Fall Fashion Must Haves

You know I’m all about being comfortable. I don’t believe in suffering for the sake of fashion. I’d sooner wear my pajamas out of the house than something that I had to pull and tug and rearrange all day long. Though it’s not usually appropriate for me to wear pajamas out of the house, so I’ve had to figure out what is a little more socially acceptable and gives me a little bit of style without losing out on the comfort factor.

It’s finally gotten cold enough for me to put away the shorts and pull out the long sleeves- here’s what I’m loving this fall.

Ponchos: I absolutely cannot believe I’m saying this because I used to look at them and think they were like wearing a blanket and when I’d try them on, I felt like that’s exactly what I looked like. But then I realized that since I liked what they looked like on other people, I needed to stop thinking about it so hard and just embrace the poncho. Do it, you’ll love them. This one is from NY & Co.

Flannel Shirts: it’s like the 90s again. Well, except that now, the flannel shirts tend to be a little more fitted. Not so much that you feel the buttons gaping when you sit down, but they’re nothing like the gigantic ones I wore back in high school. If you follow me on instagram, you’ll see I wear these often.

Boots: I always eye the knee-high high-heeled leather boots when I’m shopping, but then I put them back because though I like the idea of them, they aren’t really me and I know if I buy them, they’ll just end up in my closet. I still love my UGGs, but I’ve added Muk Luks to the rotation. My husband hates the taller pair of them but they are so cozy and warm that I tune him out. I got both of these pairs through Zulily because I don’t pay full price for anything. If you haven’t signed up yet, please use my Zulily link to do so and then check out the deals!

Leggings: Okay, leggings aren’t pants, I know. They should cover your booty. Plus- three year olds, drunks, and leggings: they don’t lie. BUT!!!! I found a pair of lying leggings. They smooth things out here and suck things in there. You do have to sort of wiggle into them a little bit… not as bad as trying to put on a pair of spanx, but they do require some maneuvering to get into. But, oh, they WORK. And they’re even warm, too. The fleece sculpting legging from NY & Company is on sale right now for $18.78. (their prices are always changing, so watch for deals- but this is the lowest I’ve seen them)


Outerwear: Since I’m in the South were it doesn’t get super frigid, I love vests and lighter jackets. You can see the Granada Vest above in the pic with the lying leggings and my other go to is the Shonda Jacket, both from Aventura. I have the Shonda in phantom, which is dark blue, but it looks lovely in this winetasting tone, too.


Scarves. All the scarves. Blanket scarves, infinity scarves, so many scarves, I want them ALL.

All little bling. It’s starting to get dark and dreary out, so add a little sparkle. If you buy this Miracle Necklace from Chico’s, they’ll donate $10 from every $25 purchase to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. There’s a really pretty one from White House Black Market, too, where $15 of every $30 purchase of the Convertible Miracle Necklace will go to the hospitals. So that’s not really shopping, that’s helping.


What are your Fall must-haves? Where do you like to shop?

Clothes featured are personal purchases, with the exceptions of the Aventura pieces which were sent to me as an Aventura Ambassador and the necklaces for CMN Hospitals sent to me as a Family Forward attendee.

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