have quit carrying my purse it is such a mess, i NEED help

  46. The Jammie Girl says

    My purse is so disorganized I spend forever just trying to find the basics (phone, keys) while I sift through tape measures, dental floss, etc. I's shameful.

  47. Julie Williams says

    I am always cleaning out my purse to get to the small things that drop to the bottom. Help I need a purse perfector! I will follow on my twitter @mzjewely.

  48. Kristen says

    Listen – i have 3 kids under 3 and my purse is so over loaded with CRAP it won't fit under a stroller. enough said.

  49. jennifereastman1973 says

    I could use the Purse Perfector because I suck at organizing and I haven't carried a purse in so long because of having a diaper bag. This system would help me out, big time!

  50. Jamee @ A New Kind of Normal says

    My purse is always a disaster and it drives me crazy! Especially now that i have a toddler and don't need a full diaper bag all the time so i struggle keeping my stuff and her stuff organized! Would love to try one of these out!

  51. Jamee @ A New Kind of Normal says

    I follow @PursePerfector in twitter! @nkindofnormal

    Anewkindofnormal at gmail dot com

  52. Karen says

    I need to get organize so I have more time to do fun things in life :)

    Karen Gonyea
    ktgonyea at

  53. Mir says

    I'd need this because I like switching my purse but I always end up leaving something in the other purse! Also, many purses only have one tiny zipper pocket compartment and the rest just gets piled in!

  54. shawn says

    Oh i need this because my purse is a disaster- funny just yesterday my 13 yo daughter said mom i need to help u organize your purse!

  55. LaurenShaps says

    my purse at work is nicknamed the "crap trap", so it's pretty self explanatory. i have a tendency to throw anything and everything in my purse and it gets pretty crazy.

    laureneshapiro at gmail dot com

  56. Diana R. says

    My purse seems like a black hole- I'd love one of these!

    username: Diana R.
    e-mail: lucky02130 (at) gmail (dot) com

  57. Diana R. says

    Follow Purse Perfector on Twitter!

    username: @vdr1984
    e-mail: lucky02130 (at) gmail (dot) com

  58. Terri says

    My purse is a mess, it weighs entirely too much and I can never find anything. Thanks for the contest.

    T2times99 at aol dot com

  59. amillerlady says

    I need a purse perfector because my purse is pure craziness. Wonder why I can't find what I need…blame it on my purse!

  60. tyedie says

    I have a purse that looks like your before picture, it would be nice to have a way to be organized so I dont dig for 20 minutes to try and find things.

  61. c allen says

    i need a lot of purse help! i can't find my keys when i need them and who knows where my credit card and drivers liscense is in that mess :) clallen at ntin dot net

  62. c allen says

    i like purse protector on twitter clallen1971, on fb crystal l allen, clallen at ntin dot net

  63. mary says

    i need a purse protector because i love big purses and everything just dumps to the bottom making a huge mess – i can never find anything!

    marygardner49 at aol dot com

  64. Cataroo says

    I have some tote-style bags that I LOVE, but I rarely use them because it is SO hard to find anything in them! All the heavy stuff (like keys, cell phone, pens) just gravitates towards the bottom and becomes IMPOSSIBLE to find in a hurry! This would help me get these totes organized and off the top shelf of my closet!

    Dara Nix
    kitty32504 at cox dot net

  65. Keenly Kristin says

    I need this because my bag is RIDICULOUS. I just toss stuff in there, day after day, and to find anything, I practically need to dump the whole bag. So annoying!

    wowknk at gmail dot com


    My purse is like the land of no return! I get so embrassed when at a check out line & people behind me are waitng for me to dig in my purse to pay or for coupons.
    Last time I clean my purse out about in July I found pieces of Halloween candy from last year..eww yuck!

  67. bettycd says

    Every store seems to have a loyalty or club card that has to be scanned each visit. Only the high use ones go on my keychain

    and then there is just so much stuff that accumulates that just needs to be organized

  68. says

    Had me sold on one until I read US only. Darn. I’m so frustrated with my new David Jones crossover. I had a Kathy that was perfect, but Pink. Didn’t work well with winter coats, and it’s wearing out. So I bought the new one, only to be totally disorganized at the till. Of course, it never fails, there’s always a lineup of impatient shoppers standing behind me. Guess I’ll have to start looking in Canada.

    Great post.
    joylene recently posted..Nancy S. ThompsonMy Profile