Things They Can’t Say

things they can't say Time to share some of my favorite reads of the week. I’m also scheduling guest posts for summer, so if you want to write here, fill out this super quick form.

While I don’t agree with her putting yoga pants on this list (since that’s about 90% of my wardrobe in the cooler months), the rest of Jill’s list of If I Were the Fashion Police is spot on! Go see if you agree (we can still be friends if you agree on the yoga pants point… as long as you don’t judge me for wearing them).

Katie is right on point with both of these articles this week- she always has such a practical and loving take on parenting: 3 Secrets to Raising Kids Who Don’t Give Up and How to Help Your Quiet Child Shine.

I’ll admit that I haven’t give too much thought to school dress codes since I have boys and the only rules they have to adhere to are no sleeveless shirts and no hats indoors (I add no underwear showing, but mine are thankfully either too young for that or way too preppy. Plus we left the school where there was a hair length restriction). But Melissa from Rock and Drool has a very thoughtful take on it.

I had no idea what all would come from blogging when I started. I looked at it like an online version of the journal I’d always kept and I had no idea the community that was out there. One of the dearest friends I’ve made through blogging is Kir from The Kir Corner. She’s celebrating 10 years of blogging this week, so be sure to head over and send her a big congrats!

And finally, just for fun, I cracked up at this list students kept all year of the things their chemistry teacher said in class.

Simple Ways to Milk Life


Summer Bucket Lists are everywhere right now. I look at them and get ideas for what I want to do with my boys but can also feel this pressure to do THE BIG THINGS, the things that would look impressive in a pretty instagram photo, in order for my family to have a great summer. […]

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I stood, waiting in line at the bakery for my youngest’s birthday cake. Beside me, a new mom was showing her brand new baby to her coworkers. It took me a few minutes to realize I was doing the baby sway, rocking gently from side to side as I did when my boys were babies. […]

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Things They Can’t Say

things they can't say

Can you believe we’re already nearing the end of May? For this almost-the-last Friday in May, I’m sharing some great reads from around the blogosphere. Go give them a read and a share! It’s frustrating how early it starts, how early our kids worry about what others think and change to avoid being teased. Tracy’s […]

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A Safe Place: Pour Your Heart Out

Like this bubble, Mom?

The world is not always fair and people aren’t always kind. Kids learn these lessons early on. Painful lessons, but important. We can’t shield our kids from everything. We can’t put them in a bubble where everything is always fair and everyone holds hands to sing and dance together joyfully. Our kids have to learn […]

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