Things They Can’t Say

things-they-cant-say-button Apparently I blinked because all of a sudden, this weekend- it’s AUGUST. Where did Summer go? In case it’s all racing past you too and you’ve missed some great posts, I wanted to share what to read here:

#SorryNotSorry has always bugged me. And Her View from Home nails why in Why #SorryNotSorry Needs to Go Away.

Summer is almost over and Good Day, Regular People reminds us that you don’t say not to The Last Dance of Summer.

Words matter. Those of us who blog (and even those who don’t because this can apply to what we say and do IRL) should read Blogging Without a Tribe from The Guavalicious Life.

Since I’ve been giving my boys more responsibilities this summer and sometimes with disastrous results, I laughed through Fighting Off Frumpy’s (Child) Labor Pains.

My youngest started kindergarten last year and I still feel very much like this, by Kristin: To My Son’s Best Friend of the Eve of Kindergarten.

And once you’re done reading, if you’re feeling a need to sit back and relax this weekend, you need to go bingewatch Unreal before the finale on Monday night. It’s been my new favorite guilty pleasure. 



Things They Can’t Say


It’s been a bit of a whirlwind of a week, catching back up after a few days of blog conferences in New York City. Here are a few great reads from the week from around the blogosphere. Enjoy! To All My Friends, I’m Sorry The changes in friendship as we grow up and spend time with […]

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8 Lessons Learned by 38


I turned 38 this past weekend and here are 8 important lessons I’ve learned along the way. Be okay with who you are. It might not always be the most glamorous description, but if it’s who I really am, then I’m okay with it. I’m a small town girl who prefers wearing clothes that can […]

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Older Can Be Better

things they can't say

Tomorrow is my birthday… I’m pretty close to a big milestone now, much as it sometimes feels like I can’t possibly have gotten here so fast. Getting older changes things, but some of it can mean we’re getting better with age. Last year, some friends shared what has changed for them- it was so fun, […]

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A First Concert and Pringles® Summer Jam


Sharing my family’s love of music and a first concert experience as part of a sponsored post with Pringles® Summer Jam. Since our early days of dating, our favorite date night activity has been concerts. Primarily country concerts, with a few throwbacks to our high school and college day faves thrown in for variety. I […]

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