Keep Your Back to School Paperwork Organized #Giveaway

This is a sponsored post written by me as part of the 2014 Team of COMM: Council of Media Moms.

We’re officially in back-to-school mode, with the packed schedules and mounds of paperwork to show for it.

It can quickly pile up and important papers can get lost, along with activities being missed. I’ve been using my momAgenda planners for two years now to mark down important dates and keep track of my family’s busy schedules. [Continue reading...]

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Call for Guest Posts for This Fall

things they can't say

Every Friday for the past 4 years, I’ve featured a guest post here. I love hosting your words: whatever you want to share, open and honest. I’m in the process of scheduling guest posts for this fall. Can’t believe summer is almost over!  If you’d like to guest post, you can check out my guest [...]

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Anything Can Be: Pour Your Heart Out


It seems no matter what choices you make, whether they are about your kids, your marriage, your job, something you are doing for you, there’s always, always, always someone out there who tells you should be doing something different. That it’s not the choice they would make and they list their reasons. That you should [...]

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We Need to Talk: Things They Can’t Say

things they can't say

About Melissa June: Pepsi addict, recovering perfectionist, Mom to 5, Wife to 1. Slowly learning that we don’t get to change the past…We can however, heal, grow stronger, and be better than we were given. I was raised in an abusive home and went into Foster Care in 7th grade.  I write about my childhood,   about [...]

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