Wubble Ball Review

“It looks like a bubble, plays like a ball!” one of my boys yelled when we opened the box and found a Wubble Ball.

Apparently, my kids really do pay attention to commercials.

wubble ball review

While they were aware of the Wubble Ball from tv, I had seen one(and even SAT on one) at SweetSuite this summer.

I’m in favor of trying any sort of toys that get my boys playing outside. Though they are involved in several sports, they tend to enjoy devices in their downtime, so I like toys that get them moving outside of practices and games.

The Wubble starts out small and you inflate it, up to three feet. The directions and info on their site says that if you inflate it to a smaller dimension, it will have different characteristics and that it will be more durable since it’s not stretched as much.

wubble ball review

Since I wanted to test the claim that while the Wubble isn’t indestructible, it is strong, I inflated it to a large size. There is a guide to help you see how big you can inflate it, but that was the one part that I had a little difficulty with- I didn’t really understand how that worked and while the video explaining how to inflate your Wubble is helpful, they don’t use the guide, so I’m not sure I got the size right. But the video was otherwise helpful in showing how to inflate it(including using a little oil to insert the valve).

Your Wubble should take a few minutes to inflate using the pump. You do have to purchase 4 D batteries for your pump to work. Maybe because I bought good batteries and was using them brand new, because our Wubble inflated very quickly.

Next, I sent my boys outside to play with the Wubble. You can play with it inside, but in our house, the rule is that if it’s a ball, it has to go outside.

wubble ball review

The info sheet that came with the Wubble does mention that if you play with it like crazy, you can damage it. Also, sharp objects like tree branches or rough surfaces like gravel can pop or damage the Wubble.

Which really had me thinking that it would take my boys about 10 minutes before we were dealing with a popped Wubble. I thought about telling them to be extremely gentle with it, but that’s not very realistic, so I figured I’d let them have at it and we’d see just how strong the Wubble really is.

Wubble Ball Review

They threw it, bounced it, swatted at it, spun it around in circles, dribbled it like a basketball, pretended like it was a drum and used it for a drum solo, kicked it, laid on it, and sat on it.

They had a blast with their Wubble Ball and as of now, the ball is still intact. Should your Wubble pop, you can get a replacement for $6.99 by filling out the Wubble Warranty Replacement. If or when our Wubble pops, I’ll update this post to tell you what happened and how the replacement went.

It did get rather dirty, but you can deflate it and wash it. That tip and lots of other info, including ordering information can be found on the Wubble Ball site. Though pssst… right now, you can find them at Target and Toys R Us! 

Target selected the Wubble Bubble Ball as a 2014 Top Toy for the Holiday Season.  It’s also is a Family Fun Toy Of The Year Award Winner, and has won numerous other toy awards, including an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Toy Award, a National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, a Mr. Dad Approved Award, a Parent’s Choice Award and the  Dr. Toy Best 100 Picks Award and more!

My boys would agree that it belongs on those lists!

I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own.

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