Pour Your Heart Out

I have a confession to make.

If you read my post the other day about If It Were Me… about how we all deal with hardships in different ways and how we need to realize that and not judge because we aren’t actually the ones in the situation… you might have thought that either I was going through something and didn’t want to be judged or that I was just having a soapbox moment.

But the truth is that I was trying to convince myself not to judge someone who is going through something rough.

I was trying to remind myself that much as I think I know what I would do in their situation, I’m not being asked for advice and they are having a tough go of it and don’t really need me sticking my nose in and telling them how they are doing it all wrong.

I needed that reminder. I typed it out, talking to me.

I typed it out because I couldn’t(and still can’t and probably won’t ever) explain the situation to y’all because it’s not my story to tell. It’s one that is close to me, but it’s not mine so I just can’t(sorry for the blog equivalent of vaguebooking).

But typing it out made my breathing slow down a bit and I let go some.

But then I found out more details of the situation.

And my blood began to boil.

Because sometimes, it’s not just about letting someone else deal with things in their own way. Sometimes there IS an actual right and wrong.

And the wrong is breaking my heart. And pissing me off.

And I don’t know if I can butt out this time.

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